Agueda I. Johnston Middle School SY 2017-2018 Student-Parent

Agueda I. Johnston Middle School SY 2017-2018 Student-Parent

Agueda I. Johnston Middle School SY 2017-2018 Student-Parent Orientation August 10, 2017 Fully Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges June 2014- June 2020 GDOE Vision: Every student: Responsible, Respectful and Ready for Life AIJMS Students will Acquire knowledge and positive attitudes; to Become life-long learners and; Be responsible citizens. Our school community PREPARES all students for life, PROMOTES excellence, and PROVIDES support for all learners to become: P-Problem Solvers I- Innovative Thinkers R- Responsible Contributors A- Academic Achievers T- Technologically Literate Consumers E-Effective Communicators

S- Successful Learners BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS The Big 9: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible Be Safe Socialize and play safe. Stay within permitted area. Tell an adult if you or anyone is in danger. Be Respectful Speak appropriately and respectfully to others, staff and students. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Respect school property and the property of others. Be Responsible Come to school prepared. Come on time and EVERY day. Stay focused and on task in class.

Wear your school uniform proudly. In 1974 the school was named after Agueda Iglesias Johnston School Motto: Bringing out treasures of every student School Colors: Black and Red Mascot: Pirates ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM For School Year 2017-2018 Acting Principal Dr. Rebecca G. Perez, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments Assistant Principals Mrs. Erica Sudo Cepeda, Special Programs Mr. Angel S. Legaspi, Student Support Office Mr. Michael Perez, Business and Facilities Opening Remarks Dr. Rebecca G. Perez, Acting Principal

Welcoming Introduction of Administrative Team, Faculty and Staff School Goals and Expectations School Leadership Purposeful Community Home-School Connection (Active involvement and support) Student Planners and Parental Review and Acknowledgement Parental Involvement and Support for the PTO and their monthly meetings and activities Office is located in the Main office ext. 5001 [email protected] Middle School Concept Difference elementary and middle school: Team Concept between 5 Core Teachers 2 Teams per Grade Level 6th Grade: Goonies and Navigators 7th Grade: Pathfinders and Skull and Crossbones 8th Grade: Black Pearls and Explorers Student Schedules Block Schedule: 82 minute classes

5 Core Subjects and 2 Electives = 7 Different Teachers Team Pirate Time Character Education Play by the Rule Positive Behavioral Intervention Support System (PBIS) Project Isa-ta Team and Outreach Support Programs Tutoring Promoting Technology Use School website Use of Parent/Student Portal as a means of monitoring progress and success Childrens Internet Protection Act: Internet Content Filtering/Safety Policy (BP473) AIJMS Parent Acknowledgement Form AIJMS Student/Parent Handbook Review and Acknowledgement AIJMS Notice of Informed Consent for Student Searches Agreement Education Technology Use Policy user Agreement/Acceptable Use Policy

Cellular Phone Use Agreement AIJMS Media/Photo Release Consent AIJMS Food Waiver and Acknowledgement GDOE Truancy Prevention Acknowledgement Student Participation in Surveys Consent for Diagnostic Assessment Testing Agueda I. Johnston Middle School SY 2017-2018 BELL SCHEDULE Time (A)hoy Day (B)lack Day

7:30 Gates open for student entry 8:25 am Warning Bell 8:30-9:52 am 1st Period 9:52-10:07 am 10:10-11:32 am Morning Break 2nd Period 11:32 am -12:25 pm 12:28-1:50 pm

3rd Period 3:25-3:45 6th Period 82 minutes 53 minutes 7th Period Afternoon Break 4th Period 82 minutes 15 minutes LUNCH 1:50-2:05 pm 2:08-3:30 pm

5th Period Minutes 8th Period (TPT) 82 minutes 15 minutes 82 minutes Gates closed for student dismissal *Monthly Ahoy Assemblies will be held on the FIRST (B)lack Day of the month starting with 8th Period followed by 5th-6th-7th. **Quarterly activities will be held on (B)lack Days from 1:45-3:30. Activity will start at 1:55 and end at 3:20. (See calendar for dates and quarterly activities.) Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments Goal and Expectations

Facilitate the departments vision and school mission Ensure quality education by promoting academic and social success of each student Support the school operations for an effective and safe environment Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments Office located in the Main Office, ext. 5001 How do you read a student schedule? SAMPLE PowerSchool STUDENT SCHEDULE: CRUZ, JOE A. Grade: 6 Course Chamorro

Character Education Reading 6th Grade Language Arts 6th Grade Science 6th Grade PE 6th Grade Math 6th Grade Social Studies 6th Grade Period P1 P2 (TPT) P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8

Teacher Room Taitague, Lourdes Calvo, Pierre Farfan, Lourdes Santos, Debra Calvo, Pierre Taisipic, Paul Banu, Lorraine Tainatongo, Mark 33 46 47 36 46 Gym 45

