Matthew Marl Overview Existing management commitment to the

Matthew Marl Overview  Existing management commitment to the

Matthew Marl Overview Existing management commitment to the environment at Pembrokeshire College Environmentally sensitive new builds with biomass boilers / solar electric and heating. Pursued and achieved Green Dragon

environmental standard Level 4. Winner of Green Gown awards for carbon reduction (two entries highly commended previous year). What next and how? Investigate areas of highest expenditure

first, environmental savings are often proportional to financial savings Change behaviour Raise awareness Enlist the help of environmentally sympathetic staff and students and market the benefits Make staff & students accountable, relate to

real money and/or trees Offer a viable alternative The infinite pursuit of the paperless office Thats quite a lot of paper The cost (GROSS) In paper 7,500

In toner 22,500 In printer maintenance kits 5,000 In IT support time ???? TOTAL 35,000 (NET) The Objectives To reduce the overall volume of printing at Pembrokeshire College by 20%, saving 7,000 (GROSS).

To introduce a managed printing solution in co-operation with staff which raised awareness without impacting on peoples ability to do their job. The Objectives cont. To improve the systems hosting electronic information to provide a viable alternative to

printing by introducing a new Intranet web based information storage system. To improve the uptake to the Moodle learning environment by staff. Raising awareness Raising awareness cont.. JISC

Greening ICT project (ERGO) Pledging system Monitoring progress must be owned Monthly reporting List of repeat offenders for senior

management review Internal costs associated Outcomes 341,771 pages saved during the academic year 09/10 representing 16.3% reduction in printing (staff and student)

40 fully grown trees - approx 7 tonnes of CO2/year 5,700 (GROSS) saved on paper and ink These are annual operational savings Introduced toner & battery recycling for staff & students Outcomes cont.

Pembrokeshire College - Total no. of pages printed per month GRAND TOTAL ACADEMIC YEAR 08/09 2,097,625 300,000 250,000 200,000 08/09 150,000 09/10

100,000 50,000 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul This academic year No time for awareness raising until now slight increase in printing over 2009-10 so far

Reprographics now part of computer services Improve system for job submission Implement system whereby big print jobs are automatically redirected to reprographics Extend reprographics service to include document upload as an alternative This academic year

cont.. Charging system needs to be reviewed for recharging departments the print charge must reflect the real cost Simplify management reporting and billing reports for finance, and align reprographics and printing

This academic year cont.. Interview / chat to highest users What are they printing? Why so much? What systems can be implemented or improved to support teaching / job role without such heavy reliance on printing?

Design centralised printing model Less printers, less consumables, lower cost per page Ongoing Advertise the results and keep the momentum going

Make sure management continue to review printing Market the benefits of a paperless office Introduce league tables ??

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