Spring 2013 Writing SOL Training - Staunton City Schools

Spring 2013 Writing SOL Training - Staunton City Schools

Spring 2016 Writing SOL Training P R E S E N T E D B Y: STEPHANIE E. HASKINS FEB R UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 6 Training Agenda -2- Timeline

Whats New? Testing and Curriculum Resources Student Registration & Test Assignments Role of Examiners

Reminders for Testing Coordinators Questions Whats New for Writing? Appendix C Testing Accommodations (SPED) Added . . . Pages 7595 Specific verbal prompts (code 20)

Dry erase board as scratch paper (code 2) *NOTE: Paper answer documents do NOT contain this code; must be coded in Pearson. Additional markers, highlighters, colored pens/pencils Directions . . . Student may be provided a copy of written directions Updated Guidelines . . . Augmentative Communication Device (code 22) Dictation to a Scribe (code 25) Selection of Accommodations for LEP students

Appendix D Table of Accommodations Code and No Code Pages 110111 Whats New for Writing? Trouble-Shooting - Pages 32-36 Audio is not working. Audio is working (but student shouldnt have audio). Shading is not visible on the test question.

Review screen indicates unanswered but student answered. Choice Eliminator tool on TEI question is not working. Overwriting/ Deleting Text unexpectedly Cannot type any more in response area (has NOT exceeded 52 lines) Difficulty entering a symbol or character in TEI box Submitted test prematurely Attempting to submit & gets an error message Attempting to test & error message appears Whats New for Writing?

NO Participation Counts Required Additional Orders Required for Examiners Manual, formula sheets, paper/pencil tests, etc. NO Pre-ID labels produced for paper/pencil Small-group Recording AUDIO Recording

Required VIDEO Recording Required Read-aloud Dry erase board (2) Interpreting/ accommodations (14 or 20) Specific verbal prompts (20) Dictation to a scribe

(25) Read back student response 930) translating (12, 16) Communication Board, Choice cards (13) Augmentative Communication Device (22) Examiners & Groups Determine how students will be grouped for testing and which staff members will serve as

Examiners. If resources permit, it is recommended that teachers do not serve as Examiners or Proctors to their own students. Testing Timeline Date Event February 26 Data Upload File Due to DDOT March 4

Non-secure/ Secure Material Delivery prior to this date March 15 March 16 March 17-18 SOL Testing: Writing Multiple-Choice Writing Prompt Make-ups March 31

Last day to return materials April 14-18 Writing term grad testing (Attempt 2) Testing Upload Group Name: Consider how you want score reports to be organized. Group code: Will NOT appear on printed reports; allows for data sorts; Max 10 characters Test code: Check against file requirements. Disability: Based on time of testing applies to all tests. Ethnicity/ Race: Hispanic; 32 categories ELL information: Test tier, composite, literacy, SOA-LEP, AYP-D SOA Transfer: Enrolled after 20th day on Sept 16th or after; on Feb 22nd or after AYP: If a student began school ANY day AFTER the first day AND was NOT in our division last

year, can be coded as AYP. May disregard reference to September 30. A: within division B: outside division/ within Virginia C: outside Virginia Term grad: Scheduled to graduate by August 31, 2016; Assigns equated forms first Project Graduation: Assigns term grad form RP-Code: Genesis Retest: High school only if retaking test Recovery: Reading or Math only May only be coded Recovery 1 time per test on FIRST test, following remediation D-Code: High school only if pursuing modified standard diploma (needs literacy/ numeracy requirements) last year available Online Test: Students NOT marked as online should have documented need

Additions in RED and Deletions in RED Testing Upload Form Matrices For a Term Graduate student (a student attempting to graduate by August 31, 2016) or a Project Graduation student, select the Term Graduate Context when creating the online test session and select the appropriate form. All other students test attempts should be setup within the Regular Context. Select the Regular Context when creating the online test session and then select the appropriate Form Group Type.

