Smart Business Gateway - Aria Technologies

Smart Business Gateway - Aria Technologies

SBG-1000 Simple & Modern look Wall mounting or desktop installation Wall mounting bracket is provided for quick and easy installation Side cover (to cover interface Cable connection points and Cables) Overview Smart Business Gateway. Compact in size, Installation can be wired and/or wireless for voice & data services System management via single Web interface Remote Management Center

Mobile workers Smart Phone Carrier IP Network PSTN back-up Laptop WiFi Handset Web ServerPrinter Fax Relay Alarm Sense

IP Phones Desktop/Laptop PCs DECT Handset DECT Keyser Interface Ports Side A PoE ports : LAN 1 ~ LAN 4 (Total Budget - 20W) LAN ports PSTN/ Miscellaneous ports WAN port Interface Ports Side B USB port Function Buttons

ITEM Functions WPS WiFi Protected Setup. Simple WiFi Configuration Reset System Reset Reset to defaults Database Clear only when pressed more than 5 seconds

Reset button WPS button Reset to defaults Under the Covers Side B WiFi Antenna WiFi Antenna WiFi PSTN/ISDN Option board FXS (under this board)

Side A CPU (DSP) DECT Switch chip LEDs and Functions ITEM Powe r WAN WiFi

IPPBX ICON Color Blue Pure Green Pure Green Pure Green Functions Power Connection

WAN Connection WiFi Status iPECS Call Processing Remarks ON Connected OFF Not Connected Blink

Abnormal ON Connected OFF Not Connected Blink Abnormal ON Normal

OFF Abnormal Blink WPS Operation Blink Normal Blink Rapidly All Devices can be registered ON / OFF

Abnormal Option Boards COIU2 2 PSTN lines COIU4 4 PSTN lines CSIU 1 PSTN line and BRIU 1 BRI port BRIU2 2 BRI ports 1 SLT port Extension Types Terminal compatibilities IP Terminals Entry LIP-8002

Entry LIP-8004D WiFi Compact LIP-8008D Standard Professional Executive LIP-8012D LIP-8024D LIP-8040L Premium LIP-8050V DECT Wireless GDC-450H

DECT Desktop Soft clients Phontage Deluxe Phontage PDA Web Phone SIP Mobile Client Smartphone NOTE: DSS Consoles are not supported Services Built-in services for connecting IT facilities File Server Provide a file server utility,

All disk partitions are automatically shared by default. Printer Server Support for several print protocols, which enable to connect Windows, Unix and Mac hosts to the network printer. Ability to define printer access permissions for specific LAN users. DHCP Server IP Address automatically assigned to devices when connected to the SBG Network DMZ USB Hub Storage Printer Web-Server FXS

Fax Alarm Relay Sensor Services Long life Lithium battery to maintain realtime clock and prevent loss of system data during power fail. Power fail transfer is supported from on board SLT when PSTN line type is installed. Fail over, if WAN link-down or SIP Module down is detected then programmed fail over is activated. System Capacity Basic SBG-1000

Extension types Individual Max. Capacity Total Max. Total Capacity LIP/WIT SLT 3rd party SIP 11* 1 or 2

6 CO Lines (Trunks) DECT SIP PSTN 0 or 6 4 1 or 2 or 4 12 5 or 6 or 8

20 * First extension must be a LIP-8024D type handset System Capacity Expanded LIP/WIT Individual Max. Capacity Total Max. Total Capacity 23 SBG-1000 DECT Enabled

Extension types 3rd party SLT SIP CO Lines (Trunks) DECT SIP PSTN 1 or 2 0 or 6 4 1 or 2 or 4

6 24 5 or 6 or 8 32 Expanded SBG-1000 DECT Disabled LIP/WIT Individual Max. Capacity Total Max. Total Capacity 23 Extension types 3rd party

SLT SIP 1 or 2 CO Lines (Trunks) 6 24 DECT SIP PSTN 0 6

1 or 2 or 4 7 or 8 or 10 34 System Capacity Description Attendants Paging Zones Common Speed Dial Individual Speed Dial Last Number Redial Save Number Redial SMDR Buffer Station Groups # Station Group Members Authorization Codes

Auto Attendant channels # ACD not available Voice Mail Box Capacity 1 10 800 (23 digits) 20 (23 digits) 15 (23 digits) 1 (23 digits) 5000 10 12 / 24* Station System 12 / 24*

