Soccer Game

Soccer Game

Heat Illness Scenarios Slide 2 has the different treatment options. Print out one copy of this slide for each group of students Print one each of slides 3-10 and place them around your classroom as Scenario Stations A Place ice packs on wrists, ankles, armpits, and neck. B Call 911.

D Remove excess clothing. E Resume normal activity. C Cool body by wetting skin and blowing fan, or apply wet sheets. F

Lie down and make sure he/she doesnt choke if they faint. G Stretch sore muscles and hold for 20 sec., then massage. Repeat if needed. H Move to a cooler

place. J Take it easy for several days. K Drink glass of water or sports drink every 15 min. I Check to see if he/she is alert and awake.

L Seek medical attention! Soccer Game Youre playing soccer after school. Your friend looks pale and sweaty. She gets muscle cramps and the coach sends her to the bench because shes in a lot of pain. Visiting Grandma Youre at a family picnic at

the park. After playing volleyball, you go sit with your grandparents to eat lunch. Grandma says shes really thirsty. When she tries to stand she feels dizzy and asks you to get her another soda. Trip to the Beach Youve been at the beach all day with your friends. Youve had hamburgers, hot dogs, and soda for lunch. You have a headache and feel nauseous and weak. You go into an air

conditioned restaurant and get some water, but you begin vomiting. Summer Job Youre working as a gardener for the summer. It is very hot today. You drink plenty of water throughout the day, but youre still thirsty and sweating a lot, although your skin feels cool. You feel weak so you take a break in an air conditioned place and get a salty snack. While youre working on your next yard, you stop sweating and your face becomes flushed and hot. You have a rapid weak pulse.

Good Samaritan Youre working at Target and a mom and baby come in. They are not shopping, and the mom is keeping an eye on her baby. You go check on them and find out the babys skin is red and hot. Mom takes his temperature. Its 104.5.

Grand Canyon Two hikers, Aidan and Jessica, hike into the Grand Canyon. Theyve been gone all day. Aidan has been drinking water all day, and Jessica is drinking Gatorade. While climbing back out of the canyon, Aidan is sweating a lot and looks pale. He complains of having a headache and feels nauseated. School Dance The school dance is finally here and Annika lost 10 pounds just in time by eating a very low calorie diet. Annika and her date are having their pictures taken outside when

Annika starts to feel faint. Poor Perro! You go running with your dog. He looks like he could use the exercise too. Your dog is a boxer. Your dog starts panting heavily, his eyes are open wide, and his gums are pale and dry. You take him to the nearest house and determine his temperature is 105oF.

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