STAR Dundee SEFUW March 2016

STAR Dundee SEFUW March 2016

SpaceWire and SpaceFibre on the Microsemi RTG4 Chris McClements, Steve Parkes, Albert Ferrer Florit, Alberto Gonzalez Villafranca, Bruce Yu STAR-Dundee Ltd. Contents 2 Overview SpaceWire and SpaceFibre SpaceFibre Integrated QoS SpaceFibre IP cores SpaceWire/SpaceFibre on RTAX and RTG4 Reference and demonstration designs

STAR-Dundee Supporting users of SpaceWire and SpaceFibre SpaceWire test and development equipment SpaceWire Interface devices (USB, PCI, cPCI and PXI) SpaceWire Analyser, Physical Layer Tester and Conformance Tester STAR-System software API SpaceWire IP Cores SpaceWire Interface, Router, RMAP Target/Initiator SpaceWire Interface for RTG4 SpaceFibre test and development equipment STAR Fire 2 port SpaceFibre interface and link analyser SpaceFibre IF/Router 4/8 port SpaceFibre Interface and Router SpaceFibre IP Cores SpaceFibre Interface IP core SpaceFibre Interface IP core for RTG4 3 SpaceWir e EGSE

Product Roadmap SpaceWire USB Brick SpaceWire RouterUSB SpaceWire Link Analyser SpaceWire PCI SpaceWire Lab Cables SpaceWire cPCI SpaceWire Router Mk2 SpaceWire

Link Analyser Mk2 SpaceWire RMAP Target SpaceWire Router 4 2002 2003 Revision 12C Published 2004 2005 2006 SpaceWire

RTC SpaceWire RMAP Initiator SpaceFibre Draft E Published SpaceWire Interface SpaceWire Standard Published STAR System SpaceWire PCIe SpaceWire

Conformance Tester STAR Fire 2007 2008 2009 SpaceFibre Interface SpaceWire Brick Mk3 2011 SpaceWire GBE SpaceWir e SpaceWire PXI

Physical Layer Tester SpaceFibre CODEC SpaceFibre Draft F Published 2012 2013 SpaceFibre Router SpaceFibre Published by ECSS SpaceWire 12C Revision 1 RMAP

Standard Published 2010 SpaceFibre Router 2014 2015 2016 SpaceWire SpaceWire is A spacecraft serial data link and network Operates between 2 and 200 Mbps SpaceWire standard published in 2003 Used widely in many missions STAR-Dundee SpaceWire IP Cores Running in AX, RTAX, ProASIC and RTG4

Also running in many Xilinx devices including the Virtex 4-6, and Kintex 7 5 SpaceFibre SpaceFibre is Bi directional serial link A spacecraft on-board data link and network SpaceFibre runs over Electrical and fibre optic cables SpaceFibre initially targeted at Very high data rate instruments Synthetic Aperture Radar Multi-spectral imaging instruments SpaceFibre meets the needs of Most spacecraft on-board network applications Because of its built-in capabilities Quality of Service (QoS) Fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) Compatibility with SpaceWire

6 SpaceFibre Benefits 7 Very high data rates 10x increase Reduction of harness mass Straightforward error recovery Deterministic data delivery Long distance Galvanic isolation Increase in reliability Simplification of redundancy SpaceFibre Key Features

High performance 2.5 Gbits/s current flight qualified technology 3.125 Gbits/s soon (6.25 Gbits/s coming) Multi laning of up to 16 lanes (40 Gbits/s) Innovative integrated QoS Priority Bandwidth reservation Scheduling Novel integrated FDIR support Transparent recovery from transient errors Error containment in virtual channels and frames Babbling Idiot protection Low latency Broadcast codes Compatible with SpaceWire at packet level 8 SpaceFibre Target Applications SpaceFibre now targeted at Most spacecraft onboard network applications

SAR and multi-spectral, high resolution optical Any system where SpaceWire is used Interfacing to existing SpaceWire equipment AOCs/GNC and other control systems Launchers Single integrated network Carrying Instrument data Configuration and control information Deterministic traffic High resolution time information Event signals Improves reliability, mass, cost 9 SpaceFibre integrated QoS

