Soil Degradation & Conservation

Soil Degradation & Conservation

Farming Sustainability & Soil Conservation Topic 7 A.S: M O Increasing the Sustainability of our Food Production System What were the main issues again?

Land management (soil degradation), food waste, food distribution What can be done? (what we can do) Altering human actives such as: Eating less meat Eating local, organic, in-season foods Improve the accuracy of food labels and dates

National and international governmental monitoring and control of farming practices. Soil Restoration & Loss Prevention (what farmers can do) What can be done to either prevent the loss of soil/nutrients or restore them after depletion? Condition soil Prevent erosion

Water Retention (reduce the amount you need) Soil Conservation Methods 1) Soil Conditioners: Artificial fertilizers can restore nutrients Adding compost or manure to soils Liming

What does this do? 2) Wind reduction techniques Windbreaks rows of trees, shrubs, fences or concrete walls that are planted along the boundaries of fields. These slow wind speeds, which help conserve soil

moisture and prevent erosion. Shelterbelts planted perpendicular to prevailing winds (are a type of windbreak) Planting cover crops, usually legumes. Why?

Wind Breaks (Shelter Belts) 3) Water use Reduction Techniques (retention) Contour plowing planting crops in long strips that run along a hillside rather than running up and down.

Prevents water from making gullies Slows the flow of rain water to increase soil infiltration. Terracing turning a hillside into a series of ascending terraces or steps Saves soil from being eroded and conserves water. Contour Plowing and Terracing in

Americas Midwest Terracing in Southeast Asia

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