C1 REVISION CHAPTER 1 FUNDAMENTAL IDEAS Draw the symbol for sodium include its atomic mass and atomic number (what do they tell us) What are the charges and masses of electrons, protons and neutrons Write down all you know about the periodic table Balance the following equation: Draw the electronic configuration for argon Describe how sodium and chlorine bond; Ca + 02 CaO Cl2 + Al AlCl3 How many atoms and elements are there is: C2H5OH ? Where are electrons and neutrons and protons found in an atom? What is covalent bonding? KEY WORDS: Electron Proton Neutron Shell Electronic Configuration Orbit

ASSESSMENT: C1 REVISION CHAPTER 2 ROCKS & BUILDING MATERIALS What is the scientific name AND chemical formula for limestone? What is thermal decomposition? What is cement? What is concrete? What is produced when a carbonate reacts with an acid? Write the word and symbol equation for the thermal decomposition of limestone What are the benefits and drawbacks to limestone quarrying? BENEFITS DRAWBACKS Complete the limestone reaction cycle: Calcium Carbonate Add CO2 Add more water & filter Heat Add water KEY WORDS: CALCIUM CARBONATE THERMAL DECOMPOSITION CONCRETE CEMENT QUARRYING LIMESTONE LIMEWATER ASSESSMENT: C1 REVISION CHAPTER 3 METALS & THEIR USES

Put these metals in their order of reactivity Carbon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron & Potassium Explain a bit about each of the ways to extract copper: Less reactive metals are displaced by carbon. Complete the equation below and then make your own one: Copper Oxide + Carbon _______________ + _______________ Displacement: What is an ore? Smelting: Give 2 use AND properties of: i) Aluminium Bioleaching How is iron extracted? Phytomining ii) Titanium What is an alloy? KEY WORDS: Name 2 alloys: DISPLACEMENT ORE BLAST FURNACE ALLOY SMELTING BIOLEACHING PHYTOMINING ASSESSMENT:

C1 REVISION CHAPTER 4 CRUDE OIL & FUELS Name the process by which we separate crude oil into useful components: Give a problem each pollutant causes: BENEFITS DRAWBACKS BIODIESEL (more detail required for this one!) Sulphur Dioxide What property does this process rely on? Give the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative fuel Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Oxide What does saturated mean? Particulates ETHANOL Complete the table to summarise alkanes and alkenes: ALKANES Saturated or unsaturated ALKENES HYDROGE N General formula Name an

example Draw an example KEY WORDS: ALKANE ALKENE SATURATED FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION ALTERNATIVE FUEL POLLUTANT COMBUSTION ASSESSMENT: C1 REVISION CHAPTER 5 PRODUCTS FROM OIL What does cracking mean? What is polymerisation? What happens to the following when added to Bromine water: Draw a diagram to demonstrate it: List 3 problems with plastics: i) Alkanes ii) Alkenes How are biodegradable plastics made? Describe how 2 designer polymers work: Explain the 2 ways ethanol can be produced: What are the problems with them? KEY WORDS: CRACKING POLYMERISATION PLASTIC POLYMER MONOMER

FERMENTATION BIODEGRADABLE ASSESSMENT: C1 REVISION CHAPTER 6 PLANT OILS What is the equation for photosynthesis? What do emulsifiers do? Name 2 products that need emulsifiers in them Describe the 2 ways to extract plant oils: Pressing Distillation Name 2 products that ARE emulsifiers Complete the diagram to demonstrate emulsification: Water What does hydrophobic mean? Use the diagram to explain how oils are hardened into spreads (hydrogenation) Oil Conditions required: What does hydrophilic mean? + Explain what is happening: KEY WORDS: PRESSING DISTILLATIOON HARDENING HYDROGENATION EMULSIFIER HYDROPHOBIC HYDROPHILIC ASSESSMENT:

C1 REVISION CHAPTER 7 OUR CHANGING PLANET What are the layers of the Earth? Complete the table to show the atmosphere of Earth today Gas % What is continental drift? How did life on Earth possibly start? Use the headings below to help you. Miller-Urey Experiment: What causes the motion of the plates? What happens at plate boundaries Others (inc. Argon) What was Earths atmosphere like in the past? What is the carbon cycle? Meteorites Deep Sea Vents Explain how it changed to contain oxygen Why have carbon levels been increasing? KEY WORDS: ATMOSPHERE CARBON CYCLE MANTLE CRUST CORE MILLER-UREY ASSESSMENT:

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