39 Student schedules will be disseminated in their first period class on the first day of school. Team Pirate Time (TPT) teacher will assist students with reading and reviewing their schedule throughout the first week of school. If you have any questions regarding your childs schedule, please contact the Agueda I. Johnston Middle School CIAI Administrator or Counseling office. Special Programs (SpEd, ESL, CST, 540) Mrs. Erica S. Cepeda, Assistant Principal Goal and Expectations Duties and Responsibilities Special Education (SpEd) English as a Second Language (ESL) Section 504 Child Study Team (CST) Office is located in the Main Office ext. 5003 [email protected] Meeting Times to Meet with Teachers: Gonnies 2nd period

Navigators- 1st period Pathfinders- 4th period Skull & Crossbones 3rd period Explorers-6th period Black Pearls- 5th period ESL -2nd period SPED 7th period Electives individual schedules (different prep time) There is a phone number for you to call the respective teachers/teams. The schools website will give you the extension of each classroom. Please contact the teachers/team during their respective team prep 12 times or utilize the Parent Portal. STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Mr. Angel S. Legaspi, Assistant Principal

SSO A3 - ext. 5058 Introduction of Support Staff (Strike Team) School Expectations/PBIS School-wide Behavioral Expectations The Big 9 Attendance and Truancy 2017-2018 Student Handbooks/Planners (Academic Daily Agenda (Home-School Communication /Parent-Teacher Documentations) Student Locker Registration : First come- First Serve Basis Application must be accompanied by a combination padlock. 13 Student Support Services (SSO) Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures BP 405 PBIS

School Climate Cadre (SCC) Discipline and Attendance Attendance Policy/Truancy BP411 Uniform Policy Cellphone Policy BP 406 School Emergency Response Plan Student Safety Updating Emergency Card Office located in A3, ext. 5058 [email protected] Student Conduct BP405 Zero Tolerance on Violence-Organized Fights/Assault/Weapons/Terroristic Conduct/Drugs and Alcohol/Sexual Harassment/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Sexting/Vandalism Office Discipline Referral : ODR Form Consequences

Level 1 Offenses: Conferences, Counseling, Parent meeting, Contract, Work Detail, Detention Level 2 Offenses: Detention, Work detail, Mandatory Parent Meeting, Parent Shadowing, Suspension Level 3 Offenses: Parent Shadowing, Suspension, Contract, Outsourcing to Other Agencies (GPD, DYA, Sanctuary, CPS, Guam Behavioral Health and Social Services Lock out Student Searches and Seizures BP407 Office Truancy Referral Form (OTRF) Behavioral Interventions

Counseling Services and Functional Assessments Behavioral Management Plan BMP Character Education Team Pirate Time (TPT) Team Concept Positive Behavior Interventions systems (PBIS) Ahoy Assembly School Climate Cadre (SCC) Student Parent Community Engagement (SPCE) Esgaihon I Famaguon-ta (EIF) After Glow: After-school Intervention Program 16 Students Guidance and Support Services: School Counseling Staff 6th Grade Counselor- Ms. Debra Mariano 7th Grade Counselor- Ms. Vicky Cruz 8th Grade Counselor Ms. Kristle Rosario Location Main Office ext. 5011, 5012 & 5013

Students Health and Wellness Ms. Betty Diaz, School Nurse C Wing Nurse Office ext. 5007 Parent Family Community Outreach (PFCO) Mr. Allen Jasmine, Social Worker Ms. Colleen San Agustin, Social Worker Location: A-2 ext. 5057 School Attendance Officer Mr. Brandy Martinez, Truant Officer Location: Main Office ext. 5006 17 Traffic Pattern: Mr. Pete San Nicolas and Ms. Carmen Quidachay Student Gates open at 7:30 am and no earlier Main Gate 1 close at 3:15 pm for all traffic Main Gate 2 close at 3:15 pm, open only for school buses operation for student pick-up

Parents Pick-up and Drop-off Only at Designated Areas Buffer zones beside Police Koban building. 18 Main Gate Entrance IS NOT A Drop-Off 19 Walk Through Gate 20 Student Drop-Off in the AM and Bus Pick-Up in PM 21 School Emergency & Evacuation Procedures

Situational Awareness Always be Alert of Your Surroundings LOOK & LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS 22 AIJMS EMERGENCY SIGNALS UPDATED: SY 2017 - 2018 FIRE: The Fire Alarm System once activated means an immediate evacuation to the Soccer Field. In the absence of the fire Alarm System, the school bell will ring short, regular bursts for four (4) minutes , also meant to signal an immediate evacuation to the soccer field. In case of a false alarm guidance will be provided. BOMB THREAT: The initial response is to activate Shelter in Place, and conduct Building and Ground Assessments, to determine if situation warrants an immediate site evacuation for safety. The Fire Alarm System will be used to signal an immediate evacuation to the Soccer Field. In the absence of the fire Alarm System, the school bell will ring short, regular bursts for four (4) minutes, also meant to signal an immediate evacuation to the soccer field. EARTHQUAKE: Remain calm, stay alert and remind everyone to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. *Listen for the Clearance Bell (single ring, all-clear signal) or for the Evacuation Bell*

