Smart Choice Level 2 Unit 11 - Grammar

Smart Choice Level 2 Unit 11 - Grammar

Smart Choice Level 2 Unit 11 Grammar The Simple Past We use the simple past for completed actions in the past. For example: visited walked looked

The Simple Past Spelling Rules: 1. For regular verbs, +ed. visit visited /miss missed /talk talked I visited my grandmother last weekend. He missed his plane to Jeju Island. She talked to her boyfriend yesterday. The Simple Past

Spelling Rules: 2. For verbs ending in e, +d. love loved / hate hated They loved each other for many years. I hated the movie last weekend. The Simple Past Spelling Rules: 3. For verbs ending in y, -y, +ied. study studied / try tried

They studied hard for the test yesterday. He tried to learn Chinese last year. The Simple Past Spelling Rules: 4. For verbs ending in one vowel and one consonant, cons. x 2, +ed. vowel = a, e, i, o, u consonant = all other letters

stop stopped The car stopped in front of the bank. The Simple Past Spelling Rules: 5. Some verbs are irregular. You just have to memorize them. go went / see saw I went to China last summer vacation. I saw my friend at the festival.

The Simple Past For negative statements, use didnt. I didnt walk to school. For questions, use did. Did you walk to school? The Simple Past For short answers, use did or didnt. Did you study

yesterday? Yes, I did. OR No, I didnt. Did she go to class this morning? Yes, she did. OR No, she didnt. The Simple Past Possible Short Answers: Yes, you No, you

Yes, I No, I Yes, he No, he Yes, she No, she did. didnt. Yes, it No, it Yes, we No, we

Yes, they No, they Now Practice! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. play wash know wear work forget help drop like

played washed knew wore worked forgot helped dropped liked Now Practice! 1. I didnt go to the movies yesterday. I

went to the mall. 2. I didnt lose my luggage. I lost my wallet. 3. I didnt forget my passport. I forgot my money. 4. She didnt break her arm. She broke her leg. 5. I didnt buy a smartphone. I

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