SLR AGM -Saturday 25th October 2014 -

SLR AGM -Saturday 25th October 2014 -

SLR AGM Saturday 25 October 2014 th Chairmans report from Neville Brewis


Our Year in Pictures-events/walks/activities Committee- whos in and whos out?

Membership Update Xmas Meal Update Next Years Outings and Events Walks Summary

(ex Margaret Ruse) Margaret Ruse has now assumed the role of Walks Coordinator Walks programmes (2 off) both successfully completed on time and in full through out the year. Numbers on walks ranged from 4(in extreme heat in July ) to

17 (in less extreme conditions) Average on both Sundays and Thursdays seems to be 12 to 14 walkers Good to see new walks leaders coming forward (ex David Hayes Graduate school !)

More later under item 6 NOVEMBER-David Hayess walk on Strawberry Line at Sandford

December XMAS MEAL AND WALKS DECEMBER XMAS MEAL /WALKS Don and Pats Presentations New Years Day Walk !!

FEBRUARY Dicks walk along Thames and Severn Canal/Sapperton Tunnel MARCH-KISSING GATE INSTALLATION

March Rag Well at Compton Martin March Sue Bartletts walk at Kingscote and Horsley

March Spring Social at St. Mary's Church Hall Our speaker was Mandy Leivers, Avon Gorge and Downs Biodiversity Education Officer who gave a very interesting

talk on the fauna/flora/wildlife to be found there. Mandys talk highlighted the many Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife /Conservation Projects being undertaken for more details see their Website at

The talk was followed by an American buffet supper and refreshments. April David McGs Waterfall walk from Pont Nedd Fechan

April - Waterfall Walk Q 4/13-Q1/14 Walks Leaders Training David Hayes led a class of 11 willing pupils

9 X 90 minute meetings held at Davids house at fortnightly intervals. Topics covered:-Selecting your walk, Downloading and Highlighting your walk, Finding location( GPS/OS maps/Compass), First Aid, Group Dynamics, SMART Phone Technology and How to avoid getting lost !. Positive Outcomes:*New walks Leaders (Liz, Sue and Helen)

*First Aid Training organised and new kits to be bought. *OS Maps Library now in place. Many thanks go to David for the success of this venture. May Sue and Lizs first walk as leaders at

Kelston. May-Gordon and Wendys Walk at Mells and Nunney

June - Summer Outing to Ludlow June Summer Outing to Ludlow June Summer Outing to Ludlow

JULY FIRST AID SAFETY TRAINING Janet presents Pam Harris of St John Ambulance with cheque from the club. August David Hayess walk up Sugar Loaf

September Sue and Lizs walk at Dolebury Warren. September Helens walk at Symonds Yat

September-Helens walk September New Kissing Gate near Compton Martin (to be adopted )

October John Hollymans walk at Barry October Week-end away at HF Lulworth Cove

October Week-end away at HF Lulworth Cove Lulworth Cove Week-end

Lulworth Cove Week-end contd. Lulworth Cove Week-end Contd. Presentations to Walks Leaders

2 days ago-Pams walk around Abbots Leigh woods Committee

Current Neville Brewis (Chair),Sue Hazelden (Treasurer),Margaret Ruse (Secretary and Walks Co-ordinator),Rosanne Cawardine, Ian Hopley, Dick Dennett, Pam Porter, Helen Palmer and Chris Budd Future

As above except that Ian and Dick are standing down after many years valiant service! Liz Hall and Lorna Renshaw has agreed to replace them. They are very WELCOME !

Membership Update Currently have ~125 members New Members since last AGM (October 2013):Toby OHara, Roger Harvey, Robert Murphy, Caroline Maskew, Tony Johnson, Helen Gamsa, Wynel Rees, Rosemary Gwyn, Alison Shaw and

Pat Goldsworthy(?)-WELCOME ALL! Welcome back to Tony Pugh. Renewal forms now out for 2014-15 with payment by on line bank transfer available. Future Activities

Xmas Meal and Walks 2014 This year will be held at the FROMEBRIDGE MILL at Whitminster ( just off M5 Junc 13).on Thursday 11th December-see flyer from Dick Dennett in recent mailout for details . Cost - 15 for 3 course Xmas meal/first drink/raffle


So please can someone volunteer to do this for the club. Future Activities Contd. Spring Social March 2015

This will be held at (new venue) KINGS WESTERN HOUSE on FRIDAY 27th MARCH 2015. Tour of and Talk about the house and its history will be presented followed by the normal American supper/refreshments. Thanks to Sue Hazelden for organising this event.

Summer Outing June 2015 This is tentatively scheduled for SUNDAY 14th JUNE 2015. Venue and arrangements still to be finalised. Ideas and volunteers to help organise/lead walks are requested.

Future Activities Contd. Annual Holiday weekend October 2015 I have booked an HF Guided Walks package at Haytor on Dartmoor for the week-end of Friday 9th Monday 12th October 2015. Plenty of room for 40-50 members to attend . Cost for week-end ~275-285/ person. Fuller details and

booking form will go out with Winter Newsletter in December. Future Newsletters + Editorship. Committee has decided only to issue 2 paper Newsletters each year Summer and Winter to coincide with issue of Walk Programmes. The Spring and Autumn ones will now be issued electronically via the Website on the NEWSLETTERS PAGE by the committee.

Davina has decided to step down as our Newsletter Editor and many thanks go to her for the great job shes done over the last 2 years. Felicity Brewis has agreed to take on the Editorship starting with the Winter edition in December. On line payments to Clubs Bank account.

Reminder that in future all events/activities can now be paid for by direct BANK TRANSFER to Club Account as well as by normal cheque option. THE END !


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