SHELTER IN PLACE/LOCKDOWN: Initial one minute Warning Signal and immediately followed by three short burst of bell signals means Shelter in place/LOCKDOWN!! The immediate response is for teachers to look outside and secure all students closest to their classroom, to lock all doors, turn off all lights, instruct students to the safe corner of the classroom, and students must remain silent throughout entire duration. May be followed by verbal Lockdown prompting from Admin/Staff. Doors are to remain locked until clearance from administrators/law enforcement officers, or manually unlocked by school authorities. LOCKOUT: Silent Bell (no actual bell signal only verbal agreement) for LOCKOUT is only determined by School Administrators. Faculty and staff will get advanced notice of the scheduled date & time/class period LOCKOUT will take place. All students locked out will report to SSO. Students issued with a SSO Unexcused Tardy Pass are to directly return to their classes, and will be tracked accordingly, for guidance and discipline. vacuEmergency Evacuation Sites Are 1. Primary Evacuation Site (lower soccer field located behind the school) Accessibility Route to the Primary Evacuation Site originating from different areas of the school campus

and buildings: Please refer to School Evacuation Route/Location M ap. 2. Alternate Evacuation Sites (onsite: buffer zone lot located at the front of the school) (off-site: St. John the Baptist Church, Ordot) Accessibility Route to the Alternate Evacuation Sites originating from different areas of the school campus and buildings: Please refer to School School Uniforms: New uniforms may be purchased @ Ginos in Tamuning (477-8945 or 477-7139) (Polo shirt) $13.99 (Bottom) = $17.99

Set of 5 tops & 5 bottoms = $115.00 PE Uniform (top = $11.99 shorts = $11.99 Set Promo 3 tops & 3 bottoms = $66.99 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (Monday to Saturday) 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Sundays only) Ginos Store located at 426 Chalan San Antonio, Teja Building Suite 101-105 (between Good Samaritan Bldg and Sagua Managu Bldg 25 Activities Community partnership/relations Field trips Community service Food drives Campus cleanup Open House/Spaghetti Night Stakeholder Participation

Health Fair College and Career Week Community competitions: essay writings, art, singing, and dancing And many more . . .

Red Ribbon Week GDOE Week Commemoration Day Cultural Exchange Spirit Week/Pep Rally Quarterly Activities Ahoy Assemblies PBIS Assemblies Read-a-Thon Week Chamorro/Culture Diversity Month Parent-Student Symposium

Clubs and Organizations NJ HS Student Body Association School Climate Cadre (SCC) Pacific Language Culture Club (PLCC) Kulu Natibu Athletic Club Interscholastic/Athletic Club Athletic Director: Kirk Spindel and Annette Spindel Boys Girls

1st Quarter Volleyball Cross Country Cross Country 2nd Quarter Soccer Rugby Volleyball Rugby 3rd Quarter Basketball Soccer

4th Quarter Track and Field Basketball Track and Field *Updated physical *Overall GPA of 70% from the previous quarter *No Fs or 59% and below *Satisfactory Conduct (No Us) Business and Facilities Mr. Michael H. Perez, Assistant Principal A1 ext. 5056

School Building Infrastructure Improvements School Ground Maintenance Supports Capital Improvement Projects Lost and Damaged Textbook Fees Office is located in A1 ext. 5056 [email protected] School Directory - Operations Business (Main Office): Mrs. Cermencita Laguana, AO Payment for Loss/Damaged Books/Government Property Use of Facilities Student Support (A3): Ms. Barbara Fejeran, Clerk Attendance Discipline Lost & Found Lockers Nurses Office (C-Wing): Ms. Betty Diaz Medical Records Sick Calls

Food & Nutrition (Dining Hall): Ms. Carol Prejean, SA Meals at No Cost Program Main Office: Ms, Bj Naputi, Clerk/Ms. Eileen Quichocho, CO Request: Registration/Withdrawals/Student Verification Parent Concerns Parent/Student Portal Breakfast Serving 7:30-8:20 Lunch Serving 11:27-12:15 Reminders: First day of classes: Thursday, August 17, 2017 Gates open at 7:30 am Schedules can be viewed on Parent Portal Open House: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 5:30-6:30 pm Athletic Club Spaghetti Night (Pending approval) Uniforms can be purchased at Modo Ginos located in Tamuning before Sagua Managu Clinic. Thank you for your attention! Please join us on a School Tour sponsored by your very own Pirates

Thank you for your attention!

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