Steps for Writing a Paragraph

Steps for Writing a Paragraph

Steps for Writing a Paragraph Edi Casimirri Step One What Kind of Paragraph? Read the instructions carefully. What kind of paragraph do you have to write? Descriptive: describing something or someone Opinion: What are your ideas about something?

Narrative: A story paragraph Expository: Explain something Compare/Contrast: similarities and differences Cause/Effect: why something happens, or results Step Two - BRAINSTORM Think. Make notes or write down any ideas or key words. Use a bubble, list or chart. Step 3 Topic Sentence Decide on a topic sentence.

The topic sentence is the introduction, or part of the introduction. It tells the main idea of the paragraph. It tells the reader what the paragraph is about. Topic Sentence - Examples Topic: School Topic Sentence: A very unusual thing happened to me on my first day of school. OR Uniforms should be mandatory in all schools.

Step 4 - BODY Work on the content of the body (middle of the paragraph). Write three details or ideas, with examples or supports. Step 5 Introduction and Conclusion

Write the introduction, which is your topic sentence. Write the conclusion. Step 6 - Edit Review your writing.

Check: Spelling Grammar Punctuation Transition Words Transition Words Your writing has to flow. Use transition words to guide the reader from one point to the next, and from one sentence to the next. Here

are some commonly used transition words: First, second third First of all,

To begin with, The most important Finally, For example, In addition,

For instance, In conclusion, To sum up, Budget your Time How much time do you have to write the paragraph? Use the time wisely. 45 minutes: 10 minutes: Read the instructions and

brainstorm. 30 minutes: Write a topic sentence, work on the body, write an introduction and conclusion. 5 minutes: Review.

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