StorSimple 8000 Series: Enabling Enterprise Workloads for ...

StorSimple 8000 Series: Enabling Enterprise Workloads for ...

StorSimple 8000 Series: Enabling Enterprise Workloads for Microsoft Azure CDP-B350 Jai Desai Microsoft (WW TSP) Thomas Kaessheimer iTernity Agenda Storage challenges Addressing storage challenges with StorSimple StorSimple 8000 series - Overview - Cloud integration, tiering, deduplication, compression, and encryption - StorSimple Manager in Microsoft Azure Management Portal - StorSimple Virtual Appliance - Data protection and disaster recovery Use cases and workloads iTernity Solution Storage challenges

Rapid data growth - 40% YoY* Storage cost and infrastructure sprawl Complex data protection & recovery Resource constraints Storage Today = Complex & Expensive * Source: EMC Digital Universe with Research and Analysis by IDC, 2014 Addressing storage challenges with Storage Today StorSimple Microsoft Azure StorSimple

Primary Storage Manage data growth Lower storage costs Simplify data protection and disaster recovery Increase business agility Archival Storage Disk-based Backup StorSimple Remote Replication Tape backup and DR

Reduce storage costs by 40-60% Here is how customers benefit Access SSD HDD Workin g set data Cloud Inactiv e data Unstructured data growing 40% YoY Working data set stays fairly

constant Hybrid storage array performance for working set Inactive data is tiered to the cloud Time StorSimple provides enterprise storage with cloud economics StorSimple Overview Fundamental value of StorSimple StorSimple connects Windows, Linux and Hyper-V/VMware servers to Azure Storage in minutes with no application modification Customer Data Center Applications in Physical or Virtual Servers StorSimple

Enterprise SAN storage Inline de-dupe, compression & automatic tiering Automated offsite data protection using cloud snapshots Highly efficient, location independent disaster recovery StorSimple 8000 Series Series 8000 Hybrid Storage Arrays Microsoft Azure StorSimple

Manager Microsoft Azure Storsimple Virtual Appliance More capacity, better performanc e Consolidate d Manageme nt of multiple appliances Additional use cases with StorSimple in Azure

Microsoft Azure StorSimple Big Picture ON-PREMISES DATA CENTER Server iSCSI CLOUD DATACENTER Series 8000 Hybrid Storage Array Internet connectio n StorSimpl e Virtual Applianc e BLOB Data

BLOB Data StorSimple Manager StorSimple Snapshot Manager Plug-in Administrator Series 8000 models Models Model Number 8100 8600 Total usable capacity 15TB 40TB

Usable SSD Capacity 800GB 2TB Effective Local Capacity 15-45TB 40-120TB Max Volume Capacity 64TB 64TB Max Capacity (including cloud) Network Interface Cards Enclosure Form Factor

200TB 500TB 4 x 1Gbps and 2 x 10Gbps 1 X 2U 2 X 2U Fault tolerance of enterprise class storage Dual Controllers Redundant Power Supplies Network Interfaces Software Feature Protects

Against? How is works? Controller failover Protection against the failure of a controller. The dual controllers are active/passive. In the event the active controller fails the passive controller automatically takes over. NVRAM mirrored across controllers via NTB. Storage Spaces

Protection in the event of one or more drive failures. Disk insert into and removal from pools. Allows updates to be made to the operating system without taking downtime. The software is downloaded and updated on each controller. One controller is up at all times to continue processing and serving data. Nondisruptive

software upgrades (NDU) Networking Physical, Virtual Servers iSCSI should be on the storage network and it is not recommended to route the iSCSI traffic NIC To access azure, the firewall should allow HTTPS port (443) If external DNS server is used, ports for DNS should be open If external SMTP server is used for notification, port 25 should be open Switch 1


NIC D3 WAN (Corporat e) Internet/WAN connection NIC D1 NIC D2 CONTROLLER 2 NIC D3 NIC MGMT Switch 3 Local redundant and geo redundant storage

Data protection for data in the cloud Makes 3 copies of data across separate fault domains Replicated data does not count against data limit for the account Primary Location Secondary Location Prevents against a partial or complete

data center failure Asynchronous replication between Azure data centers Failover to alternate location determined by Azure operations Automatic tiering Time Low High Threshol Threshol d d 0 1

2 Tier is empty in the beginning DATA DATA New data is written at start of free space Oldest Data Data exceeds high watermark 3 DATA Old data spills to next tier 4 DATA Tier returns to low watermark level

Deduplication SSD 4MB HD D 64KB Chunks Dedupe Algorithm 0xabc1 23 0xaab12 3 0xccc12 3 0xabc1 23

0xaaa1 23 0xbbb12 3 0xccc1 23 0xaac1 23 0xbbc12 3 0xbcc1 23 0xabb12 3 0xaab12 3

0xccc123 Record of hash keys already generated Compression Performed on data already deduplicated Heuristics based compression to reduce CPU overhead when data is not compressible Default algorithm is the standard DEFLATE (loss less compression) Deduped Data 0xaab12 3

0xccc12 3 HD D Compress Data Encryption Performed deduped and compressed data Encryption key is generated based on the seed value provided Encryption algorithm is AES-256 with CBC Security keys maintained by the customer, stored securely on the appliance 0xabc12 ..

