Strengthening Regions through Horsemasters & Riding Centers

Strengthening Regions through Horsemasters & Riding Centers

In Harmony with Horsemasters Juliet Sadd RS Carolina USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, CA Jan 26-28, 2017 USPC Horsemasters membership USPC Membership Trend HMX % of Total Membership 1000 10000 800 8000 600 6000 400 4000 200 2000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 0 HMX Membership Youth Membership 12000 12000 Year YOUTH 293 10000 320 350 456 491 464 675 2013 2014 8000 704

923 2015 2016 6000 4000 2000 0 2008 2009 HMX 2010 2011 Youth 2012 HMX * Note separate axis scales used to illustrate trends, but are not proportionate Total membership trending lower 11% decrease over 5 years, 24% decrease over last 8 years Horsemasters membership growing, but from zero base 102% increase over 5 years, 215% increase over last 8 years HMX has grown to 11% of Total membership, but is not great enough YET to offset decline in youth members. 38 of 42 Regions (90%) have HMX members. There are 5 HMX only clubs in USPC at end 2016. Horsemasters History Conceived as Adult Volunteer organization to support Clubs 2001 Pilot program launched 2007 Horsemasters became permanent program 2015 Horsemasters became regular pony club members Membership data:

159 Pony Clubs have 863 HMX members (34% of Clubs, 12% of their membership) 21 Riding Centers have 60 HMX members (21% of RCs, 4% of their membership) Total 180 Clubs/RCs with 923 HMX = 31% penetration of Clubs/ RCs, 11% of USPC members 5 Pony Clubs are HMX only the numbers Two thirds of USPC clubs do not have any Horsemasters members 15 years into the program. USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017 Carolina Region History Early adopters HMX Strong HMX advocate - Susan Poulton 2016 membership profile HMX 6 of 16 clubs , ~40% of clubs HMX 17% of Region members Eno Triangle Masters established separate club 2015 HMX not in Riding Centers Greenville Foothills Eno Triangle Yadkin Valley Hounds Eno Triangle Master @ Oct 2016 Total HMX 42 3 32 0 34 8

32 32 Hidden "K" Stable RC River Valley Rocky River Brickhouse Equestrian Center 26 36 17 15 0 8 4 0 Lowcountry Cardinal II Pee Dee Aiken County 13 7 13 16 0 0 0 0 Moore County Triad Sandy Ridge Palmetto 7 7 4 23 0

0 2 TOTAL REGION 315 53 % HMX 7% 23% 100% 22% 23% 50% 0 17% Who are these Horsemasters? Majority are Experienced adult horse men and women Grew up with horses, but not usually pony clubbers Lifelong Horse owners Adult amateur competitors Foxhunters, Eventers, Dressage enthusiasts Parents of current youth members that want to participate in clinics/rallies USPC graduates recent and older alum many National certifications Horse professionals trainers, competitors, instructors Friends of pony club parents and HMX leaders Carolina Horsemaster Members 45 40 35 30

25 20 15 10 5 0 USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017 Horsemasters Models Carolina Region has 3 working models of Horsemaster membership ENO TRIANGLE MASTERS Intermediate level: Evolving Participation Preliminary level: Expanding Membership Rocky River PC, Yadkin Valley Hunt PC Mainly parents Participate in clinics Grouped with kids Organize occasional club activities trail ride Fox Hunt members

Greenville Foothills PC River Valley PC Parents, Alumni, Friends Horse professionals Participate in clinics in own groups where numbers warrant Volunteer leaders HMX as instructors, coaches Participate in rallies, championships, certifications Advanced level: Entity Stand alone club Members mainly new to pony club Parents, alumni, friends Organize own activities clinics, dinners, speakers, camp strong social aspect May include youth members Organize joint events Volunteer when asked USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017 How do clubs benefit from Horsemasters? Adult Role Models Parents, alumni, professionals, experienced horsemen Adults understand it is not the horses fault and model for children Adults better understand how a horse thinks and nuance of body language, temper, etc Demonstrate Horsemanship as a life long pursuit Participation in mounted clinics

More participants, lower cost per participant Attract and afford top instructors Demonstrate patience with self and horse to children Frequently add humor and encouragement for younger members Networking and knowledge Unmounted pony club lessons and speakers Local horse information and resources vets, trainers, hay sources, etc Volunteer Resource Able to organize a club activity independently of club leaders Annual Trail Ride, Gymkhana, Mini Horse Trial, Mock Rally Assist with club activities Fundraising, concessions, jump repair, horse shows, paperwork entries, scoring, certifications If Qualified, can instruct, coach, HM judges for rallies Participation in all activities Regional rallies, clinics, camps Championships Certifications Brittany HMX member, grad HA Doing one on one instruction to help a beginning member at a pony club clinic. USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017 Why do adults join Horsemasters? Participation in mounted clinics More reasonable cost than other adult groups/trainer groups Convenience to pony club parent Low pressure educational opportunity Exposure and training of young/client horses Networking and knowledge Unmounted pony club lessons and speakers Local horse information and resources vets, trainers, hay sources, etc Contribution of own knowledge and experience

