Spectralink 87-Series PIVOT

Spectralink 87-Series PIVOT

Spectralink PIVOT 87-Series Agenda Spectralink PIVOT 87-Series Solutions 1. Wi-Fi Communications Technology Review 2. Benefits of Wi-Fi Communications 3. Enterprise Mobility Market Overview 4. Spectralinks PIVOT 87-Series Solutions Wi-Fi Smartphones Access the Enterprise Call Control and the PSTN Over a Converged Network Wi-Fi Communications Technology Review Wi-Fi Communications PSTN Wi-Fi smartphones access the call server and the PSTN via wireless access points (APs) Smartphones and APs connect using the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency bands Call Server/ PBX is Voice over Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN or VoWiFi) Can be integrated into an analog, digital, or IP PBX (SIP) Voice and data are converged

on one network Wi-Fi Communication Systems Provide Huge Benefits to Customers Wi-Fi Communications Benefits Gain improved communication for mobile workers Deliver better service Enable greater productivity and results Leverage existing wireless LAN infrastructure Mobility Spending Is on the Rise Global Mobility Spending Forecast ($B) 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 2014-19 2014-19 Enterprise

Enterprise Mobility Mobility CAGR CAGR == 8% 8% 800 600 400 200 0 2014 2015 Total Global Spend Source: IDC 2016 Mobility Spending Guide 2018 Exclude Consumer 2019 Enterprise Mobility Priorities Are Focused on Operations, Customer Service, and Sales 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 p

O io at r e ns C er m to us i rv e S ce s le a S IT in et k ar

M Fi Top Priority n na g ce Medium Priority Source: IDC 2016 Customer Insights and Analysis Survey d an A o cc tin un g Su Low Priority ly

pp C ha in H R Spectralinks PIVOT 87-Series Spectralink pioneered Wi-Fi telephony solutions and has built on that history to create best-in-class wireless solutions Spectralink PIVOT Portfolio Overview System Components and Features Solution Differentiators PIVOT Delivers Top-Quality in Voice, Interoperability, and Enterprise Management Tools Spectralink PIVOT Voice 802.11 compatible Seamless integration HD Voice 802.11a 802.11b

Analog, Digital PBX, SIP VoIP Application integration Enterprise-class deployment and management Security 802.11g HTTPS 802.11n A Spectralink PIVOT 87-Series System Includes Five Basic Components Plus Optional Accessories Spectralink PIVOT System Components 3 Call Control Interface Third-Party Applications 4 Wireless Infrastructure Device Management 5 2

Smartphones 1 Accessories PIVOT Is User Friendly Like a Smartphone and Designed to Work for Work Spectralink PIVOT Smartphones Easy to use Designed for the toughest workplace environments 87-Series (PIVOT) Provide all the feature functionality of a desktop phone, together with the functionality of a mobile phone, pager, two-way radio, voice recognition badge, and barcode scanner* High-quality, secure communication PIVOT is especially suited for the healthcare, retail, and industrial verticals *Barcode scanner available in the 8744 and 8753 models PIVOT Balances the Best Features of a Consumer Smartphone and a Work Phone PIVOT Like a Consumer Smartphone Like an Enterprise Phone

Balances the Best of Both Can make phone calls Can access the Web Android and Web app integration Android OS, touch-screen interface Can make enterprise-quality calls Access controlled by IT Access enterprise resources Durable; dust- and water-resistant PIVOT Smartphones: Features & Benefits for Users Features Benefits Clear viewing: 4.3-inch TFT LCD, backlit, color display, 800 x 480 resolution Simple navigation: Android UI, touch screen with automatic screen orientation, full keyboard, Web-browser, custom enterprise dialer Easy to hold/carry: Ergonomic grip, flexible carrying options IP-64 MIL-STD 810G Dragontrail glass, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, optimized for resistance to chemicals

Set ringtones, vibration options, speed-dial, auto answer, selectable wallpaper Features controlled via admin (camera/scanning, safety apps, Bluetooth, PTT) Voice, messaging, application alerts, camera, barcode scanner* Push-to-Talk (PTT) Dedicated hard buttons for emergency dial, scanning, and PTT Wired and Bluetooth* headsets, Web browser, Web and Android applications; Quick Barcode Connector (8744 & 8753) Google Mobile Services, Google apps Easy to use Durable Customizable Device consolidation; group communication Access to other devices/resources High performance audio and voice over WLAN (Spectralink VQO) Support for Wi-Fi QoS protocols; full duplex speakerphone Reliable quality/ clear communications Reliable mobility, application integration/support Seamless integration with SIP and WLAN systems Improved productivity/ workflow support Spectralink SAFE: Personal Safety Alarms (like man-down), Panic/Duress button Emergency support

