spelling - LT Scotland

spelling - LT Scotland

spellin g S.W.S.T. structured spelling lists -tch wh wa k/b/h/t c ea /e/ -cear g ai oi/oy P*ffs/ ves P* ies drop e/ly -ily

db*/-er db*/est -ier -iest drop e/ing db*/ing -ies -ied -d db*/ -ed D.Bryant 2014 S.W.S.T. Level 5 Teacher notes w/g/l

qu au ea /ee/ P*-os/ P* oes ys Teacher notes - Suggested approach to whole class teaching of spelling [from SWST, intended to find gaps]. STRUCTURE Following a SWST spelling assessment, the class is put into three best-fit groups, [low, medium, & high]. [E.g. a Y4 class may have 2 pupils on Level 1, 2 - Level 2, 4 - Level 3, 10 - Level 4, 8 - Level 5 and 2 on Level 6. So the groups might be low Level2/3, medium Level 4, high Level 5/6. The Level 1 could make a 4th group working with a TA.] WHOLE CLASS APPROACH - each group is given a new spelling target each week - each group is given a list of spellings from their appropriate level [SWST spelling lists]. SESSION 1 [15mins] 1. Each list of words is looked at and discussed as a whole class [e.g. from SWST power-point]. During this time, any rules are made explicit through using verbal questions and answers. Useful questions could be [example words: hope, close, home, chose, broke, slope] 1. What do you notice about these words? 2. What does the letter O make? 3. What sounds can the letter O make? 4. Why do the letters O make the long vowel sound? 5. Can you make any rule to explain the spellings of these words? Teach any rule explicitly. SESSION 1 contd [or SESSION 2 [15mins]] Children then focus on the above spelling lists at tables [e.g. prepared printed lists in spelling group folders]. During this session, they use the look, say cover, write, check method for writing words in a Childs Spelling Book practice]. They should repeat the cover, write, check if not correct.[These can go home to help learning].

SESSION 2 contd [or SESSION 3 [15mins]] After spelling the words correctly, children move on to using the words in sentences or in activities such as using a dictionary or thesaurus. At the end of the week pupils should be tested on their weekly spellings and rewarded if correct. At the end of each week, each group should be tested on their weekly spellings. These could be done on paper to form a loose-leaf folder or a Spelling Log and marked. Errors can be re-given. Half-termly/termly tests may be appropriate to see if correct spellings has been retained after a period of time. See SWST manual for guide-lines on when and which SWST test to use [page 1]. I can spell -tch words. catch hatch latch match patch thatch watch sketch fetch stretch itch bitch pitch stitch

switch witch kitchen clutch hutch I can spell wh words. whale what wheat when where whether which while whine whisker whisper whistle white who whole whose why

anywhere everywhe re somewher e I can spell wa words. wad wallet wand wander want was wash wasp watch swab swallow swamp swan I can spell words with a

silent k/ b/h/t knee kneel knew knicker s knight knit knives knob knock knot know knuckl e bomb dumb lamb numb thumb debt doubt rhubarb rhyme castle whistle

I can spell words with a silent w/ g/l. wrap wrapper wreck wrestle wriggle wrinkle wrist write wrong answer sword whole gnarled gnash gnat gnaw gnomes sign calf half

calm salmon folk yolk I can spell qu words. quality quantity quarter queen queer quench query question quick quiet quirk quit quiver quiz quote squabble square squash

squeak squeal squeeze I can spell soft c words. cinema circle circuit circular circus citizen city cease cell cellar cement cent centiped e centre centurion century certain cycle

cyclist cyclone cygnet cymbals I can spell soft -cwords. face palace place race space surface trace dice ice nice price rice slice spice twice chance dance pencil

decide recite I can spell soft g words. giant ginger digest emergenc y giraffe energy general engineer genius imagine gentle intelligent geometry legend gesture magic gymnasiu register m gypsy stranger

damage tragic danger angel I can spell oi/oy words. choice voice rejoice android avoid spoil spoilt toilet ointment joint point appointme nt disappoint anoint noise poison annoy

convoy destroy employ enjoy voyage I can spell au words. sauce saucer fault haul Autumn trauma haunt launch laundry taunt applause August because cause clause pause author

