STEP-BY-STEP LADDER SAFETY By Louisville Ladder Corporation SELECTING A LADDER What is going to be the specific use? What potential hazards are in the area? What is the physical layout? Weight of the ladder consideration? 2 LADDER DUTY RATING* Type

Type Type Type IA - Duty rating of 300 pounds. I - Duty rating of 250 pounds. II - Duty rating of 225 pounds. III - Duty Rating of 200 pounds. *There is no relationship between length and duty rating! ANSI requires Duty Sticker. *Add Rating the users weight plus all protective equipment, tools, and supplies. DETERMINING THE LENGTH Never stand on or above the second

step from the top of a step-ladder. Never stand on the top three rungs of an extension ladder. SELECTING STEPLADDERS Ladder Size Approx. Highest Level 4 111 5 210 6 39

7 49 8 58 10 77 12 96 14 115 16

5 134 SELECTING EXTENSION LADDERS Ladder Extended Maximum Size Length Height 16 13

20 17 13.5 24 21 17.0 28 25 21.0 32 29 25.0

36 32 28.0 9.5 6 OVERLAP OF EXTENSION LADDERS Ladder Size Type I & IA Up To 32 3 3 32 To 36 4

4 36 To 48 5 5 Over 48 6 Type II & III ---7 INSPECTING A LADDER

Feet are not broken; slip pads are secure. Check for cracks on each individual part. Check hardware, fittings, connections, and accessories. Test rope and pulley. Be sure all bolts and rivets are in place and secure. Make sure ladder is free of foreign material. TRANSPORTING A LADDER Never transport or reposition an extension ladder without complete retraction. When possible, use two persons. If one person is carrying, keep front higher than back. Secure both ends when carrying on a vehicle.

SETTING UP A LADDER RID THE AREA OF HAZARDS! Look above for wires or obstructions. Clear clutter from area. Block off area so people or equipment wont interfere. If close to a corner or near a door, use a guard and/or

proper signage. 10 SETTING UP A LADDER (Extension Ladder) 75.5 from the horizontal is optimum resistance to sliding, ladder strength, and balance (angle of inclination). One-Quarter Rule - One foot away from wall or object for each four feet of ladders length. Place feet against object and walk ladder up; then position. 11

SETTING UP A LADDER (Self-Supporting Ladder) Place so all four legs are on solid level surface. Use extension levelers on uneven surface. Never use a self-supporting ladder as a straight ladder. Do not side load! Keep center-of-gravity between hand rails. Never use the top or top two12 steps to stand on.

PROPER CLIMBING Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions cause 98% of injury incidents. Eliminate haste, sudden movements, lack of attention, and damaged or worn equipment. Dont carry heavy or bulky objects up the ladder. Use towline. Keep three body parts in contact with the ladder at all times. 13

PROPER CLIMBING Always face the ladder while climbing or working. Keep your belt buckle between the rails. Climb slowly and surely When climbing onto a roof, dont step over the top of the ladder.

When climbing onto a roof, have 3 14 feet extending over contact point. AVOIDING HAZARDS Read and follow all instruction labels. Dont try to move ladder while on it. Dont use boards, boxes, etc. to give greater height. One person at a time on a ladder.

Never use a ladder on scaffolding. 15 AVOIDING HAZARDS Never lean ladder against an unstable surface. Dont connect two ladders together. Never leave a ladder unattended. Dont try to use a ladder for an unintended purpose.

Do not allow children to climb a ladder. 16 LADDER CARE Regularly clean and lubricate moving parts. Clean rungs and steps as needed. Never paint a wooden ladder. May use a clear protective coating.

Store ladders by hanging. Support every 6 feet. 17 LADDER CARE Keep away from extreme heat and cold. Keep non-conductive ladders free from any conductive material. Handle with care; never bang or drop. 18 LADDER CARE

A single person should be assigned to periodically inspect each ladder. Documentation of the inspection should be available for any request. No ladder should be returned to service that contains defects until adequately repaired. Ladders beyond repair should be destroyed. 19 QUESTIONS

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 20

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