Soundtrack of Your Life Project - English Language Arts 9

Soundtrack of Your Life Project - English Language Arts 9

+ Soundtrack of Your Life + Major Life Moments Make a list of 5 major moments in your life that have contributed to who you are today. Examples: births, deaths, trips, meeting

someone, graduation, etc. + Song Choice For each of those moments, pick a song that you think accurately depicts why that moment is so important to who you are. Be sure your song picks are schoolappropriate

+ Ms. Martins Soundtrack Waving Flag-Knaan (first trip to Kenya) The World I Know-Collective Soul (London) + Song Order Now that you have a list of songs, put

them in the order you would want them on your CD. This can be done chronologically, or by what would sound good in terms of the music. + Paragraph 1: Explanation of Yourself This paragraph is basically a brief autobiography:

Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you now? Etc. etc. Something that you like to do - a hobby Start with Dear Listener,

+ Paragraph 2: Explanation of Soundtrack This paragraph outlines your rationale or purpose in creating this soundtrack: What is this album you have created? Why are you completing it? (because it is an

assignment is NOT an answer!) What do you hope to get out of this project? What do you see yourself doing with this later in life? What goals did you have for creating it? + Paragraphs 3-7: Explanation of Each Song

This section is made up of many smaller paragraphs. Song by song be sure to explain: What is the name of the song and the artist? Why is this song important to you? How does this song connect to your life?

What does each song reveal about the kind of person you are and what you think is important in you life? + Paragraph 8: Final Remarks This paragraph is your conclusion in which you should thank your reader for taking the time to listen to your soundtrack and offer any final reflections upon this project as a whole.

+ Album Cover The last thing to finish for this project is the album cover. You need a front and a back. The front should have the title of your album, your name, and some kind of a design. The back should have a listing of the song titles and who sings them. + Sample: Paragraph 1

The soundtrack before you represents as a whole a few exceptionally memorable events from my life. Although it should be fairly self-explanatory, there are a few things you should know that you would not find out from the songs. Due to the influences of my mom, Aunt Cindy, and Uncle Tim, I have grown into a very loving, free-spirited young woman who is incredibly open-minded, honest, and loyal. Most of my days have been spent in my hometown of Kearney, Nebraska, but my summers, since about the age of eleven, have been spent in California with my aunt and uncle. There, I was given the freedom and trust to spread my wings and grow, and also the opportunity to learn from the many mistakes I ended up making. +

Sample: Song Explanation Paragraph I was incredibly scared the day I left my parents and siblings to move out west and in with my aunt in California, but although they werent physically close, my family was by my side one hundred percent of the way. My first song, then, is George Strait's "Love Without End, Amen," because my family has shown me in the past two years exactly what unconditional love is all about. I was convinced that my parents would never be able to accept me back after the mistakes I had been making in school; I thought they would never be able to love me despite my faults, and that they wanted me out of Nebraska simply so they could live without me in peace. However, Mom, Dad, and Michael have all shown me that "daddies don't just love their children every now and

then. Only with their support have I been able to make better choices and improve in all areas of my life. Just as Strait sings, that a parents love is one without end, so is the love my parents have for me. Without their unconditional love and support, I honestly doubt I would be able to be the honest, intelligent, and mature young woman I am.

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