Extended battery life, flexible charging, user-replaceable/hot-swappable batteries Support for multiple shifts * LEARN LEARN ++ >> 8744 and 8753 only PIVOT 8744 Alarm button Integrated Push-to-Talk GoogleCertified Android 5.1 OS SIP integration with voice quality optimization Micro USB for charging and configuration 8 Mp camera with flash and barcode scanner (8744 only)

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/ g/n radio Damage-resistant, Dragontrail touchscreen Snap-in 2200 mAh battery pack Bluetooth audio and peripheral support Chemicalresistant, IP-64 rated enclosure 3.5 mm stereo headset jack To learn more about the 8744 camera/barcode scanner, click the camera icon Optimized Camera Scanning Reduction in camera startup time; set fixed focal length for scanning Customize

buttons to initiate scanning Camera flashlight lens optimized to facilitate scanner aiming Integration of industry leading scanning technology/library** * Supplier of scanning library subject to change To learn more about the 8744 camera/barcode scanner, click the scanner icon Optimized Camera Barcode Scanning Reduction in camera startup time, fast focus Seamless scan initiation Fast recognition of barcode information User-selectable Easy to use in either hand buttons to No impact on application screen display initiate scanning Camera

flashlight lens optimized to facilitate aiming No need to use display to view barcode Fast aiming from any angle Integration Optimal image recognition and decoding of industry leading scanning Widest barcode symbology support engine PIVOT Handsets Are Flexible and Customizable Customizable Features Camera/Scanner Options Bluetooth Push-To-Talk (PTT) Spectralink SAFE Administrator-controlled homepage, user interface, settings, applications Refer to the PIVOT product specifications for more information

PIVOT Smartphones: Features & Benefits for IT Features Management Security Integration Centralized OTA configuration via Spectralink Configuration Management System (CMS) Syslog, event logging, hardware diagnostics CMS + Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software provides most control Easy to manage WEP, WPA/WPA2 802.1X with fast AP hand-off HTTPS Enterprise-level security Easy integration SIP, Wi-Fi Standard QoS, IEEE 802.11 Web and Android Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

LDAP directory integration Spectralink professional services Standards-based Future-proof Benefits Support for enterprise lifecycles (> 5 years) Field-upgradeable software features Value/investment protection Spectralink Wireless Infrastructure Requires VIEW-Certified Third Party Access Points Spectralink Wireless Infrastructure Enterprise-grade access points provide comprehensive site-wide coverage Developed by network solution providers Must be certified through Spectralink Voice Designed to ensure interoperability and maximum performance for handsets Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless Open to manufacturers who incorporate technical (VIEW) program requirements and pass certification testing Focused on industry standards and meeting specific QoS, security, and roaming guidelines Includes detailed configuration guidelines Spectralink Spectralink Services Services only

only provides provides support support to to customers customers with with VIEW-certified VIEW-certified infrastructure infrastructure KEY RESOURCE: Refer to Spectralink.com or Partner Access for the complete list of wireless infrastructure interoperability partners Spectralink PIVOT Provides Interoperability With a Broad Spectrum of Telephony Platforms Spectralink PIVOT Communication Integration Broad interoperability with different technology platforms manufactured by leading PBX and call control manufacturers Supports leading SIP call control platforms Connects to legacy analog and digital PBXs Different handset models interoperate with specific telephony platforms KEY RESOURCE: Standards-based (SIP) Call Server Analog or Digital PBX Refer to http://support.spectralink.com/sites/default/files/resource_files/1725-86976-000_J.p df and

http://support.spectralink.com/sites/default/files/resource_files/721-0004-000_A.pdf or to Partner Access for the telephony switch and call server interoperability matrices All PIVOT Smartphones Can Be Integrated Into a Standards-Based (SIP) IP PBX Standards-Based (SIP) IP PBX Configuration SIP IP Telephony Server/Gateway 802.11 APs Spectralink PIVOT 802.11 APs Ethernet LAN Other Wireless Clients Choice of Third-Party Applications Enables Greater Productivity for Mobile Workers Third-Party Applications Broad suite of applications Vertical Market Applications Location Services Barcode Scanning Nurse Call

