Student Data System - Ministry of Health

Student Data System - Ministry of Health

EEP & XML Update April 16, 2015 Agenda Purpose of XML & EEP data transfer Success of 2014 pilot project overview RBE and SPSD Policy and FOIP XML document Transitioning roles from Educator Services to Student Services

Next steps Purpose To review the success of the XML & EEP pilot project To invite school divisions to participate in the expansion of the pilot Fall 2014 Successes & Challenges Successes Regina Public SD uploaded 1500

educators in less than 15 minutes Saskatoon Public SD uploaded 1680 educators in less than 20 minutes Few errors with quick resolutions Detailed report verification by principal XML unchanged Ready for expansion Challenges Communication among

teachers and SD Validation of information Consent for data use Time and support Policy All educators are required to complete the EEP who: hold a Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate and are employed by a Saskatchewan board of education, the conseil scolaire fransaskois, an

independent school, or an employer delivering an education program approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. WHY EEP? The information collected in the EEP is used for a number of very important purposes: Calculation of the governments contribution to the teachers health care plan. Distribution of provincial assessment information and resources. Responses to high profile national and international surveys

about education in Saskatchewan. Development of an Education Sector Staffing Profile for the province and for each individual school division. Deployment of Blackboard accounts. Educator Consent & FOIP Compliancy Ensuring educator consent and FOIP compliancy with XML data transfer Regina SD: all staff logged into EPP to verify data by specific deadline Name changes required ministry intervention

SPSD collected email verification from staff Principals verified information Data Use Disclosure Statement for participating SDs to utilize XML Document Transitioning

EEP Support David Hodgson: Senior Business Analyst XML and testing April-Sept 2015 Heidi Wong: Junior Business Analyst XML and testing April Sept 2015 Student Services Support Desk non-XML EEP inquires Next Steps Confirm participation to

[email protected] on or before April 29 Next meeting April 30 11:00 -11:45 AM Joe Maierhoffer, RBE will present lessons learned Bi-weekly support meetings until August 20, 2015 Meeting Details Starting April 30, 2015 a series of 10 conference calls/ Adobe Connect sessions* are scheduled to support participating school divisions in a Q and A format with Senior Business Analyst, Dave Hodgson and Junior Business

Analyst, Heidi Wong. This will provide ongoing support and dedicated time to the successful implementation of this project. These sessions are optional. *Future meetings dates & times will be scheduled as follows: April 16 10:45 11:45 AM April 30 10:45 11:45 AM May 14 10:45 11:45 AM May 28 10:45 11:45 AM June 11 10:45 11:45 AM June 25 10:45 11:45 AM July 9 10:45 11:45 AM

July 23 10:45 11:45 AM August 6 10:45 11:45 AM August 20 10:45 11:45 AM Phone Conference Bridge: The Dial-in number for the Regina Bridge # 2 is 787-7158. Regina Government callers dial the last 5 digits, 7-7158. Regina non-government callers dial 306787-7158. Long distance provincial government callers dial 3-306-787-7158.

All other long distance callers dial 1-306787-7158. Adobe Connect Address: acollection/ See what you can towards esubmissions Fall 2016.still a pilot

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