Strategic Plan -

Strategic Plan -

Strategic Plan 2018 -2023 Special Thanks to Region of Peel We wish to acknowledge the Region of Peel Human Services Department for their generous support and committed funding to the Organizational Effectiveness Fund. Funding was provided to support the Metamorphosis Network Strategic Plan. These funds were awarded to the network to support strengthening internal business practices and

capacity for the Network and participating organizations. Metamorphosis Network Leadership Team Raymond Applebaum, CEO, Peel Senior Link Carole Beauvais, CEO, Nucleus Independent Living Theresa Greer, CEO, Heart House Hospice Karen Parsons, ED, Peel Addiction Assessment and Referral Centre Kuris Krepps, ED, Dufferin County Community Support Services Lisa Mudie, ED, Richview Retirement Residences Baldev Mutta, CEO, Punjabi Community Health Services Maureen Riedler, ED, Hospice Dufferin David Smith, CEO, Community Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin Branch

Heidi Yerxa, ED, Seniors Life Enhancement Centres Metamorphosis Network Mission Vision To collaboratively strengthen the voice of community organizations and their services. A network of community

organizations leading the way to healthier communities. Initiated in 2004 to respond to the creation of LHINs and the transformation of the health care system. To ensure there was a safe place for conversations and that the community voice was heard at the LHIN tables. Held educational sessions, workshops, and conferences. Conferences were held once or twice per year. Last conference 4-5 years ago. History Informed the community quarterly meeting agenda of

Mississauga-Halton LHIN. Routinely consulted with the Metamorphosis network. Informed Integrated Health Service Plans (IHSP) for the CW and MH LHINs in early years. Instrumental in several key initiatives e.g. Accreditation, Community Portal, Synergy GTA West, Community Quality Network, Connectivity through One Mail, etc. Too many competing demands on people's time. Rapidly increasing accountability and compliance requirements that never existed prior. The leadership team met monthly up to the development of the strategic plan refresh. Planning

Considerati ons Healthcare Transformation Government Policy Directives Community engagement Funding and Fundraising

Social Media Presence Organizational Transformation Strategies Network Transformation Strategies Professional Development

Local Policy Engagement Framework for Organizational Sustainability Network Transformation Define and establish the Network. The work should include:

Membership and the value proposition Secretariat function Web Presence and Social Media Presence Framework long-term sustainability Action steps to support local community planning tables Professional Development Create and sustain professional development for Board, Senior Team, and management from participating organizations. The work should include:

CEO mentoring Executive Coaching resources Information on emerging government work Access to advocacy work Shared staff training opportunities (e.g., First Aid) Local Policy Engagement Develop a policy strategy that supports the network, informs the community and aligns with provincial and national community base policies. The work should include:

Establishing strategic partnerships Identify and implement best in class practices for public engagement Create a single point of reference Framework for Organization Sustainability A forum for a social research project to explore and identify the factors for the sustainability of community-based organizations. This work should include: Academic and private sector companies A cross section of community agencies Best publish and post the information

Training for Volunteers and Board members An event to discussCSS & Mental health and Addiction work in the healthcare environment. (Today!) Share the Metamorphosis Strategic Plan Year 1 Implementat ion Survey agencys to gather ideas in professional development

Build the communication structure to keep the membership informed Questions Clarity Additions References Arnstein, S. R. (1969). A Ladder of Citizen Participation. JAIP, 216-224. ICA Associates Inc. (2005). Facilitating Conciliation Beyond Conflict Resolution. Toronto: The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs. ICA Associates Inc. (2014, August). Group Facilitation Methods Workbook. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ICA Associates Inc. (2014). Community Development Intensive.

Toronto: ICA Associates Inc. Kaner, S. (2012). Organizational Diagnosis - Building Commitment for Intentional Change. San Francisco: Community at Work. References Ontario Government - Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. (2017, October 26). Health System Integration Updates. Retrieved from Health System Integration Updates. Ontario Government. (2017, June 01). Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. Retrieved from Legislative Assembly of Ontario: locale=en&BillID=4963&detailPage=bills_detail_status Ontario Government. (2017, October 25). Ontario's Open Data Directive. Retrieved from Ontario Government: Plumptre, T., & Laskin, B. (2003). From Jeans to Jackets - Navigating the transition

to more systematic governance in the voluntary sector. Institute on Governance, 7.

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