Patient Inventory Monitoring Control Hotel Services HVAC Web & Androidbased APIs API Alarms Voice Recognition Calendar Directory Services Paging/ Messaging Web Browser Web and Android-Based APIs Allow Applications to Communicate With PIVOT Devices PIVOTs come with: API A standards-based Web API Open API designed for a Web server or Web browser Some middleware providers use this to integrate

with PIVOT Android applications via .apk files Most Android applications work on PIVOTs PIVOTs are Google certified Applications that leverage Google Cloud Messaging work on the handsets APK files can be loaded from the Google Play Store or side loaded An Android-based API Android SDK tools package developers software code, data, and resource files into an Android package, or APK (.apk file) Provides customers with access to a huge collection of Android-based applications Mobile Device Management (MDM)/ Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) Solutions Manage applications/other Android features Provide administrator control Spectralink Device Management Is a Key Component of a PIVOT System Spectralink Device Management Spectralink Quick Network Connect (QNC) Device Spectralink Configuration Management Server (CMS) Provisions PIVOTs onto the customer WLAN and connects them to the CMS

Provides server-based, centralized management and provisioning Enables speedy, out-of-the-box provisioning with a two-step process Enables enterprise-wide, group configuration and bulk provisioning Delivers convenient over-the-air configuration Wireless Wired USB There Are Four Stages of PIVOT Smartphone Deployment Install Management Agent (MDM) Get Device on Wi-Fi network QNC Configure Device Features Update Firmware

Configure Apps Install Apps Final Configuration CMS MDM (EMM) Manual 2 3 4 Four Stages 1 Initial configuration using Quick Network Connect (QNC) Device Configure device features using Configuration Management Server (CMS) Application management using third-party MDM/EMM

Customer Network Get PIVOTS onto the WLAN and communicating with CMS LEARN LEARN ++ >> Server-based management and provisioning Enterprise-wide configuration, bulk provisioning Remote, over-the-air configuration Any manual configuration MDM / EMM Application installation/updates Secure launcher Secure applications (email, browser) Remote control Perform any final configuration on the handset individually A PIVOT System Includes Spectralink QNC

and CMS, and an Optional MDM or EMM Solution System Architecture Internet Provisioning Location MDM/EMM Customer Site/Network QNC CMS Wireless Wired USB Call Server CMS and MDM/EMM Will Ensure Comprehensive Device and Application Management CMS & MDM/EMM Management CMS = Device Management Some configuration overlap with MDM/EMMs MDM/EMMs do not support proprietary Spectralink features/apps (PTT/SAFE/SIP dialer) Firmware updates Device analytics CMS Does Not Replace MDM/EMM MDM/EMM still needed for application management

MDM/EMM = Application Management Application installation/update Secure launcher/kiosk mode Secure applications (emails/browser) Remote control LEARN LEARN ++ >> Spectralink CMS PTT/SIP/SAFE Configuration Software Updates Device Analytics MDM/EMM Device Mgt Support Secure Launcher Example (SOTI MDM) Application Install Secure Launcher Android, iOS Platforms

MDM Partners PIVOT Uses Heartbeat Messages to Notify CMS About its Condition PIVOT & CMS Communication CMS Heartbeat Customer Network Heartbeat messages contain device analytics Device Analytics: Major SW Version (Android) SW Build Version (Spectralink) Battery Status Device MAC Address Device Serial Owner Info.

SIP Extension Device App Load Device Updater ID Device Model Created Last Group Heartbeat Status Battery Level Battery Temp. (C) Battery Serial Battery Cycles Battery Health Network RSSI Network IP OTA Progress (%) OTA Status Actions

PIVOT Accessories Maximize the Solution Capabilities CARRY PIVOT 8742 & PIVOT 8744 Pocket Clip Case PIVOT 8753 Carrying Pouch LEARN LEARN ++ >> Silicon Bumper CHARGE PROTECT Screen Protectors Belt Clip Replaceable Battery Desktop Charger

Triple Charger Quad Charger USB Charger Supported Configurations Bundles Combination of Bundles KBAC8704 2 - KBAC8704 4 Phone Desktop Charger 8 Phone Desktop Charger A la Carte Options 1- KCA87001 3 - CBT87301 1- ABC87401 1 Phone 9 Battery Desktop Charger KPBC8703 3 Phone 3

Battery Desktop Charger 2 - KPBC8703 6 Phone 6 Battery Desktop Charger 2- KCA87001 2 - CBT87301 KBC87003 12 Battery Desktop Charger KBAC8704 & KPBC8703 7 Phone 3 Battery Desktop Charger 1- ABC87401 2 Phone 6 Battery Desktop Charger The above configurations require only a single EUN87401 Multi-Charger Base Power Supply PIVOT Solution Differentiators Voice Quality Optimized for clear, consistent, reliable voice communication over Wi-Fi Built on Open Standards for rich integration across call control, Wi-Fi networks, and applications

Partner Application Ecosystem to support a wide variety of mission-critical apps for mobile workers Enterprise Level Provisioning & Management with Spectralink device management Investment Protection and lower TCO with durability and support programs designed for challenging enterprise environments Thank You Spectralink PIVOT 87-Series Solutions

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