I can spell ea /ee/ words. eager appear disappear decrease disease increase reason season treason breathe creature feature defeat I can spell ea /e/ words. bread dead

head instead read ready spread thread meadow deaf health wealth weapon measure pleasure treasure breath death feather leather weather threaten heaven heavy I can spell ear words.

early earn earth earthquak e earthwor m heard learn pearl rehearse research search unheard yearn I can spell ai words. affair afraid against bargain Britain certain complain curtain

despair entertain fountain maintain mountain obtain praise raise refrain remain repair straight traipse bluffs I can cliffs spell cuffs plurals: puffs sniffs -ffs stuffs -ves calves words. elves halves knives

leaves lives loaves ourselves scarves** selves sheaves shelves thieves wharves** wives wolves I can spell cuckoos igloos plurals: - kangaro os os tattoos -oes zoos words. banjos # = either os or -oes duos

pianos piccolos solos studios trios buffaloes cargoes# dominoes# echoes Eskimoes# flamingoes # heroes mangoes# negroes potatoes tomatoes torpedoes# volcanoes abbeys I can birthday s spell boys plurals: chimney s

-ys cowboys words. days donkeys jerseys jockeys journeys keys moneys monkeys plays quays toys trays trolleys turkeys valleys armies I can babies spell berries buggies plurals:centuries -ies cities countries

words. diaries gypsies hobbies injuries jellies ladies libraries lollies lorries dictionari memories es enemies parties factories pastries fairies photocopie s families ponies I can spell drop e -ly words. comfortabl y cuddly

gently grumbly horribly miserably possibly probably simply sparkly suitably terribly visibly I can spell -ily words. angrily clumsily easily happily heavily hungrily lazily luckily merrily noisily prettily readily

speedily I can spell -er words with [db] double letters. fatter planner shredde r winner spinner skipper swimme r beginne r thinner fitter robber shopper hopper runner drumm er

rubber cutter bigger hotter I can spell -est words with [db] double letters. biggest thinnest fattest fittest hottest I can spell -ier words with [db] double letters. angrier busier chillier clumsier

cosier crazier dirtier dustier funnier happier healthie r heavier hungrier lazier lonelier lovelier luckier merrier nastier noisier prettier rustier sillier tidier I can spell -iest words with [db] double letters.

angriest laziest busiest lonelies t chilliest lovelies t clumsie luckiest st cosiest merries t craziest nastiest dirtiest noisiest dustiest pretties t funniest rustiest happies silliest I can spell -ing words by dropping the e. bouncing measurin g calculatin pausing

g celebratin preservin g g competin puncturin g g composin traipsing g damaging whistling dancing wrestling deciding wriggling decreasin writing g I can spell beginning chatting -ing clapping words cutting digging with dragging double letters. dropping

knitting letting planning running shopping shruggin g skipping flapping slimming getting slipping grabbing spinning hopping stepping hugging stopping humming swimmin g I can spell -ies words. applies bullies cries denies

fries lies relies replies qualifies satisfies spies supplies tries carries hurries marries scurries tidies varies worries I can spell -ied words. applied bullied cried denied fried lied

relied replied qualified satisfied spied supplied tried carried hurried married scurried tidied varied worried I can spell -d words. exploited obtained increased measure d remained practised repaired

refused bounced treasured cemented whistled complaine wriggled d damaged wrinkled danced decided decreased entertaine d I can spellchatted chopped -ed clapped words dragged with dripped double dropped letters. fitted grabbed hopped hugged patted

permitted pinned planned popped rubbed skipped slapped slipped stepped stopped trapped tripped wrapped

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