sTEm at play leads to sTEm at work

sTEm at play leads to sTEm at work

sTEm at play leads to sTEm at work Lego Mindstorms Summer Robotics Camps www.stem-at-work.org1 VISION FLATE will be Floridas leading resource for education and training expertise, leadership, projects, and services to promote and support the workforce in the high performance production and manufacturing community.

Impact locally, lead nationally www.stem-at-work.org2 Outreach Curriculum Reform Tell Teach Professional Development Train Advancing Excellence in Engineering

Technologies www.stem-at-work.org3 technology is more fun when you actually know what is going on without much fanfare about the science or the math lurking about www.stem-at-work.org4 DETAILS 4 @ Girls, Inc. Sarasota & Winter Haven 11 @ Hillsborough CC, Brandon & SouthShore 18 Camps

2 @ College of Central Florida 1 @ YWCA, St. Petersburg Introduction & 40 hours each with experiential learning, tours, observations, presentations, videos, fun. Advanced Sun Hydraulics, New England Machine, 7 High Tech Packaging Corporation of America, USF Facilities Nanotechnology Lab, USF Engineering Rehab Visited Lab, USF Manufacturing Lab & Valpak 337 Campers 132 Girls and 205 Boys 2005 - 2010 CAMP NUMBERS

www.stem-at-work.org5 Lego Mindstorms Summer Robotics Camps 2008-2011 www.stem-at-work.org6 WHAT THEY DO program and reconfigure robots work with sensors team challenges design products www.stem-at-work.org7

WHAT THEY DO print 3D nameplates tour a highly automated facility explore careers friday challenge with families have fun! www.stem-at-work.org8 WHAT THEY DONT KNOW THEY DO recognize challenges address challenges solve problems integrate technical

systems www.stem-at-work.org9 WHAT THEY DONT KNOW THEY DO experience teamwork practice communications skills create and innovate apply math and science www.stem-at-work.org10

www.stem-at-work.org11 www.stem-at-work.org12 www.stem-at-work.org13 www.stem-at-work.org14 www.stem-at-work.org15

www.stem-at-work.org16 www.stem-at-work.org17 www.stem-at-work.org18 www.stem-at-work.org19 www.stem-at-work.org20

www.stem-at-work.org21 www.stem-at-work.org22 www.stem-at-work.org23 www.stem-at-work.org24 20082009 >80 t l u

d a s 4 80 camp kids s www.stem-at-work.org25 2010 9 camp s 0 0

4 > t l u d a s 13 4 bo ys 66 girls www.stem-at-work.org26

3 Intro @ HCC Brando n 2 Adv. @ HCC Brando n (1 all girls) o r t 1 In CC @ H th Sou re

Sho 1 pare nt nigh t @ HC C o o r r t t n n I I

1 1 @ @ A CA WC YYW ttee e e P P . . t t S S

2 2 IIn nttrro o @ @C CC CF F O Occa alla a 2010 www.stem-at-work.org27 parent comments six months after camp:

r e t The Robotics c h g u t r a amp, a d t s y o M t

" and the skills le d e t arned p t a m e b u there, very muc l att c s c h

i t o excited our son a rob . She was in his l y o n interest of scien a t e scho g ce, o t e

r l robotics and m o b a e n v i ath. He is u t a r t s i looking forward o

n t i t r m o to more p ad p u s F LATE events in y t . l n

u 2 e 011. p fac p a h t i e mak er, she v e w a Ho d

e t t c e l e j p o r p com r i a f !

ce 28 "The camp gave my son valuable problem solving skills and confidence he needs to stick with it and work through problems. This has had a trickle down effect in all of his classes. He has shown a great deal of maturity, initiative and determination as a result of the camp." "One of the majo r

advantages that we saw after the Summe r program was her level of excitement about math and science. Prior to the progr am she didn't really unde rstand that math is an integr al part of robotics and a lo t of other sciences.

www.stem-at-work.org29 3 Intro @ HCC Brando n 2011 (1 all girls) o r t 1 In CC @H h t

u So re Sho 2 2 IIn nttrro o @ @C CC CF F O Occa alla a o o

r r t t n n I I 1 1 S E ES H H S S @ @ e

e t t e e P P . . S Stt . S . 1 H stri u d n I

@ al C C H don 2 Intro Bran 1 Adv . @ HCC @ FGC Bra Lake ndo City n www.stem-at-work.org30

HOW WE DO IT? in-kind space own robots; borrow laptops built on Cornell curriculum sponsor donations camp manager lead teacher + helper www.stem-at-work.org31 HOW WE DO IT? 2 campers/robot; 20 max/camp $150/camper fee campers bring lunch camp snacks & water personal contact with parents www.stem-at-work.org32 HOW WE DO IT? Robotics Camp Survival Guide a FLATE Best Practices Guide www.stem-at-work.org33 Questions and Answers? Thank you!

Marilyn Barger, Ph.D., P.E. Executive Director and Principal Investigator, FLATE Florida Advanced Technological Education Center [email protected] 813.259.6578 www.stem-at-work.org34

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