100 4 * Key-code required 240/ 480* minutes5) Available Key-Code Options Network

EZ Attendant CTI/TAPI SIP Phone (3rd party) Phontage (Delux 2 copy free) Capacity IPCR IP Call Recording (server/agent) VSF Memory extend IP Communicator (Not available yet) IP Attendant (Not available yet) Telephony Features Day/Night/Timed mode Forward Call Transfer Ring Assignment Auto Attendant/Delayed A/A MOH

Station Groups Paging 3 Way Conference Dialing Restrictions (Class of Service) Prime Line Immediate/Delayed (Hot line) SMDR Authorization Codes Mobile Extensions Networking

Data Features DHCP Server IP Address distribution File Server Print Server Fire Wall Remote Administration Disk management Wi-Fi Access point (802.11n) QoS VPN Monitor Network Connections Installation Wizard

Connecting to SBG LAN Set PC DHCP to enable Connect with Ethernet Cable WiFi Search SSID Connect to SSID SBG-1000 xxxx (xxxx is last 4 character of SBG WAN MAC address) Open a browser on PC and browse to Install/Initialization Wizard Pre-Step1. Select Language Install/Initialization Wizard Pre-Step2. Login Setup

Install/Initialization Wizard Step1. Test the Ethernet Link Step2. Analyze the Internet Connection Type Step3. Set up an Internet Connection Step4. Test Connection to the Internet Service Provider Step5. Test Internet Connection Install/Initialization Wizard Step6. Wireless Setup Install/Initialization Wizard Step7. Installation is complete Web-Based Management WBM can be accessed via wired or wireless LAN PCs Read-Only view until user login

Admin user advanced management view Web-Based Management Admin user Admin Admin Web-Based Management General Buttons Buttons Functions Apply changes and return to the previous page Apply changes and stay at the same page Discard changes and return to the previous

page Go to the upper page (or Home Overview page) Refresh the current page Web-Based Management Buttons in Action columns Icon Function Add Add a row to the table Edit Edit a row in the table

Remove Remove a row from the table Download Download a file from the table Copy Copy an item to the clipboard Move Up Move a row one step up Move Down Move a row one step down

System Type Specific Features Voice Install Voice Config Voice Maint System Station Data Database Summary Common Attributes Database Backup Identification Flex Buttons Database Upload Station Registration Paging Access SMDR Print & Backup Station List & Replacement Mobile Extension

Upgrade Registration Table Station VM Attributes Device Upgrade Station User Login Preset Call Forward Device Upgrade Progress DECT Registration (D) Individual Speed Dial Device Upgrade Progress CO Line Registration Authorization Code & COS View CO Channel List Station Hold Music Diagnostic Tool MSN Configuration (B) Set Trace Direction CO Line Data

SIP ID Configuration Call Routing by Called Number Set Trace Target Function Server Information (B) Set Quick Trace Net Basic Attributes Call Routing by Line (A) Set Trace Target Board Net Supplementary Attr Call Routing by Caller Number Set Trace Target Device Net CO Line Attribute Ring Assignment Table Station Working Data View Net Numbering Plan Exceptional Call Routing CO Line Working Data View Net Feature Code

Call Routing by Auto Attendant System Log View Auto Attendant Common Speed Dial Device Log View Voice Mail Group Number CO Hold Music Appliances Control System Prompt Upload System Data Lock Key Install Announcement Up&Download System Attributes Uninstall Device FAX Call Feature Timer Uninstall Stations Numbering Plan Day/Night/Timed Schedule

Unregister CO Channel Gain & Tone Specification Toll Exception Table Empty Voice Mail Box Handset / Handsfree / SLT Port Gain Emergency Dialing Initialization DCOB / ACOB / VSF / WTIM Gain SMDR Attributes Initialize Call Attributes System Tone Cadence 1 ~ 4 International Call Release CO Line System Tone Frequency Alarm Attributes Tone Generation Gain Station Group Data CPT Cadence / Frequency Station Group Assignment

(A) only for FXO SLT Port Ring Cadence Station Group Attributes (B) only for BRI DTMF Tone / RTP Gain IPCR Agent (D) only for DECT Muted Ring Gain Start page (before log in) Hardware Recognition Home Overview Option Board Resources


FXO 4 BRIU2 BRI 2 One FXS is default installed in basic board PFTU for FXO and FXS is installed SBG does not support any kind of hot-swap or replacement for the different type of option board Nation Code and DECT Assignment Services Voice Install System Identification Services Voice Install System Identification Nation Code and DECT Usage can be modified only right after Restore Factory Settings.

