Welcome! Im Jon Crowcroft of the Systems Research

Welcome!  Im Jon Crowcroft of the Systems Research

Welcome! Im Jon Crowcroft of the Systems Research Group (SRG) We build better useful stuff. The SRG covers a lot of bases: fixed and wireless networks, operating systems, distributed systems, programming languages & runtimes, databases, social media, dynamic complex systems, graphs, buildings, energy, food ~10 faculty / senior researchers + ~30 graduate students We work with DTG, Security, Architecture, Theory, Programming Languages. First, however, let me give you a brief overview of other work done within the SRG Systems Research Group INTERNET Energy efficient networking

C-Aware Carbon-awareness for consumers Hardware FRESNEL Large-scale Federated Sensor Networks Systems Research Group Most widely deployed x86 hypervisor Successful tech transition to industry Cloud: Amazon EC2, Rackspace Product: Citrix XenServer, Oracle Linux Hypervisors Hardware Research efforts:

XenSE: trusted computing XenClient: client-side virtualisation Systems Research Group MirageOS: Kernels, OS & PL Hypervisors Hardware Type-safe, high-performance operating system for cloud computing Speculative Binary Lock Elision: Analyze x86 binaries to eliminate locking Systems Research Group

Storage Kernels, OS & PL Hypervisors Hardware Nimbus: Highly-available and globally replicated personal storage Personal Containers: Distributed database aimed at individuals to securely store a lifetime of personal data Systems Research Group Networking MOOSE: Storage

Kernels, OS & PL Addressing the scalability of Ethernet (with IETF participation) iDNSSEC: Hypervisors Hardware Delivering simple DNSSEC for individuals to use for Internet-scale identity (with Verisign) Systems Research Group Application Programming Networking

Storage Kernels, OS & PL Hypervisors Hardware EmotionSense Adaptive platform for experimental social psychology research Mobile Privacy Distributed randomised response from mobile phones for private location gathering Sentiment Political Analysis Natural language parsing to classify digital interaction with emotions Summary

Work across all system, hardware up to cloud & mobile applications Work with wide range of industry - Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Fb, etc Funded from variety of sources, EU, UK, US, industry&government Welcome visitors too 3 Cases Longer Battery Life in Smart (Android and iPhone) Handset Systems Adcache & Assisted GPS, with O2/Teleconica Resource in Data Center Multipath and resource pooling, with MSR and Cloudera Political Diversity and Twitter With KAIST, MPI and Yahoo! SRG - what have SRG PhDers done? (a very small sample) co-architect of Microsoft 360 Natal / Kinect

Founder Xen-source Google Director in charge of web indexing and crawling Director of Toshiba Research Author of AltaVista Research Director VMWare Video-system architect for Nokia N8 Design Engineer at TomTom Author of C++ co-author of Gimp Architect of the first hard-disk mp3 player (NOT apple!)

Former University of Cambridge Pro-Vice Chancellor SRG commercial destinations the ONLY qualification that guarantees a job here is a good systems PhD from Cambridge (Director of a research lab in Palo Alto) You will find SRG PhDs in Microsoft, Google, Intel, Sun, AT&T, IBM, AND founding a lot of other places too. August 15, 2007 January 10, 2001

SRG people Jean Bacon - open, large-scale, widely distributed systems Jon Crowcroft - Networking the mobile huddled masses, without melting the world Richard Gibbens - Modelling communication and transport networks and traffic David Greaves - Building safe safety-critical ubiquitous systems

Tim Griffin Formal methods and correctness in routing protocols Steve Hand - Operating System and Virtualization for fun and profit Ian Leslie So how do you video conference for a billion friends Cecilia Mascolo Bringing society to social networks

Derek McAuley - Systems Design, Communications & Networking Andrew Moore Making the Internet run faster with less Philip Watts Optical everything Eiko Yoneki - innovative distributed systems for mobile/wireless networks SRG contact details

http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/srg/ http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/srg/netos/ Systems take your interest? SRG: dream it build it

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