This presentation is brought to you by Grammar Bytes!, 2019 by Robin L. Simmons. Spelling Spelling I before E? Or is it E before I? This presentation covers commonly misspelled words and knowledge of spelling rulesall of which, unfortunately, have exceptions!

Spelling Spelling items items on on an an objective objective test test might might look look like like these these ...... Sample Sample Item Item 1 1 Because we were hungary, hungary hungry , we

,we wecould could couldnot not not AA concentrate on the lecture. We will definitely definitely B consult Wanda since she was fueling fuelingher herbrain brain C with a fruit smoothie. Hungry is is Is hungary, IsHungry hungary, definitely

definitely or definitely, definitely, or misspelled, misspelled, but but fueling fueling choice choice A A misspelled? misspelled? corrects corrects it! it! A. hungry A.hungry B.definately C.feuling

D.No change is necessary. Sample Sample Item Item 2 2 At the flea market, Harold bought fresh tomatoes, a pair of used jeans, and a stuffed deer head with a broken antler. He considered the shopping trip successfull. A.succesful B.successful successful C.sucessful D.No change is necessary. Choice Is B Choice Is successfull successfull B does

does misspelled? the so, misspelled? the jobtwo jobtwoIfIfcs, cs, so, two which ss, but two which ss,choice choice but only only corrects one corrects one l.l.it?

it? At At many many objective objective exams, exams, you you can cannot not use use aa dictionary! dictionary! X When When in in doubt, doubt, rely rely on on gut gut

feelings. feelings. Your eyes have seen in print and your brain has registered all of the possible words that you will encounter for this skill. If you dont recognize the right answer, go with the one that feels right. Hey, I know that word! Plurals, Plurals, Part Part 1 1 Most words become plural by adding s: chickenchickens, bookbooks, kitekites Use es for words ending in s, sh, x, z, or soft ch: beachbeaches, fixfixes, quizquizzes To finish To finish his his algebra

algebra problem, problemsChad , Chadneeded neededtoto glass.es. find his glass Do you like my funky lenses? Plurals, Plurals, Part Part 2 2 Words ending in a vowel + o become plural by adding s: rodeorodeos, duoduos Words ending in a consonant + o become plural by adding es: tomatotomatoes, heroheroes Our ears were glued to the radiosas aswe welistened listenedtoto tornado.es.

news about the tornado Take cover! Plurals, Plurals, Part Part 3 3 Many words that end in f or fe become plural with ves: leafleaves, lifelives, knifeknives Words that end in ff or ffe become plural with just an s: knockoffknockoffs, giraffegiraffes would improve if the giraffs quit quit eating the Our lilife ves

would improve if the giraffes eating leafslea offves ouroff shrubs. the our shrubs. Stop that! Final Final Y Y Words Words If you have consonant + final y, change the y to i when you add any suffix except one beginning with i: easyeasily, fiftyfiftieth, skyskies If you have vowel + final y, keep the y when you

add a suffix: monkeymonkeys, toytoys Chad tryed tried to to save save his his money, money,but butthe theflea fleamarket market had too many good buy. buys. Im a sucker for Buy 3, Get 1 Free! Final Final E E Words Words If a suffix begins with a vowel, you will usually remove the final e: hopehoping,

loveloving, participateparticipating If a suffix begins with a consonant, you will usually keep the final e: lovelovely, amuseamusement, hopehopeful Climbingto tothe thetop topof ofthe themountain mountainwas wastoo too Climbing challengeing, so we gave up and wallowed in challenging, discouragment. . discouragement We were so close! Doubling Doubling Final

Final Consonants Consonants If you have a one-syllable word that ends in vowel + consonant, double the consonant when you add a suffix that begins with a vowel or is a y: sadsaddened, swimswimming, skinskinny If you have a multi-syllable word that ends in vowel + consonant with the accent falling on the last syllable of the root word double the consonant: admitadmitted, beginbeginner, forbidforbidding Read Read this this sample: sample: Chad steped stepped in ainpuddle a puddle and and

sliped slipped off off the sidewalk. He regreted regretted hishis clumsiness clumsiness when he spoted spotted the the mud mud stain stain onon hishis pants. pants. Whoa!

IE/EI IE/EI Words Words Often, i comes before e: belief, chief, review If the i and e follow c, they usually reverse: cei ling, concei ve, recei ve E also precedes i if the sound is a long a: ei ght, nei ghbor, wei gh in in Chad is concieted conceitedabout aboutthe thebulging bulgingviens veins his rippling muscles. He beleives believesthat thatallallofof the females are admiring his great physique. Let me flex my biceps! Quick

Quick Test Directions: In the items that follow, choose the option that corrects an error in the underlined portion(s). If no error exists, choose No change is necessary. Show me what you know! Item Item 1 1 Carlos hopped hoppedthat hoped that thathe he hecaught caught caughtall all

allofof ofthe the the AA misspellings ininhis misspellings hisessay, essay,for forhe hewanted wantedtoto B receive an receive an AA on on this this paper. paper. C A. hoped A.hoped

B.mispellings C.recieve D.No change is necessary. Item Item 2 2 The thieves thievesplanned plannedto tosteal stealMoms Momsexpensive expensive A jewellry but jewellry jewelry butchanged changedtheir theirminds mindswhen whenthey

they but changed their minds when they BB discovered Big Boy, our Rottweiler, guarding guardingthe the C master bedroom. A.theives B.jewelry jewelry C.guardding D.No change is necessary. Item Item 3 3 When we told Sheila that her boyfriend Ronnie

accompanied Kristine accompanied Kristinetotoaafancy fancyrestaurant restaurant last last A B night, Sheila told us to mind our own bussiness. bussiness business .. CC A.accompanyed B.resterant C.business business D.No change is necessary. Item Item 4 4

I dont mind sharing a dessert with Matthew, but I must insist on a sepparate sepparatefork. fork. A. separate A.separate B.seperate C.saperate D.No change is necessary. Item Item 5 5 Professor Williams recommends recommendsstuding studing studying two two two A B

hours every night; we students wish we had the time but must work to pay for the expensive expensive C textbooks that he requires. A. reccomends B. studying studying C. espensive D. No change is necessary. Item Item 6 6 All day long, our new puppy Jack sleeps on the rug, but at night, he is possesed possesedby byenergy energyand and bounces off the furniture. A.posessed B.possested

C.possessed possessed D.No change is necessary. Item Item 7 7 Ramn wishs wishsthat wishes that that the the the lovely lovely lovely Belinda Belinda Belinda would would

would blow blow blow A kisses his kisses hisway, way,but buthe heisisalways alwaysdisappointed. disappointed. B C A. wishes A.wishes B.kissess C.dissappointed D.No change is necessary. Item

Item 8 8 To please his wife, Robert swept off the roof, even though he found this chore pointless and unnecessary. . unnecessary A.unecessary B.unnecessery C.unneccessary D.No change changeisisnecessary. necessary. Item Item 9 9 Patrick tried to make Babushkas potatoe potatoe potato AA pancakes, but we found them inedible; inedible;everyone everyone

B wished he had made simple French fries fries instead. instead. C A. potato A.potato B.ineddible C.frys D.No change is necessary. Item Item 10 10 Look at Jonathans face turning redthat boy embarasses easily! embarasses easily! A.embarrases B.emmbarasses C.embarrasses embarrasses

D.No change is necessary. The End.

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