Compress Data Data chunk before encryption 0xabc12 .. Data chunk after encryption Secure data throughout the solution On-premise Data Center Windows Azure management portal Account authenticatio n with User ID, Password

Account Access On-premise Data Center Data At-rest AES-256 bit encryption IT administrator (customer) Data In-flight 2 x 512 bit keys Data Access StorSimple CiS AES-256 bit encryption

Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager Consolidated management of appliances StorSimple Manager service in Azure portal and manages one or more StorSimple appliances StorSimple_PhysicalApplia nce1 Azure StorSimple Manager All device will need the Registration Key and Service Data Encryption Key to be added to the Service

StorSimple_PhysicalApplia nce2 StorSimple_VirtualApplianc e1 (Service Data Encryption Key is generated, on device console, when first device is registered) Microsoft Confidential Adding an appliance to a StorSimple Manager service 1. Login to Azure Management Portal 2. Create a StorSimple Manager Service 3. Generate a registration key for the created StorSimple Manager 4. Register device (from device console)

Microsoft Confidential Will show up in Storage tab of Azure Portal XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX Storage accounts and volume containers A Storage Account is applied to a Volume Container. A Volume Container will have one or more volumes. Creating a Volume Container on device requires: 1. A Volume Container Name 2. Selected Storage Account Microsoft Confidential 3. Customer provided

Isolating volume data with volume containers Storage_Accoun t1 File_Share_V C Vol 1 Vol 2 SharePoint_ VC Vol 3 Cloud Encryption Key 1 Microsoft Confidential Vol 3

Vol 4 Vol 5 Cloud Encryption Key 2 Volumes and data protection policies Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance IT agility in Azure with StorSimple Virtual Appliance The StorSimple Virtual Appliance facilitates data mobility of production datasets for the purpose of disaster recovery, on-demand development and test infrastructure, and Cloud applications. The StorSimple Manager service provides workflows for failover of datasets for disaster recovery and clone workflows for replicating production datasets in Azure for Cloud applications and development and test scenarios

Failover Clone StorSimple Virtual Appliance The Virtual Appliance is a software version of the physical array that runs on a VM in Azure and can be provisioned and turned-on as needed. The StorSimple Virtual Appliance is an iSCSI target for the VMs in Azure. VM iSCSI Initiator Data iSCSI Target A virtual network joins VMs and the StorSimple Virtual

Appliance. Creating virtual networks in Azure Virtual networks are created in the Azure Management Portal and available to the StorSimple Virtual Appliance when it is provisioned. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Local and Cloud snapshots Example Group Of Data Protection Policies Local Snapshot SS D

SA S Cloud Snapshot Backup Type Snapshot Type Frequency Retention Period Short-term backup Local & Cloud Daily

~1 week Mediumterm backup Cloud Weekly ~4 weeks Long-term Backup Cloud Monthly ~52 weeks Local snapshot Volume

Data Volume C G A A BC C D E E F F Data Point-in-time reference to volume data Metadat a Stored locally on the appliance Instantaneo us and provide

short term data recovery a a Reference to data chunk a b c" cc dVolume ee ff Metadata g c Snapshot 1

c' Snapshot e f 2 Snapshot 3 Cloud snapshot Point-in-time copy of volume data Metadata is preserved in its entirety Stored in the Cloud Only changed blocks are copied to Cloud

SS D SA S StorSimple Snapshot Manager MMC UI snapin that lives on application host and communicates with appliance(s) Manages backup policies Orchestrates application consistent snapshots Restores volumes and

mounts them as NTFS folders/drives Disaster recovery Thin restores provides fast recovery of data, downloading a small subset of data necessary data bring applications online. Not dependent on volume size. Recover data anyway: a secondary datacenter or a StorSimple Virtual Appliance in Azure A volume container is failed over to the destination appliance. Time to recover is Cloud Snapshot What is neede

d? Secondary Datacenter or Provisioned StorSimple Virtual Appliance DR to secondary datacenter or Virtual Appliance Datacenter 1 Filer Server Physical Appliance (Appliance1) File Server StorSimpleManager1 Azure Storage Appliance1

