Salford School Sport Partnerships Salford has 2 School

Salford School Sport Partnerships Salford has 2 School

Salford School Sport Partnerships Salford has 2 School Sport Partnerships, Salford North and Salford South. Salford North hub-site is All Hallows RC. Salford South hub-site is Wentworth High School with Salford City Academy as joint lead. Salford School Sport Partnerships Salford North has 41 Primary Schools and 8 High Schools, servicing around 12,000 young people. Salford South also has 41 Primary Schools and 8 High Schools, servicing around 14,000 young people.

The North Partnership commenced in September 2005 and the South in September 2006. Salford School Sport Partnerships Each partnership receives a government grant to fund:A Partnership Development Manager (PDM) full time. Eight part-time (0.4) School Sport Co-ordinators (SSCo) based at each Secondary School. They all work Friday and one other day on behalf of the partnerships. Up to 12 days release for every Primary Link Teacher (PLT) at 140 a day. Top-Up Swimming money to help meet the 25metre target for Year 6 pupils.

There is no activity budget. Salford School Sport Partnerships Finding the money Both partnerships raise an activity budget of around 30,000 from school contributions. Any additional monies come from sponsors or partner agencies. This funds all current activities, coaching programmes in school, professional development, competitions, transport, etc. This works out at roughly 2.30 for every young person annually.

Salford School Sport Partnerships The PESSCL* Strategy began in 2002-3 to ensure that all young people aged 5-16 were able to participate in at least 2 hours per week of high quality PE and Sport at school. The PSA target for 2008 is that 85% of all pupils meet this Two Hour Target. This target was met one year early with 86% of all pupils nationally meeting this target. *PESSCL = PE, School Sport, Club Links Strategy Salford School Sport Partnerships PESSCL in a Salford Context:In 2005, only 50% of pupils in Salford met the PSA target.

In 2007 this had risen to 78%. This represents one of the largest value added increases nationally over a two-year period. Note: Salford was one of the last authorities in the Country to have School Sports Partnerships, having a Phase 9 (2005) and Phase 10 (2006) partnership. Salford School Sport Partnerships The PESSCL Strategy is now known as PESSYP (PE and Sport Strategy for Young People) with a new ambitious 2010 target of pupils participating in at least 2 hours per week of high quality PE and Sport at school and up to a further 3 hours in a school or

community setting. This is known as The Five Hour Offer. THE CHALLENGE - 2010 AMBITION 1 hour 30% 80% 100%


2 hour P H Y S I C A L E D U


F O R A L L 5 hours and more SCHOOL CLUB LINKS


LIFESTYLES OF HEALTH Salford School Sport Partnerships How does the work of the School Sport Partnerships contribute to this Five Hour Offer in a nutshell? SSPs advocate 2 hours PE for all, supported by Salford Healthy Schools, SCLs School Team and School Improvement. SSPs innovate with additional and new activities to enhance the sporting provision for all, contributing to the Five Hour Offer. SSPs provide professional development opportunities for both adults and young people to up-skill and capacity build.

Salford School Sport Partnerships Partnership working is a key element in successes so far: Salford Community Leisure Schools Team provide a Sport Activity Menu (SAM) Club in every Primary School, targeted mainly at the Non-sporty. An average of 1400 pupils participate every week in a SAM Club funded by The School Sport Partnerships and The Big Lottery Fund. Salford School Sport Partnerships Morning Move It is a fun, energetic start to every day. All primary schools in

Salford have received training, resources and support. The project has been part funded by The Big Lottery Fund and Healthy Schools. Salford School Sport Partnerships The Big Lottery Fund has also helped provide a multi-sport disability club, outdoor adventurous activities, aqua aerobics, water polo, golf and girls only activities including Dance Mats. Salford School Sport Partnerships Next on the agenda Appointment of a Competition Manager.

Appointment of Further Education Sport Co-ordinators. Additional activities to help meet The Five Hour Offer. Multi-Skills programme. Salford School Sport Partnerships Supporting evidence Research shows that pupils behaviour, self-esteem and academic success improves with the more time they spend involved in P.E. and School Sport (PESS). (Gill Burgess , Manchester Metropolitan University 2008)

Time Spent in PESS & GCSE Attainment 1-2 Hours 3+ Hours 62 Female 15

48 Male 14 0 20 40

60 % Pupils Achieving 5 A*-C GCSEs 80 Salford School Sport Partnerships Support is essential Advocacy at all levels on the importance of 2 hours Curriculum PE for all, and in helping schools move towards the Five Hour Offer. Additional funding is needed to sustain successful programmes and enhance the current provision, such as the multi-skills programme.

In conclusion This whole agenda is vital to the future health and well-being of the young people of Salford. School Sport Partnerships are central in delivering key elements of the government policy as we strive to build a world class system for PE and School Sport, help tackle rising obesity levels and improve the self-esteem and achievements of the young people in our care. We can only succeed with the help and support of key partners.

With thanks for your attention. Dean Gilmore (Partnership Development Manager for Salford North School Sport Partnership) [email protected] 0161 921 1934

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