Nursing & Allied Health Professional Update Chris Bannister

Nursing & Allied Health Professional Update Chris Bannister Nursing & Allied Health Professional Representative Nursing & AHP Representativ e Chrissie Bannister Deputy Nursing & AHP Representativ e Helen

Munday Cardiac SubCommitte e Helen Munday Thoracic SubCommitte e Amanda Walthew Professiona

l Link Tara Bartley Congenital SubCommittee Vacant Patient Link Chris Bannister Professional Standards Committee Helen Munday

Education SubCommittee Bhuvana Krishnamoorthy Education SubCommittee Julie Quigley Education Tara Bartley Education SubCommittee

Heather Wyman Academic & Research Committee Julie Sanders Clinical Audit Group Julie Sanders

Academic & Research Committee Melissa Rochon Clinical Audit Group Melissa Rochon CT Forum @ the Annual Meeting Awaiting abstract selection at the end of November.

Plenary presentation from Cecilia Anim, RCN President. Presentations on Cardiac PROMS data, nursinglegal issues, and ECMO in the community. Jill Ley, Clinical Nurse Specialist and David Lizotte, Physician Assistant from USA participating again. University Stream on Sunday. Advanced Cardiothoracic Course Annual event to be held in Birmingham on November 19th-20th 2016. 30+ participants over two days - one thoracic and one cardiac days. New support from Cardio Solutions. Great feedback; inspiring to become a more confident practitioner

faculty excellent, friendly, knowledgeable & motivating Developing an Advanced AHP Practitioner Service Course Annual event to be held in RCS(Ed) in Birmingham in December 2016. Participants from across the UK from centres with an interest in starting an Advanced AHP programme & those who wish to expand their existing service. Again great feedback with positive outcomes. Core Principles in Cardiothoracic Course

Aimed at Band 5/6 nurses. The SCTS will develop a core set of lectures that will be delivered regionally. Initially this will be with a core faculty with the aim of a teach the trainers approach and a local leader in each region/unit. There is a plan to target seven regions to bring this course to fruition. 2 courses held so far in Manchester and Glasgow. Surgical Anatomy Course for Theatre Nurses Biannual event held at the St Jude HQ in Stratford with support from Cardio Solutions. 1st course earlier this year.

Surgical faculty with lectures on valve A+P, types of valves and anticoagulation. Wetlab component Presentation by Theatre Sister at Kings on the role and importance of the scrub nurse. Surgical Care Practitioner Courses 3 Annual Master Classes for qualified SCPs held in Manchester throughout 2016. 1st Thoracic, then Cardiothoracic, finally Cardiac. Sponsored by Ethicon with thanks to the faculty & companies that participated; Maquet, Sorin, Terumo, Sonasite and Karl Storz. SCP Exam & Revision Course

The annual national trainee SCP exam will be held at the RCS(Ed) in Birmingham, in December. A revision course was held prior to the exam in September in Manchester. Thanks again to the examiners & faculty for their ongoing support last question writing course created a large bank of new questions. Thanks also to Swann Morton for the silver scalpel award to the best candidate. Nurses & AHP Day @ EACTS Held on Sunday 2nd October during EACTS in Barcelona. Participants from across Europe, with a range of plenary talks and presentations from nurses and

AHPs. Again, all papers were peer reviewed with a prize from EACTS. Best presentation awarded to Doa El-Ansary motor vehicle driving after cardiac surgery Social Media Follow us at Twitter @SCTS_CTForum Join the Facebook Group SCTS CT Forum

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