Filer Server Physical Appliance (Appliance2) Datacenter 2 Virtual Appliance (Appliance3) Recover data to Appliance2 (physical) or Appliance3 (virtual) by rehydrating data from a Cloud snapshot stored in Azure BLOB storage. Appliance2 Appliance3 Use Case and Workloads Application and workload focus Azure Workloads

Onpremises workloads DR* Fileshare s Cloud Apps * Dev/ test* Archives Virtual Machines SharePoi nt SQL Server*

* New with Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 Series File shares and archives Applications FC/iSCSI Before Primary Storage Tape Archival Disk-based Infrastructure Storage Backup Storage iSCSI After Applications (Tier 2, & Tier 3 data)

On-premise footprint Capacity ondemand SharePoint SharePoint metadata BLOB data SharePoint Farm Before FC/iSCSI Primary Storage Tape Offsite Facility Archival Disk-based Infrastructure Storage Backup Storage

SSA BLOB data iSCSI After SharePoin t metadata (SQL) SharePoint Farm On-premise footprint Capacity ondemand Virtual machines and eliminating VM sprawl

Active VM data (VHDs, VMDKs) FC/iSCSI Before All Hyper-V/ VMware VMs Free space Inactive VM data Primary Storage Tape Archival Disk-based Storage Backup StorageInfrastructure & Management Storage migration/

vMotion iSCSI After Inactive Spin up VMs using Tier 2/Tier 3 data On-premise footprint Capacity ondemand SQL for Tier-2 and Tier-3 applications Applications FC/iSCSI Before

Primary Storage Tape Archival Disk-based Infrastructure Storage Backup Storage iSCSI After Applications (Tier 2, & Tier 3 data) On-premise footprint StorSimple Virtual Appliance and Cloud backup and DR StorSimple with iCAS as compliant Storage

platform Company Overview iTernity Software vendor specialized in compliant archiving Established 2004 Headquarter in Freiburg, Germany International representations in Europe and USA Over 600 customers in various markets/verticals Core product: iCAS (iTernity Compliant Archive Software) iCAS is patented in Europe since 2011 in Europe and since 2012 in the USA Challenge Compliance for your data Requirements based on various legal regulations Data must be tamper proof Data cannot be deleted (WORM) Data must be kept for a specific period (retention) Data must be able to be migrated to future storage media

Access to archived objects must be possible at all times Industry specific demands GxP Data (Pharma), SEC17a4 (Banking), HIPAA, patient record (Healthcare), product liability (Automotive) Internal demands for important data Protection from data breach (deletion, destruction, theft) How was archiving solved until today? Dedicated storage appliances for archiving EMC Centera Hitachi HCP NetApp SnapLock Dell DX (discontinued) IBM DR550/Information Archive (discontinued) Optical Jukeboxes (Plasmon etc.) (discontinued) etc. How to replace that solutions by using StorSimple with iCAS? Disadvantages of HW based Bond to vendor and technology (vendor

archives lock) Migration to other platforms are complicated and cost intensive Rebuy of the whole archiving solution with the end of every hardware lifecycle Proprietary and separated systems cause a lot effort for management and maintenance Extension of additional archiving space can cause high costs Business oriented and IT oriented Business IT View view View Data amount is growing rapidly Legal and compliance requirements getting more important Data has to be archived for long time periods Budgets are limited New applications generating

new archiving content The object size and count grows Technologies are changing High availability gets more important Data migration gets critical Management of separated systems gets complex Cost efficiency gets more important What is iCAS? Protection for application data (ECM, ERP, Mail etc.) Retention Management and WORM Software defined Storage - for archiving Certified by KPMG and for special regulations like SEC17a4 (Banking) Certified by more than 80 ISVs (e.g. Agfa, GE, OpenText, Symantec EV etc.) Combined with StorSimple a perfect replacement for all dedicated

archiving appliances Microsoft & iCAS Archiving Layers Business Process Complete archiving solution Business applications ERP, CRM, ECM, File Services, E-Mail, PACS, custom applications e.g. OpenText, AGFA, GE, Symantec EV, CommVault ISV archive software Archive - Protection (iCAS Software) WORM Function / Retention Management /SelfHealing Microsoft StorSimple Appliance Microsoft Azure Cloud iCAS & Microsoft

iCAS Technology WORM functionality with patented Content-Storage-Container Technology (CSC) Save data archiving via 512 bit Hash code (HMAC SHA 512) Based on industry standards (.NET, MS Windows, Web service) DoD- compliant data shredder High availability via cluster support Interfaces to applications via CIFS/NFS-Share or Webservice API Software defined Archiving Containers iCAS combines metadata like retention and hash-value with the archived objects into CSCContainers. The archive-objects can be migrated to future infrastructure without the loss of validity. iCAS Benefits for Customers Minimization of company risks better protection for important data with high security industry

standards More flexibility to future IT Infrastructures iCAS adapts to the future infrastructure Higher Availability Archive virtualization Backend data migration without downtimes Lower TCO More efficient use of centralized storage infrastructure Investment protection Cost efficient and calculable migrations Which are the customers for archive? From an industry perspective Customers >200 employees Hospitals Customers in regulated markets (e.g. pharmaceutical industry, finance, energy, telecom) Highly demands regarding product liability (e.g. automotive customers) Public customers