Writing Reminders ALL Writing is combined to 2015-2016 in Pearson (versus Fall, Spring, Summer). All short papers will be scored once by a human scorer and once by a computer. If disagreement exists, short paper will be scored again by human reader. Term grads are NO longer automatically scored a second time; review during rescore process. Examiner manual and Test Implementation Manual directions updated to include discussion of cell phones & cheating. VDOE Examiner training

Pre-Testing Discussion Discuss consequences of accessing cell phones, electronic devices, or other unauthorized materials during testing. Discuss consequences of cheating on the test. In addition to any school consequences . . . Remember, you must do your own work and not discuss the test at any time with anyone, including your classmates and teachers. Students who cheat on the test will receive a score of zero and will not be permitted another opportunity to take the test until next test administration.

Closings or Delays 2-hour delay: Multiple-choice testing will continue on modified schedule. Short-paper testing will be rescheduled. Closing: Testing will re-scheduled, and a new schedule will be communicated. Resources School Test Coordinator Handbook Student Data Upload File Requirements Test Implementation Manual Supplement to Test Implementation Manual Examiners Manual Pearson Access Users Guide for the

Virginia Assessment Program Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments Guidelines for Administering the ReadAloud Accommodation Curriculum Resources www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/english/ 2010/online_writing/index.shtml SOL Writing Test Blueprint and Rubric

SOL Writing Test Prompts Writing Practice Tools and Guides Writing MC/ TEI Practice Items and Guides Checklists for Writers http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/e nglish/index.shtml Standards and Framework Released Tests www.staunton.k12.va.us (Assessment & Testing Services) SOL Writing Rubric http://www.perspectiveforeducators.com/va

Writing Scoring (Password is: Virginia) Other WRITING Testing Reminders: Review the test blueprint to make sure all writing standards are reviewed. Review multiple-choice format using released practice items, including technology-enhanced items. Writing prompts are all released.

Students will write to one of the released prompts. Use rubric to evaluate Writing prompts 2/3 of score is composing/written expression & 1/3 is usage/mechanics. Use editing checklist to self-evaluate writing. Use Perspective website for anchor papers, practice papers, and verification sets. In addition to classroom use, this site could also be shared with

parents for at home use. Other WRITING Online PRACTICE Tips: Use writing prompt practice tool (and guide) to respond to prompts and become familiar with tool. Refer to Prompt Writing Practice reminders.

Paper vs. Online Students who meet one or more of following criteria may be assigned a paper/pencil test: Placement: Special situation school, homebound, Governors school Accommodation requires paper/pencil: large-print, Braille, flexible schedule (multiple testing sessions requiring more than one day) Documented medical condition: Exposure to computer will aggravate condition (i.e. seizure disorder, etc.) Materials Paper/Pencil Multiple-choice

Pencil Scratch paper Short paper Pencil Scratch paper Dictionary (Highlighter or pen of 1 color, as needed) Online Multiple-choice Pencil Scratch paper Short paper

Pencil Scratch paper (Highlighter or pen of 1 color, as needed) Online Writing Tests: How Creating test sessions for online SOL Writing tests: One difference in test session management when administering online writing:

Unlike a non-writing test administration One online SOL Writing test assignment will allow a DDOT or STC to add that student to two sessions A session for the short paper component A session for the multiple-choice/TEI component Student must complete both components to have a

complete, scorable writing test A student MUST complete both components in the same Test Alerts and Reporting Must have both components completed in the same mode to be reported as a complete test New alerts will be used such as: Unmatched Test Component Either the online short paper or online MC/TEI component is not complete

Online Writing Tests: How In a writing test administration, the two components (MC/TEI and short paper component) will show individually on the Student Test Details screen for an online SOL Writing test. Online Writing Tests: How Special test accommodations will be recorded on the Student Test Details screen for each component of the writing test. If the same accommodation is used on both components, it is coded only once.

Sample Screen This appears after the student successfully logs in. Sample Screen This appears after the student successfully logs in. The tools on the TestNav Toolbar on the sample screen ARE active.