Camaraderie Adult horse friends like minded equestrian enthusiasts Youth horse friends Opportunity to participate Continued pony club engagement for members/alumni over age 25 Engagement with youth members sense of purpose, sharing of knowledge/experience National organization with structure, goals and volunteer opportunity in Equestrian sport Regional rallies Championships Certifications sense of direction and accomplishment USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017 The Empty Nest From chaos to quiet over night Loneliness Lack of purpose Welcome parents of pony clubbers getting ready to go to college or just off to collegeand their horsey friends into Pony Club! Empty Nest Advice from Experts: HMX HMX HMX HMX HMX

HMX HMX 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Learn something go back to school Volunteer Find a hobby Adopt a pet Travel Get a job/start a business Focus on your health Build friendships and relationships Horsemasters fulfill 7 of 8 recommendations! Our Panel Melon Mary Ellen Purcell is a HMX member herself, while also DC and VRS of the Alaska Region. The Alaska Region historically has held the highest percentage of total regional membership comprised of HMX. Lynn Fischer is a HMX member and was Camino Real (California) RS for many years, as well as having served on the national Horsemasters Program Committee. Sandy Larson is a Grad A and DC of Greenville Foothills Pony Club, which has several HMX members, although she is not. Sandy is also the new RIC for the Carolina Region, which has qualified several HMX members for Championships. Panel How do you respond?! Polly Pony Club parent is opposed to Horsemasters because adults should not be in the same lessons with children Pauline PC parent is upset about Horsemasters being allowed to compete at Rally because they should not compete with kids and take their ribbons. Dorothy the DC says it is too complicated to manage lessons and clinics with kids and adults Donna the DC says our club is small and we focus on getting National Certifications. There is no place for Horsemasters.

Abby, a prospective Horsemaster, member says I dont know about doing all the Horse Management stuff.inspections at age 45?! Janet the Joint DC says she would like to start Horsemasters but doesnt have any idea where to begin. Next Steps Strengthen Your Club with Horsemasters Discuss HMX opportunity with your board Grow HMX if you already have some Horsemasters Use HMX recruiting material clinics, camp, rallies, certifications Utilize HMX as volunteers AHMJ, scoring secretarial, webmasters, instruction How to get Horsemaster members Be open to visitors supplemental insurance Growth through networking friends, friends of friends Invite alumni to clinic or meeting college age retention Invite parents to bring a horse and ride at clinic Be Inclusive, Be Flexible Some Best Practices from Carolina Region Advice from the horses mouth . Find That One Parent - who rides, has friends, and talks it up

Include HMX in regular activities meetings, clinics, lessons Approach adult horse management as a bonding challenge Keep it Fun Involve Horsemasters with jobs specific roles at meetings Have older kids teach Horsemasters (C3, B, H) Have horsey friends come along to a pony club meeting Invite foxhunt friends Include Horsemasters in certifications IF they want goal achievement Personalities matter Posters at Horse Trials Target parents who ride Horsemaster competitors at USPC Championships 2016 Horsemasters and youth members completing D and C certifications together. More Best Practices Concern Reality Best Practice My club is too small to include Horsemasters You need HMX to grow your membership and enable you to do more activities Find that one horsey parent who will join, spread the word, and invite horsey friends to join. My club is too big for Horsemasters You can add a couple of Horsemasters to your roster to the benefit of your club, your region, and your horse community. Find an alumna to join and get your club

used to the idea. Grow from there. Create stand alone HMX club when you reach critical mass of 8-10 members. Adults and children in lessons together It can work really well and benefit both Arrange jumping lessons by rider ability. Arrange flat lessons by rider age. Ensure instructor ability to engage multiple learning styles Horse Management requirements put off adults Most experienced adult horsemen have good standards of horse care, equipment, and handling. Many have greater knowledge than PC SOPs. HMX will have required equipment and then some in their truck or trailer at any given moment. Inexperienced HMX welcome HM education. Be sensitive to adult perspective. Always put in context of why pony club does it this way. Be respectful and listen to other perspectives and experience of horse care. Allow pony clubbers to explain things to HMX. Can be fun and result in learning for both. Approach with humor and flexibility esp at rallies. USPC Annual Meeting Los Angeles, Jan 2017

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