Solar Power - University of Washington

Solar Power - University of Washington

Solar Power Kim Grant Solar Tower PS10, near Seville, Spain How Solar Power Works Photovoltaic Cells Energy in the light is absorbed by the material and electrons bounce off. This gives them a higher state of energy, producing an electric current.

Currently PV cells include: Monocrystalline silicon Polycrystalline silicon Microcrystalline silicon Cadmium telluride

Copper indium selenide or sulfide How Solar Power Works Concentrated Solar Power A Heliostat system directs sunlight to a central tube which contains a medium, such as molten salt This circulates and heats water into steam Still, how it works

More Concentrated Solar Power Large scale conductor Small scale conductor Research Benefits Powered by the Sun

Zero emissions Little maintenance once installed Can last a lifetime For every $mill. Invested, 515 jobs are created Downsides

Expensive to install initially Doesnt work at night Hard to store the energy (can use batteries) Large scale production takes space

Isn't completely efficient, doesn't utilize all of the sun's energy... yet So, why solar power? With the amount of solar energy the planet receives we have the potential to provide at least 1,000 times the energy consumed globally. (in 2008) On a sunny day the sun gives off 1,000 watts of energy to the earths surface per square meter Sunlight is infinite, unlike many of our other energy sources

Current Usage PV Power Plants Spain has the top two plants (both built in 2008) Portugal is next, followed by Germany Spain has four more plants

US is next on the list, the plant was finished Oct, 2009 Concentrated Solar Power Stations Top three stations are in the US (all parabolic troughs) Next three are in Spain PV plant in Andalusia, Spain

Germany and Solar Power Accounted for half of the global solar power usage in 2007 Waldpolenz Solar Park 40,000 MW-h /year In 2006 passed a feed-in tariff. Utilities paid customers for the power they would feed into the grid if they installed solar panels Achieved 8.3 GW by 2009 Germany is reducing the subsidy amount though

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