Are we there yet? 15 Years of Introducing

Are we there yet? 15 Years of Introducing

Are we there yet? 15 Years of Introducing Emergency Contraception Elizabeth Westley, ICEC Coordinator Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition Membership Meeting Components of Access Development and production (testing, trials, manufacture) Registration Availability (different outlets) Awareness (knowledge in DHS) Correct/ actionable knowledge Cost/price (to consumer and systems)

Acceptability and fit Integration into systems Introduction Projects Countries: Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and Sri Lanka. Multiple activities including: Research Advocacy with policy makers Training Materials development Media work Engaged multiple sectors: Distributors Governments Media

Health workers and Professional Associations IPPF-affiliated family planning Introduction Projects: Outcomes Introduction projects were not uniformly successful in the short term (1996-99) Product was registered in only 2 countries Successes included: Creation of core materials, such as medical/service delivery guidelines, client materials A good body of formative research and research methodology Showed that it could be done and a market

Production and Registration in 2011 Numerous manufacturers of LNG ECPs. EC on WHOs EML list, one product is prequalified. As of June 2011, approx 140 countries have a registered dedicated LNG EC product. Many countries have multiple EC products available. Where do women obtain EC?

In many countries women have direct access in drug stores and pharmacies. (Legal /official OTC access in 63 countries.) Social marketing agencies are increasingly providing EC now in around 20 countries. Social franchising efforts increasingly offer EC. (11 programs in 2009, 14 in 2010) Social Marketing Sales (global data collected by DKT) 9,000,000

8,278,942 8,000,000 7,000,000 6,440,208 6,000,000 4,651,776 5,000,000 3,961,931 4,000,000 3,381,639

3,000,000 2,497,979 2,000,000 1,000,000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

2009 Social Franchising In 2009, 11 social franchising programs offered EC. 293,993 packs sold. In 2010, 14 programs offered EC. 1,984,242 packs sold. Most growth in India and Pakistan. Global Availability Local Accessibility Some countries still have no product registered: Philippines, Costa Rica (due to

opposition) Many African countries (due to perception of market?) Knowledge and use low in many settings. Public Sector Availability EC is included in the public sector supply chains of fewer than half of countries surveyed (JSI). Little donor purchasing (RHInterchange). Access much lower in public sector than private sector/pharmacies. But: women like the privacy, speed

and ease provided by pharmacies. Cost often cited as an access barrier. Knowledge/Ever Use of EC (DHS) Country Egypt (2007) Ghana (2007) Kenya (2008-9) India (2005-2006) Indonesia (2007) Nigeria (2008) Pakistan (2006-07) Senegal (2005)

South Africa (2003) Knowledge % Ever Use% 5.6 35 40.2 (all), 49.7 (unmarried) 16.1 6.3 15.4 17.8 9.6 19.6 0.1 2.9

1.7 (all), 10.9 (unmarried) NA 0.3 2.8 0.9 0.2 0.5 Who is currently served? Urban, middle/upper income women. For these populations, supply is sustainable. EC not routinely included in contraceptive counseling or condom/HIV counseling.

EC not routinely available in postrape care. Is access equitable? After 15 Years No longer new, but is EC still underutilized? Unanticipated success: lesson learned? In 1996 ICEC did not envision major commercial interest. EC is a great fit for pharmacies and social marketing/social franchising programs.

Will community-based distribution be next? Consortium served as connective tissue allowing for sharing, lessons Thank You! www.emergencycontracep ICEC Social Marketing Countries (global data collected by DKT) 25

23 21 20 17 15 15 12 13 10 5

0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

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