Storytelling & The Video Game as Art

Storytelling & The Video Game as Art

Social Impact & The Future Violence and Games: Behavioral Conditioning? The On Killing argument: Participation + Reward = Conditioning Military Parallels Glorification of Sociopaths? Games as Free Expression The Security/Freedom balance Games get special

protection as art? Games as political activism: PETA Violence and Games: The Numbers Game University of Chicago Playing by the rules 2001 Department of Justice Crime Statistics 1972-2004 Are the numbers the basis for belief, or the justification? Women and Gaming

Negative The Jiggle Effect Damsel or Vindictive Sexpot Anime Influence Infantilization Cartoonish Proportions Positive Frag Dolls? Developed female leads Mirrors Edge Half Life 2

Gaming Culture Nerd is the new Jock Consequences of a technology economy Geek Chic Legitimization of Gaming Cultural Development Internet connectivity Artistic output Modding 8 Bit / Nerdcore

Political Activism Economics The new money WoW gold farming On-Line Credits Xbox points Commerce Models Downloadable Content (DLC) Pay for victory? Console Marketplace / Valve The death of retail?

The New Content Game Builders and Engines Torque Source Havok Modding Hardware modding Level Maps / Gameplay?

Open Platforms Flash Mobile iPhone/iPod touch Google Android Independent Consoles? The New Experiance Retinal Projection Old-school VR is dead Head Tracking Eye Tracking

Holosonic sound Games Changing Society The Expectation of Interactivity? Decline of static interaction Educational Models Behavioral training from a young age?

Better citizens / criminals? Lifestyle integration Game / Life line blurred Extended real-world gameplay

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    LAB JACK/CLAMP. PROCEDURES. Apparatus must set up as in figure 1. Inclined the runway about 1m - 2m, so it will make trolley down freely from rest. Using cellophane tape, attach the ticker tape. Release the trolley freely and switch...