The Student Response Area and the Response Tools are NOT active on the sample screen. The sample screen is a picture of the Student Response Area that the Examiner refers to in the test directions read to students for the Short Paper component. Students are not able to type in the sample screen. Exhibit Window from the

Sample Screen Includes 4 different tabs The text SAMPLE PROMPT appears on the first tab of the Exhibit Window when the student is on the Sample screen. Exhibit Window from the Sample Screen Window can be resized

Exhibit Window from the Sample Screen The Checklist for Writers is on the 2nd Tab Exhibit Window from the Sample Screen The Shortcut Keys are shown on the 3rd Tab Exhibit Window from the

Sample Screen Copyright Statement is shown on the 4th Tab (This does not appear after the Sample screen.) Student Response Screen: Appears after the Sample Screen Exhibit Window from the Student Response Screen Three tabs (Prompt, Checklist for Writers, Shortcut Keys)

The SOL Writing Prompt will appear on the first tab of the Exhibit Window when the student opens it while on the Short Paper screen. The tabs with the Checklist for Writers and Shortcut Keys are also active. Test Security Agreement READ all Test Security Agreement prior to signing and administering any SOL assessment. Role of Examiners/ Proctors

During test administration, Examiners/Proctors must monitor the testing process by moving as unobtrusively as possible about the room. They should ensure that students are working independently and do not have access to unauthorized materials. Answering Student Questions Examiners/ Proctors MAY answer questions regarding technical issues of the assessment. They may NOT answer questions that would provide any hint or clue with regard to the assessment.

Examples of Technical Questions Scrolling: To view all of the reading passage, use the scroll bar to the right of the passage to move the page up and down. Navigating the test: To move to the next question click Next; To go back to the previous question click Previous; To go back to a question from the review screen click on the questions number; To submit your test click the Submit the test button; Go back to the test item to make sure the Pointer was used to indicate the answer. NOTE: Examiners/ Proctors may NOT use the students mouse or keyboard to navigate any portion of the test for the student.

Guidance for Submitting a Test 38 GRADES 6-8 & EOC: If examiner sees that student has unfinished items, examiner may only tell student to Read the screen carefully. STC Reminders . . .

Proctor Authorization Tickets and Student Authorization Tickets These tickets should be printed no more than 4 days prior to the test window start date and must be stored in a secure location until needed. Start the test session the day of the scheduled session. Use the Examiners/ Proctors Test Booklet/ Test Ticket Transmittal Form/ Affidavit to distribute and collect test tickets and materials to examiners. Provide Examiners extra copies of the formula sheets and the Periodic Table of the Elements, where applicable. Ensure that all examiners/ proctors have allowable test manipulatives. (Refer to instructions in TIM and Examiner Manual for clearing calculator memory.) More reminders . . .

View the status of each test session through Session Details screen (Ready, Active, Exited, Resumed, ResumedUpload, Submitted, Processing, Completed, Marked Complete). Add, move, and remove students from test sessions, as needed. Students who are absent on the day of testing must be removed/moved from the session before it can be stopped. Stop all online test sessions at the end of the day. All students must show a Completed status on the Session Details screen. Any students with a Not Started, Exited, or Resume status must be removed/ moved to a make-up or irregularity session before stopping the test session. More reminders . . .

Moving a student: If students are moved to an alternate testing site to complete their tests, their Student Authorization tickets must be collected by the Examiner or Proctor prior to the move and redistributed only after the students are settled in the new location. While in transit, students must not be allowed to discuss the test with anyone or have access to educational materials. Their online test must be Exited prior to being moved to the new location. Before the student can log in (using the same information on the test ticket) to complete their test, the students test must be Resumed in Test Session Management.

Marking Tests Complete Mark test complete guidelines: Every student identified for testing must be accounted for via an online test or a paper document, including students who were not tested because they: Were exempt due to LEP Were absent during the entire testing window Refused or were disruptive Parent refusal Cheated Were involved in a medical emergency Failed the course but passed the test and are retaking the course Took a substitute test for verified credit Move these students to a new session and the DDOT will mark

these tests complete at the conclusion of testing. Other reminders . . . Testing Accommodations: Add Test-Specific data in PearsonAccess to indicate what accommodations were provided to the student under the Test Details screen of PearsonAccess. (Temporary Accommodations may be handled through the upload or under Student Registration.) Student Alerts: Clear all student alerts for the school, when possible. Ask if there are questions related to alerts. Be sure that the RETEST flag is selected on the Test Assignment screen for every student who is

retaking the test for verified credit. High School Only: Substitute Tests: If a student is enrolled for the first time in a course that requires an EOC test and has taken or will take an approved substitute test in place of the EOC tests, include in upload and select Testing Status code 10. If a student has failed an EOC test and takes an approved substitute test as a retest in an attempt to earn a verified credit, complete Testing Status code 10 AND set Retest flag to Y.


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