Candidates and Election Agents Briefing District Council &

Candidates and Election Agents Briefing District Council &

Candidates and Election Agents Briefing District Council & Parish Elections Thursday 2 May 2019 Introduction John Robinson Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer Nigel Hill Business Manager Elections & Democratic Services Mark Jurejko Electoral Services Manager Joanne Dunn Electoral Services Officer

Background Information The hours of poll will be 7am until 10pm The verification and count will take place at the Newark Sports & Fitness Centre, Bowbridge Road, Newark NG24 4DH There are 21 District Wards which are a combination of single, two and three member seats (9:6:6) 54 Parish/Town Councils some of which are warded and there have been changes to the arrangements in Parish of Balderton and Newark Town Council District Wards Key Dates Monday 18 March Notice of Election Tuesday 19 March First day for receipt of nominations Wednesday 3 April (4pm) Close of Nominations AND deadline for withdrawals Wednesday 3 April (4pm) deadline for appointment of Election Agents (District only)

Key Dates (cont) Poll cards to be dispatched from Tuesday 26 March Friday 12 April deadline to apply to register to vote Monday 15 April deadline for new postal & postal-proxy applications and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes Postal votes to be dispatched from Tuesday 16 April Wednesday 24 April deadline for new proxy applications Thursday 25 April Last day for appointment of Counting & Polling Agents Qualifications

Candidates must on the day they submit their nomination paper and on polling day: - be at least 18; - be a British, qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or national of an EU member state. Also at least one of the following: - registered local government elector in the local authority area (for parishes this in the parish area or within 4.8km of it); [this is an ongoing requirement for the term of office] - occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises in the local authority area (or parish) during the whole 12 months preceding

nomination; - principal or only place of work during last 12 months in the local authority area (or parish) - lived in the local authority area (or parish) during the last 12 months Disqualifications You cannot be a candidate if you: - are employed by the local authority or parish; - are subject to a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (or interim order) - have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three

months or more during the 5 years before polling day - are serving a disqualification due to being found guilty of a corrupt or illegal practice by an election court - hold a politically restricted post (does not apply to parishes) Submitting a nomination paper These documents must be submitted by all candidates by 4pm on Wednesday 3 April: - the nomination form - the home address form - the consent to nomination

Party candidates will also need to submit: - a certificate authorising the use of a party name / registered description on the ballot paper - a written request to use one of the partys emblems on the ballot paper (optional and usually incorporated with the certificate) Nomination Form (1a) Include your full name surname and forename(s) Use commonly used name boxes if known by a name other than actual name and wish to use this instead (these will appear on the ballot paper) [e.g. Robert: Bob]

Description field 3 options: - leave blank; - Independent - party candidates can use party name or the description authorised by the Nominating Officer Parish candidates may use any description up to six words, as long as it does not confuse with a registered political party Nomination Form (1a) Every nomination form requires a proposer and a seconder District nomination papers also require a further 8 assentors

Subscribers must sign and print their names and they must be registered in the electoral area for which you are standing Check their elector numbers from your copy of the register Only ask subscribers to sign after completing the name, address and description fields on the form Candidates will need to advise subscribers what their personal data will be used for Home address form (1b) Part 1 of the home address form must state: - your full name and home address in full - your qualifying address, or where you have declared on your consent to

nomination that you meet more than one qualification your qualifying address - which of the qualifications your qualifying address or addresses relate to (a, b, c, and or d) - the full name and home address in full of the person attesting the home address form (this must be the same person that signs your consent to nomination) Part 2 of the home address form must be completed if you do not want your address to be made public - insert the name of the relevant area in which your home address is situated - this is at district level, so for example Newark & Sherwood

District Candidates Consent form (1c) The Candidates consent to nomination must include: - your name - which area you are standing in - confirmation of qualifications that apply (good practice to use as many qualifications that apply) - date of birth and signature (do not sign earlier than one calendar month of the deadline for submission 3 April) - date of consent

- witness name and signature Certificate of Authorisation Party candidates must have written permission to use the party name/description from the Nominating Officer (or a person authorised to act on their behalf) The certificate may: - allow the use of the party name or a particular description - allow the candidate to choose whether to use the party name or any of the descriptions registered with the