If Nation Code or DECT Usage is modified, SBG should be restarted and all Voice DB will be initialized. LIP Extension Registration Services Voice Install Station Registration Registration Table LIP DHCP should be set to ENABLED. Only LIP-8012D and LIP-8024D can be registered as Attendant (Station 10). Services Voice Install Station Registration Registration Table can be registered by MAC Other stations matching in this table. If MAC matched Station Only is changed to All Stations, all stations can be registered as DIP 3

ON in iPECS. IP-PBX (Green) LED will be blinking more rapidly when it is set to All Stations You can see the information of LIPs which are trying to be registered to SBG by clicking Candidate button. SIP Extension Registration Services Voice Install Station Registration Station User Login Configure ID, Password and Desired Number for SIP extension. Number should be unused, but available within the station range. SIP Extension Registration Configure SIP extension

Set Phone Number, Display Name and Password as configured in SBG-1000 Set SIP Domain and Proxy IP to LAN Bridge IP address of SBG-1000 (default value is Set Address to LAN Bridge IP address of SBG-1000 (default value is Note : If SIP extension is connected from remote, SIP Domain, Proxy IP and Address are set to WAN IP address of SBG-1000 DECT Extension Registration Services Voice Install Station Registration DECT Registration Enter Station Number Select Type Click Send button Alternatively from Attendant LIP Trans/PGM + 0 + # + Flex1 + Station Number + 3(GDC-4xx) or 4(LWS-WK) +

Hold/Save CO Line Configuration Services Voice Install CO Line Registration CO Channel List All Available SIP Channels PSTN/ISDN Lines CO Line Configuration Call Routing by Line Services Voice Config CO Line Data Call Routing by Line Same as 'Ring Assignment' in iPECS. Only analog CO line is used for 'Normal' CO type. So, only analog CO lines are shown in this menu and you don't need to configure

this for SIP trunk. SIP Server Information Services Voice Install CO Line Registration Server Information If SIP Pound Use is set to ON, # will not work for end of digit , and #(%23) will be sent to SIP server as dialed digit in INVITE message. If it is set to OFF, # is used as end of digit and INVITE message is sent immediately. Default CODEC Priority when all none g.711-u > g.711-a > g.723 > g.729 > g.729a If Fail Over Usage set to ON and WAN link Fails, then SIP Call Fail Over to PSTN /ISDN Backup CO Group after No Response Time expired. No Response Time to Fail Over 3 ~ 10 seconds

Fail Over CO Group Number 1 ~ 5 CO SIP ID Configuration Services Voice Install CO Line Registration SIP ID Configuration Click these buttons to configure the detailed information for each SIP ID Status of Each SIP ID registration. Click the above SIP ID Configuration to refresh the current status Click Register button to start registration SIP ID Configuration Services Voice Install CO Line Registration SIP ID Configuration Go to

Config. Default destination is all ring group (Gr. 631) You can configure here as iPECS Flexible DID destination If See Caller Number First is set to ON, Routing by Caller Number rule is applied before the above route destination. SBG Administration/Programming Handset Programming System ID PGM-100 Country code Site Name My Area code

System IP Address Plan PGM-102 System LAN IP System Reset SBG Data Home Map View Display Graphical Network Map LGE Voice Device Name : XXX-YY_ZZ XXX : Device Name YY : Slot # ZZ : Station Number LIP-8024D-5_10

LIP-8024D 5 _ 10 Device Name - Slot - Ext. No. SBG Data Internet Connection Settings Basic Configuration options for 5 different types of Internet connections 1) Manual IP Address Ethernet Connection 2) Automatic IP Address Ethernet Connection 3) Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) 4) Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) 5) Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) SBG Data

Internet Connection Diagnose and Resolve Internet connectivity problems SBG Data Local Network - Overview SBG Data Local Network - Shared Printer Enable your LAN users to share printer attached to SBG via USB SBG provide the path to Printer

Printer Driver should be installed on PCs SBG Data Services - Overview Summary of SBGs services and their current status Shortcut Tab Voice and Data Convergence

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