Status of The HIE-ISOLDE Design Study

Status of The HIE-ISOLDE Design Study

Status of The HIE-ISOLDE Design Study Richard Catherall EN-STI ISCC Meeting 30th October 2012 CERN Outline Intensity Upgrade Target Studies.WP5.1 Materials Thermo-mechanical properties Target & Frontend Upgrades.WP5.2 Target Area Upgrades Ventilation..WP 6.2 Fluka simulations...WP 5.1 Beam Quality Off line separator/HRS magnetWP 7.1 RFQ Cooler.WP7.2 ControlsWP 6.8

Vacuum.WP6.2 REXEBIS upgrade.WP 7.4 CATHI Mid-Term Review Held on the 26th September 2012 All CATHI Fellows (and supervisors) gave excellent presentations on both the CATHI Project and their work for HIE-ISOLDE. Highly commended by the EC representative one of the better, if not the best, organized ITN programs at present.. Strongly encouraged to submit another ITN proposal ity s n Inte rade g Up

Target Materials WP6 Carry out simulations of proton beam interactions with existing and potential target materials using FEM structural codes Establish experimental programme to validate the simulations and verify the production rates and diffusion constants for different material prototypes. Post analysis of samples Silicon Carbide and Alumina prepared with ice-templating method in

collaboration with St. Gobain Irradiation of SiC samples already done More samples to be irradiated using the HIRADMAT facility Michal Czapski Molte n metals Carbides SiC Targets Solid metals Oxides Alumin a

ity s n Inte rade g Up Thermo-mechanical properties WP5 Obtain a uniform temperature distribution in the container. Maximize the isotopes production rate on the cold edges; Avoid re-condensation of isotopes on the edges. [C ]

Development of a script in the code Mathematica to foresee analytically the temperature of the Containers in the hypothesis of Grey Body. Measurements and calibration of different containers to obtain base line and to validate code Investigate the use of heat pipes as a solution to removing water from the target unit Safety issue Serena Cimmino ity s n Inte rade

g Up Target & FE Upgrades WP6 Beam extraction optics Conceptual and functional upgrade of the Front End design Off-line mass separator layout Tests of breakdown in radiation Redesign of ion extraction system Jacobo Montano Carrizales ity s n

Inte rade g Up Redesign of Extraction System Fixed electrodes, larger apertures, simpler and more compact frame Jacobo Montano Carrizales ity s n Inte rade g Up HT Breakdown tests in ionizing environment

Important parameter for the FE upgrade Little information available ISOLDE is an ideal place to study this phenomenon Before LS1 Next October 8th a new target unit will have a small setup for testing the HT breakdown during p-beam impact Cancelled due to GPS frontend failure But BE-ABT to do tests before end of year Jacobo Montano Carrizales ea r A et es g r Ta grad

Up 1st Robot procured and under going tests Integration under way Installation autumn 2013 Modification of ventilation system Robots ea r A et es g r Ta grad Up

Hot Cell Invitation to tender gone out Installation planned for January 2014 Target handling, storage and access to be considered Connected to ventilation system ea r A et es g r Ta grad Up

MEDICIS MEDICIS principle KT Fund Freely available 11 ea r A et es g r Ta grad Up MEDICIS Project has now been approved by the DG

Initial finance for construction work has also been approved. Project Leader: T. Stora Irradiation transport system to be implemented during the LS1 12 ea r A et es g r Ta grad Up PAD-MAD Access Installation planned for the end of 2013 Version with new target storage being investigated Robot barrier will be integrated MAD can be removed for Front End passage

PAD MMAD CLEFS CHECK POINT RP EDMS no.1145495 ea r A et es g r Ta grad Up Building 179 extension New storage

Eliminate the need to transport irradiated targets on the CERN site Easier handling for access to new hot cell Compatible with new CERN access system (PAD/MAD) Compatible with new robots Buffer zone/dispatch Medicis laboratory New off-line separator connected to RABIT system Preparation laboratory All these upgrades overlap with Design Study ity s n Inte rade g Up

Ventilation WP6.2 Delays due to the decision on other upgrades Now fixed But Experience gained in the modification of the vacuum system for the robots Coupling of hot cell to ventilation system Now Functional specs of air tight lock to separate target area from Class A labs Can now start on ventilation separation specs ity s n Inte rade

g Up Ventilation Courtesy of V. Barozier ity s n Inte rade g Up Fluka Simulations WP 5.1 Training of Leonel Hernandez Simulations for the neighboring compressor room prior to construction Fluka simulations to validate dose rates associated with the proposed modifications of building 179 Now ready to simulate possible scenarios depending on beam parameters and shielding

Leonel Morejon Hernandez ity s n Inte rade g Up Fluka Simulations ISOLDE beam dumps Brought to our attention following the upgrade of the Booster beam dumps for the 2GeV upgrade WP not identified in design study But will be included Initial Fluka simulations done Thermal calculations on-going within EN-STI Leonel Morejon Hernandez

m Bea lity a Qu Beam quality Upgrade Courtesy of T. Giles m Bea lity a Qu Off-line 2 Mass Separator Layout A test bench for validation FE