From an application perspective Every customer with an SAP/ERP system needs an archiving platform Every customer with an DMS/ECM system needs an archiving platform Data Migration File Share Integrated migration tool iCopy Applications Totally compliant migration solution designed by KPMG and iTernity Migration per file share Background migration Repositories simultaneously available via CIFS/NFS Migration time depends on speed of the old and new environment Approach for replacement of optical jukeboxes, NetApp Applications migration iCAS Cluster

NetApp Cluster Data Migration API Applications iCAS Cluster o ati mi g rati o n Applications gr mi n Migration via applications Background Migration Migration time depends on speed

of old archiving solution and the applications Support from iTernity to find migration partners if needed Approach for replacement of EMC Centera, Hitachi HCP, IBM DR550 etc. Centera Cluster iCAS Preconditions Dedicated Microsoft Server 2008 R2 64Bit or Microsoft Server 2012 (R2) Installed Windows Updates and Service Packs .NET Framework 4.5.1 Internet Information Server Hardware minimum requirements: current Quad Core CPU 4GB Memory 40GB free space Hardware requirements depending on archive size, number and size of objects etc. ask iTernity for individual recommendations Practical Example Healthcare High regulations for archiving of

Customer patient records, radiographs etc. High cost pressure and limited budgets Mostly existing archiving platforms like EMC Centera or NetApp SnapLock to replace Common healthcare applications are certified for iCAS: Agfa GE Sectra Visus Practical Example Healthcare Customer Initial Situation: Existing archiving data 50 TB Annual data growth of 20% up to 30 % Different applications who have to be archived centralized: ECM, PACS, RIS, KIS Current archiving solution: NetApp SnapLock Hardware is end of life SnapLock licenses have to be bought new with the new hardware Virtual Infrastructure based on a common hypervisor (Hyper-V,

VMWare, Citrix) High potential for savings with alternative archiving solution based on StorSimple and existing virtualizing (no upfront payment for new infrastructure) Practical Example Healthcare Customer ECM, DMS, PACS, Mail Applikationsebene Applicatio n Layer read/write Archiving Layer Storage Layer StorSimple Microsoft Azure

Practical Example Healthcare Customer Solution with iCAS and StorSimple Migration from NetApp Snaplock to StorSimple with iTernity MigrationTool iCopy iCAS installed on existing hypervisor (Hyper-V, VMWare, Citrix) iCAS CSC-Containers are written to StorSimple Appliance StorSimple is responsible for Tiering of data between appliance onsite and MS Azure Transparent access for the applications to the data via iCAS Advantages for the customer Direct and easy migration without external help (ISVs) No upfront investment in new archive infrastructure monthly billing by Microsoft based on TBs High availability and security of data with StorSimple and MS Azure Related content Breakout Sessions CDP-B351 StorSimple 8000 Series: Customer Case Study Labs Microsoft Solutions Experience Location (MSE) TechExpo Happy Hour: Thursday October 30th, 16:00-17:00 in Hall 7 Ask the Experts: Thursday October 30th, 18:30-20:00 in Hall 5

Find Us Later E-mail: [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected] For more information Windows Server System Center Azure Pack Windows Server Technical Preview Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure 2.aspx System Center Technical Preview http:// Azure Pack windows-azure-pack Come visit us in the Microsoft Solutions Experience (MSE)! Look for the Cloud and Datacenter Platform area TechExpo Hall 7 Resources Learning Sessions on Demand hEd TechNet Microsoft Certification & Training Resources

Developer Network Resources for IT Professionals iTernity Contact Thomas Kaessheimer Partner Manager iTernity GmbH Btzingerstr.60 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau Tel: +49 761 59034 810 Mobile: +49 173 1920 624 E-Mail: [email protected] Azure Exams EXAM EXAM

532 533 + Classroo m training MOC Online training MVA 1097 9 (Coming soon) Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

(Coming soon) Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions MOC MOC 2053 2 EXAM 5

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 2053 3 534 (Coming soon) Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Azure-Cert 5 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Azure-Train

MVA (Coming soon) Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Azure-MVA et certified for 1/2 the price at TechEd Europe 2014! TechEd-CertDeal Please Complete An Evaluation Form Your input is important! TechEd Schedule Builder CommNet station or PC TechEd Mobile app Phone or Tablet QR code

Evaluate this session 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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