STEM at WSU for K-12 math teachers

STEM at WSU for K-12 math teachers

STEM AT WSU MATHEMATICS EDUCATION: TEACHING AND RESEARCH LIBBY KNOTT [email protected] CAVEATS I speak from the perspective of the Mathematics Department and do not claim to represent other areas of STEM. I also ask my colleagues at co-located campuses to interject since I did not find time to consult with them and include their work WHAT WE DO IN THE WSU MATH

DEPARTMENT We assist in the education and preparation of mathematics teachers in elementary, middle and high school. Elementary: We provide two semesters of Mathematics for elementary teachers. Middle school: We provide specially designed mathematics courses for the middle school mathematics add-on endorsement. In conjunction with the T&L department we designed this endorsement to meet the needs of middle school teachers in offering a more robust mathematics experience for their students. Algebraic reasoning, proportional reasoning, geometry, probability and statistics High school: We offer content courses specifically for secondary mathematics teachers.

Mathematics Capstone course for secondary math ed majors Intersections of mathematics and culture Secondary math methods FACULTY Dr. Vincent: Runs an annual INME conference which brings in middle and high school students for a day of mathematical activities.

Students in the methods course go to Reservation schools in Nespelem. Dr. Vincent and I keep in touch with WA state teachers, and teachers of teachers, by attending the annual WATOTOM conference. Dr. Cooper: Focuses on the transition from high school to college courses. Oversees MLC. Dr. Karunakaran: Focuses his research on undergraduate mathematics, current emphasis is on proofs. Dr. Knott: Focuses on teaching graduate courses in the mathematics education program, and MMRE grant. In the past five years, we have revised and refined our doctoral program.

Included several new courses: Learning Theories in Mathematics Education; Research Paradigms in Mathematics Education; Advanced Mathematical Thinking. We all work with graduate students, both masters and PhD students RESEARCH AND K-12 Research encompasses both pre-service and in-service teachers and the courses they take. We serve pre-service teachers at the elementary and secondary levels, and practicing teachers through grant work. GRADUATE STUDENTS We currently have several graduate students, both Masters and Doctoral, conducting research on a variety of topics, Here is a sampling of our current and recent doctoral student work: In-depth analysis of reasons why students stop taking mathematics classes In-depth study of a fifth grade math teacher establishment of classroom norms that encourage mathematical

reasoning, generalizing and justifying Sustained work to provide an improved calculus lab experience, designing the labs, conducting professional development with TAs, and analyzing the results as part of a design experiment Conducting and collecting data on a teaching experiment in the Introduction to Abstract Mathematics course. Conducting and collecting data on a teaching experiment in the Linear Algebra course to improve the student experience Studying the transition from high school to college, and providing a smoother transition to college math classses Studying the impact and success of the Math Learning Center GRANT WORK 5 year NSF MSP grant (MMRE) Work with 4th 12th grade mathematics teachers to promote reasoning, generalizing and justifying in the mathematics classroom. Three cohorts of teachers have worked with us intensively for three years at a time; we follow them for another two years.

We have provided a 3 week long residential summer institute (for 3 summers for each cohort), during which time we offer mathematics content courses (algebraic reasoning, proportional reasoning and geometric reasoning), pedagogy classes and leadership classes. During the AY we visit classrooms, provide feedback, provide 5 half-day regional meetings, and 1 fullday winter institute to all participating Teacher Leaders. This project is showing that it takes a minimum of two years, even by the most enthusiastic and willing teachers to effect the kinds of deep and long-lasting changes in mathematics teaching that we envisioned at the outset of this program.

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