Strategic Sourcing Options for Printers, Copiers and MFDs

Strategic Sourcing Options for Printers, Copiers and MFDs

General/Office Products Committee July 11, 2013 Agenda 1. 2. JanSan MRO FSSI

Strategic Sourcing OS3 Coalition Testimony before House Small Business Committee on Strategic Sourcing 3. GSA Business Roundtable

Overview and results of Post-It Note Session 4. GSA IG Report on Management Intervention 5. IOA Visits 6. Changes to GSA Solicitations 7. Reverse Auction Tool

JanSan MRO FSSI Strategic Sourcing GSA has launched an OS3 FSSI Interact group mmunity FSSI OS3 Industry Day - Save the Date

Tuesday, August 6th 9:30 am, New York, New York Registration details will be released soon Strategic Sourcing Hearing House Small Business Committee GSA Business Roundtable Mythbusters dialogue with GSA Leadership

Focus on GSA Mission & Priorities Path Forward for GSA, GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini Member Recommendations 177 post-it note ideas: Priority 1, Delivering Better Value and Savings (59) Priority 2, Serving Our Partners (48)

Themes: Improve communication re: GSA value proposition Lower TAC streamline the cycle time for offers and modifications modernize pricing policies improve ease of use at task order level Small business education for customer agencies

Maintain continuous open seasons Implement Other Direct Costs GSA IG Report Improper Management Intervention in Multiple Award Schedule Contracts June 4, 2013 IG Recommendations

Ensure that contracting process is independent and free from FAS management interference due to contractor pressure by requiring management: 1. Not to intervene in contracting actions in response to requests from contractors except for instances of misconduct or other serious administrative issues 2. Fully document all conversations and correspondence with contractor officials regarding specific contracts and offers, to include such information as date, time, participants, and

specific details of information exchanged. Multi-association Response The OIGs recommendations and GSAs corrective actions will: have a chilling effect on the appropriate role of GSAs procurement managers in the operations of the MAS program

reduce necessary and valuable communications between agency officials and the contract community Multi-association Recommendations GSA should reduce the need for management intervention by: Clarifying MAS pricing policies;

Training contracting officers, contractors and auditors to assure a common understanding of contractual provisions; Speed negotiations by streamlining solicitation and award processes; Recommendations (cont.) Encourage appropriate management involvement in MAS negotiations by:

Establishing an escalation process within acquisition organizations aimed at developing creative resolutions to negotiation obstacles Establishing a GSA Schedule Ombudsman to assist with issues not resolved by the acquisition organization; Publish policies and procedures for public comment or, at a minimum provide public notice, prior to implementation; and

Engage associations in a Myth-buster dialogue IOA Visits Compliance vs. Assistance Changes to GSA Solicitations Supply Business Line Fair and Reasonable Pricing - To determine fair and reasonable pricing, the GSA Contracting Officer may consider many factors, including pricing on

competitor contracts, historical pricing, and currently available pricing in other venues. Offers which provide Most Favored Customer pricing, but which are not highly competitive will not be found fair and reasonable and will not be accepted. Reverse Auction Tool Questions?

Upcoming Events Member Events July 18: Premier Member Event with Tom Sharpe, FAS Commissioner Hosted by General Dynamics IT, Merrifield, VA July 31: GSA Marketing Outreach Forum Tower Club, McLean, VA August 12: Keystone Member Event with Joe Jordan, OFPP Administrator Hosted by McKenna Long &

Aldridge LLP, Washington, DC August 28: Joseph P. Caggiano Memorial Golf Tournament, Whiskey Creek Golf Club, Ijamsville, MD Thank you

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