FE + RFQ FE + RFQ + 90 magnet FE + WF + RFQ + 90 magnet m Bea lity a Qu Off-line Separator WP7.1 Proposal of a mechanical layout for the off-line test Beam optics simulations performed Courtesy of T. Giles Off-line Separator Specifications: layout proposed, beamline items are being gathered, finite element design software simulations to be carried out; Assembly and commissioning of off-line separator: magnet test certifications to be performed within the coming weeks ; Beam optics simulation codes : numerical simulations

completed for off-separator, ongoing activity for HRS magnet Definition of magnet controls requirements in progress (with M. Colciago, STI-ECE section) Contact with IVM group for vacuum requirements Matthieu Augustin m Bea lity a Qu RFQ Cooler WP7.2 Approach Alignment Adjustable alignment of the electrodes Pressure gradient Reduce pressure at injection and extraction electrodes by adding more holes to the plates

CST Particle Studio used: To simulate particle trajectories To provide acceptances on parts of the machine To diagnose electrical charge build up Shapes, voltages and distances can be simulated Carla Babcock m Bea lity a Qu

RFQ Cooler & Pre-mass separator WP7.2 RFQ Cooler will be part of the test stand Drawings done and procurement started RFQ Cooler design report done Options for the pre-mass separator under investigation Wein filter, bending magnet etc Carla Babcock Magnet Controls WP6.8 m Bea lity a Qu New control under development using LabVIEW Real Time Control loop

- error Switch PID Power supply MAGNET

NMR Hysteresis Use an industrial control: Proportional-integral-derivative control (PID) with anti-windup scheme Develop a Hysteresis model to support the NMR during blind time Matlab-Simulink is used as simulation software Martino Colciago m Bea lity a Qu Magnet Controls WP6.8 PID control ()

( )+ ( ) + = ; = ; = . ( )= ( ) = These gains have to be tuned on the magnet to optimize the behaviour of the control system B Hysteresis model H = | |[ ( ) ]+ ( ) Differential model: Coleman-Hodgdon

The model has 5 parameters which need to be tuned on real data Simulated hysteresis Controls for off-line separator Martino Colciago Vacuum WP6.2 Initial phase o Calculation of pumpdown time of a cryomodule m a e ity o BMeasurement of outgassing rates of different materials to ensure vacuum al u A Q

compatibility o Support of drafting of workpackage description o Establish inventory of outgassing elements in cryomodule o Measure pumping speed of dry pump o Simulation of pressure propagation in beam transfer line in case of accidental B vacuum rupture o Study sealing and flanging methods for intertank connection o Study vacuum layouts Design study activities o Study upgrade of current gas recuperation system o Design, build up and run a test setup for dry pump studies o Collaboration with software developer of the monte carlo test particle code MOLFLOW+ in order to improve its ergonomics and calculation abilities oC Simulation of vacuum profiles at existing and future Radio-frequency quadrupole cooler and buncher ISCOOL o Study alternative sealing and pumping methods for the new Front-End o Support collaborators in terms of consulting regarding vacuum technology Mario Hermann m Bea lity

a Qu Vacuum Example B Simulation of pressure propagation in beam transfer line Avoid contamination of cavities in case of vacuum rupture at experiments Mario Hermann Vacuum Example C m Bea lity a Qu Simulation of vacuum profiles at ISCOOL Optimization of beam quality at future Radio-frequency quadrupole cooler and

buncher Mario Hermann m Bea lity a Qu WP7.4: Radioactive Ion Beam Quality Charge breeder design study Simulations of high current space charge limited electron beam for HIE-EBIS; Simulation based design of High Energy Current and Compression (HEC2) electron gun, drift tubes, High Power Collector (HPC) and spec for the magnetic system; General design concept of the HIE-EBIS; Andrey Shornikov m Project Bea lity a

Qu status and achievements after 3 months Active knowledge transfer: Visited best performing relevant EBIT/S groups at MPIK, BNL, MSU/NSCL. Preliminary agreement on collaborative construction of the HEC2 gun with BNL, getting approval at CERN. If approved and funded the gun can be built and tested within the 2 years WP*. HIE-EBIS wide board workshop** with attendance of 28 on 16-17.10 to discuss the options and get feedback from CERN and external experts * Goes beyond WP **CATHI sponsored Andrey Shornikov Conclusions Thanks to the CATHI project we have a dynamic and enthusiastic team of young researchers working on the HIE-DS High Intensity Upgrade Compatibility with the Target Area Upgrade has now been

established, opening the door for the Fluka and ventilation WPs Work is progressing well on target and FE WPs Beam Quality Upgrade In a good position to validate concepts for RFQ Cooler and FE Test stand is an important milestone Excellent progress on REXEBIS upgrade thanks to the collaboration with BNL

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