SpaceWire Interface Packet Interface Time-Codes SpaceWire Interface Serial 10 Management SpaceFibre integrated QoS SpaceFibre Interface Virtual Channels Broadcast SpaceFibre Interface SerDes 11

Multi-lane Management SpaceFibre Quality of Service Integrated QoS scheme Priority VC with highest priority Bandwidth reserved VC with allocated bandwidth and recent low utilisation Scheduled Synchronised time-slots E.g. by broadcast messages VCs allocated to specific time-slots In allocated time-slot, VC allowed to send Integrated because All three QoS work together QoS is implemented in the hardware of the SpaceFibre interface 12

SpaceFibre IP Cores 13 SpaceFibre VHDL IP Core SpaceFibre VHDL IP Core Compliant to very latest version of standard specification Extensively tested and validated Incorporates all capabilities Full QoS Fault detection, isolation and recovery Low latency broadcast messages Available from STAR-Dundee Implemented in a range of FPGAs Microsemi: AX, RTG4 Xilinx: V4, V5, Spartan 6, Virtex 6, ... Full and lite versions 14

Full has configurable number of VCs Lite is designed for a simple instrument interface with 2 VCs High rate data VC Low rate, high priority command and control VC Radiation Tolerant SpaceFibre ASIC 15 SpaceWire/SpaceFibre on RTAX and RTG4 16 SpaceFibre Lite Evaluation Board Commercial equivalent of flight proven parts Microsemi RTAX1000 TLK2711-SP SerDes

17 Pre-programmed with STAR-Dundee SpFi IP core FMC interface for connection to development boards 2.5 Gbits/s with 32-bit interface at 62.5 MHz 20% to 25% of AX1000 SpaceWire/SpaceFibre on RTG4 18 FMC board to provide SpaceWire and SpaceFibre RTG4 SerDes running at 2.5 Gbits/s SpaceFibre interface 4% to 6% of RTG4 (2 to 8 VCs) SpaceWire interface <1%, RMAP Target 2% of RTG4 SpaceWire RTG4 Demonstration Design RTG4 Loopback Packet

Generator SpW SpaceWire x4 Packet Checker Packet Interface SpW Packet Interface SpW Packet Interface SpW Running on the RTG4 development kit with FMC

Tested at 200 Mbit/s data rate Single link - 395 FF, 480 4LUT, 2 RAMB64x18 19 SpaceWire RTG4 Demonstration 20 SpaceFibre RTG4 Demonstration Design RTG4 SpFi 7 6 5 4 SpaceFibre 7 6 5 SpaceFibre 4 Interface

SpFi 3 Interface 2 1 0 SpW SpW SpW SpW SpaceWire Running on the RTG4 development kit with FMC Tested at 200 Mbit/s data rate on all links 4 VC - 3967 FF (2.61%), 7219 4LUT (4.75%), 18 RAMB64x18 (8.61%) 21 RTG4 Demo system

SpaceFibre SpaceFibre Packet Packet Checker Checker SpaceFibre SpaceWire Router SpaceFibre SpaceFibre Packet Packet Generator Generator RTG4 SpaceFibre

STAR Fire Command Window VC 4-7 VC 0/1 SpW SpW SpW SpW USB 3.0 Brick Mk3 22

SpW SpW Demo system SpaceFibre Packet Packet Checker Checker SpaceFibre SpaceWire Router SpaceFibre Packet Packet Generator Generator

RTG4 SpaceFibre STAR Fire VC 4-7 VC 0/1 SpW SpW SpW SpW Command Window USB 3.0 Brick Mk3 23 SpW SpW

SpaceFibre RTG4 Demonstration 24 Conclusions SpaceFibre designed specifically for spaceflight applications Integrated QoS Integrated FDIR capabilities Galvanic isolation Compatible with SpaceWire packet level Efficient design giving very small footprint Benefits

Very high performance Reduced harness mass Interoperability with existing SpaceWire devices Simplification of redundancy Deterministic data delivery for control applications Single integrated network Running on RTAX and RTG4 now 25 Thank You For more information please visit 26

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