Headquarters U.S. Air Force Integrity - Service -

Headquarters U.S. Air Force Integrity - Service -

Headquarters U.S. Air Force Integrity - Service - Excellen ce JTEG Overview of Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Dr. David Robertson Air Force Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive SAF/AQR 1 Agenda Impact to AF AF Organization Strategic Plan and Policies

Technology Implementation Example Integrity - Service - Excellence 2 Impact FY13 Aerospace System Maintenance Costs $18.215 FY13 Aerospace System Non-Available Hours 12,617,636 $6.025 Other MX Cost ($B) Corrosion MX Cost ($B) 2,244,126 NAH Due to Other NAH Due to Corrosion The depot portion of corrosion MX is $3.4B Integrity - Service - Excellence

3 Organization Integrity - Service - Excellence 4 AF Corrosion Strategic Plan Published Aug 1, 2014 Skilled Workforce Specs/STDs R&D Metrics USAF CPC Program Communication Guidance Prevent, Predict, Detect, & Manage Program

Integrity - Service - Excellence 5 Acquisition Oversight Weapon Systems AF Policy AFI 63-101, Integrated Life Cycle Management Requires a CPCP approved by PEO (ACAT 1 to 3) (Table 4.1) Lead Systems Engineer is to ensure the RFP considers corrosion ( PM is to integrate CPC into the program integrity efforts ( CPC planning is to be integrated into the SEP and LCSP (5.4.6) For ACAT 1, PM must include CPC Planning in the MS A SEP under Design

Considerations and prepare a CPC Plan at MS B and C. PM must provide the CPC Plan to the CCPE prior to PEO approval ( For new starts, the PM is to obtain early CCPE involvement ( PM must obtain PEO approval and CCPE coordination for Cr6+ use ( and DFARS reference) PSM is accountable to the PM for CPC (6.1.1) Mil-Std-1568C, Materials and Processes for CPC in Aerospace Weapon Systems Mil-Std-1530C, Aircraft Structural Integrity Program ASIP Reviews Integrity - Service - Excellence 6 Example of Focused Technology Implementation Effort The AF CPC enterprise recognizes that coating decoating activities are among the biggest drivers of depot cost and risk CrVI is a big ESOH risk and cost for the depots CPC enterprise is utilizing a balanced, risk-based

approach, to implement CrVI replacements Initial focus is on replacements for CrVI with biggest sustainability impacts and low corrosion risk Integrity - Service - Excellence 7 AF CPC Risk-Based Prioritization Framework (Hexavalent Chromium Replacement) Longer-term Focus Areas Near-term Focus Areas for Implementation CrVI Applications Primer on support equipment and infrastructure Aircraft Outer Mold Line (OML) Primer Bare metal surface treatments/Conversio n Coatings/Sealers Risk Assessment of the Use of CrVI

Corrosion and Mishap Risk Posed by in this Application Area Risk Assessment of the Use of Alternatives this Application Area (Green indicates application poses in this Application Area (Green indicates application area will lower ESOH risks to AF personnel and (Green indicates adoption of alternatives would not increase tolerate less capable alternatives) installation environment) risk in these areas) DoD Worker Corrosion Life Cycle Exposure Risk if ESOH Prevention Technical Maturity Corrosion Life Cycle Mishap CrVI Used Life Cycle Cost Performance Risk Life Cycle Cost Visible and repairable Larger source of

worker CrVI exposure Larger source of installation ESOH costs Some alternatives require more frequent inspection and application; alternatives still require exposure controls Sometimes necessary to improve performance of outer mold line replacement Sealants Adhesive bonding primers Internal Structural primer Fuel tank primers,

coatings, and sealants Hidden, difficult to Known life cycle inspect or access structural integrity Frequent corrosion; risk Limited or no expected worker exposure Limited or no installation ESOH costs Known life cycle mishap risk Integrity - Service - Excellence Higher life cycle probability of loss of aircraft or of availability CrVI Replacement

Examples of OSD-funded AF CPC projects C-130 Non-Chrome Field Test Universal Primer on Ground Support Equipment F-16 Reduced Chrome Study Evaluation of Non-Chrome Paint Systems in Field Environments AF CPC enterprise partnering with lab, ESOH, product support, life cycle management communities to focus on AF aircraft outer mold line (OML) coating systems MIL-PRF-32239A, Coating System, Advanced Performance, for Aerospace Applications Supported by data from outdoor exposure testing Integrity - Service - Excellence 9

Summary The CPC enterprise in the AF encompasses many organizations and activities A strategic plan is in place along with policy to focus the efforts Technology transition and implementation is important to realize improved CPC and reduce costs Integrity - Service - Excellence 10 Questions? Integrity - Service - Excellence 11

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