Electoral Commission Request for Party Emblem Party candidates can ask for an emblem to be printed on the ballot paper In many cases the form to request a party emblem to be

printed on the ballot paper will be incorporated with the Certificate of authorisation Any such request and the Certificate of authorisation must be received by the deadline for close of nominations (4pm on Wednesday 3 April) Submitting your Nomination Nomination Papers are required to be hand delivered to the Elections Team at Castle House Where possible informal checks will be made ahead of formal submission Deliver as soon as possible, this will give you time to make any corrections

The Notice of Election publication has been brought forward a week to enable early submission of nomination papers Reminder period of submission: Tuesday 19 March to 4pm on Wednesday 3 April Election Agent (District only) Responsible to the candidate for the proper management of the campaign, ensuring the campaign is lawful; particularly in its financial management You will become your own agent by default if no one is appointed

Deadline for appointment is again Wednesday 3 April at 4pm Form 4 refers Other Agents Postal Vote Opening Agents Attend and observe the opening of the postal votes dates to be provided to all candidates and agents Polling Agents Attend polling stations to detect personation only Only one polling agent for each candidate can be present in a polling station at any time but a polling agent can be appointed to attend multiple polling stations

Counting Agents Observe the counting of the votes, can object to rejected ballot papers essential these are appointed by the requisite date Thursday 25 April Access to Election Documents All candidates are entitled to a free full copy of the Register of Electors and absent voters list for the Ward / Parish in which they are standing Registers are only supplied on request and are governed by regulation which stipulates use for electoral purposes only such as completing your nomination and campaigning

Electronic and paper versions of the register are available Marked copies of the register and marked list of absent voters available for a fee after the election Registration As candidates you are uniquely placed to encourage people to register to vote Encourage registration as soon as possible The deadline for applying for the election is Friday 12 April Refer people to or ask them to contact the Elections Team People will need to provide their date of birth and National

Insurance Number Postal vote request also refer to the Elections Team Polling Day Electors should be able to cast their votes free of intimidation No long term parking of vehicles for campaign purposes, displaying election material or using loud speakers immediately outside polling stations Only officially appointed polling agents can attend polling stations (candidates and agents can also attend polling stations) Tellers must follow Electoral Commission guidance

Rosettes can display the candidate/party/emblem or description Election Materials

Must contain the name, address of the printer, the promoter and the candidate Must not make a false statement about the personal conduct of any candidate Must not resemble a poll card Get the relevant permission for display Remove materials within 2 weeks after the election Awareness around social media imprint should appear on your profile page Not the role of the Returning Officer to adjudicate between disputes between candidates

Code of conduct for campaigners Campaigners are essential element of a healthy democracy but their activities should not bring into question the integrity of the electoral process Any application forms produced by a political party (e.g. absent

voting forms) should be fully compliant with electoral law and include the ERO address for return Do not encourage electors to appoint a campaigner as proxy Do not involve yourself with the handling of postal ballot papers SPOC Nottinghamshire Police Single Point of Contact Will deal with any issues of electoral malpractice including electoral fraud Email: [email protected] Verification and Count

Newark Sports & Fitness Centre, Bowbridge Road, Newark NG24 4DH Verification following the close of poll at 10pm District Election count to commence at 10am on Friday 3 May Parish Election count to follow the conclusion of the District count, from approximately 1pm on Friday 3 May Order of the counts to be published Verification and Count Entry will be for appointed agents only (Thursday 25 April deadline for appointment)

Mobile phones/devices not to be used in the count hall No photography permitted in the count hall Do not disturb the count staff unnecessarily when they are counting Processes at the count to be published Election Expenses

The expenses limit is 740 plus 6p per elector Expenses used for the purposes of the candidates election These cannot be claimed back! The Candidate/Agent are responsible for the Election Expenses Return deadline for return Friday 7 June (District) Thursday 30 May (Parish / Town) No expenses incurred nil return has to be made failure to submit a return is a criminal offence enforceable by the police Guidance and expense forms available from

Contacts John Robinson 01636 655200 Nigel Hill 01636 655243

Mark Jurejko 01636 655222 Joanne Dunn 01636 655245 Email: [email protected] Website: Electoral Commission Website: for the Guidance for candidates & agents Questions Please complete the evaluation form

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