Student-focused Equipment Operator Training

Student-focused Equipment Operator Training

Mining Fundamentals Student-focused Mine Haul Truck Operator Training Message from the Dean: Kristina Van De Walle I wish I could be joining you today however, schedule conflicts just didnt permit me. (I havent figured out how to be in two places at once just yet!) I want to express my sincere thanks to all of our partners and students who have made our Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge campuses very busy places! Our goal is to meet the training needs of the coal industry for the communities of Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge. Currently we are offering our Mining Fundamentals and Professional Office Skills programs as well as on-demand and scheduled Workforce Training courses. We rely heavily on hearing from you, our industry partners, businesses and individuals to make sure we are tailoring our training to the career needs of the region. Please feel free to contact me or your local campus any time to begin or continue the

dialogue of what our next steps could/should be regarding courses and programs. Enjoy the rest of the 2012 Coal Forum! [email protected] or direct line: (250) 784-7529 Mining Fundamentals Program Career entry program for mine haul truck driver. Partner taking mine tour September 2010 Success Story

95% graduation rate 90% employment rate 87% retention rate Local employees Lower attrition rate than regular hires Higher commitment to the employer Quicker advance to sign off Standardized entry-level training program First Cohort- July 2010

Industry Recruiting Drivers Business Case Average age of minerals and mining industry workforce is higher than Canadian average (Statistics Canada). About 40 per cent of the employees in the mining industry are expected to retire by 2018. Over the next decade, the mining industry will require approximately 92,000 new workers. Local Industry Drivers NE BC mines continue to struggle with enormous attrition rates, in the range of 25-30% annually Projected increase from 1000 1500

mine employees in immediate region adds pressure 10 Cohort 0 2 r e b o t c O r Recruiting fo

Industry Goals Engage employees who already live in the North, who will stay in the North. 2011 n a J r o f g

Recruitin Cohort Student- focused Self-paced simulator and theory training Small classes/ high level of instructional support Academic training tailored to students needs Group Meetings Celebrations Industry partner plays a key role Increases students intrinsic motivation and level of commitment

ohort C 0 1 0 2 r e b Octo Student-focused through Partnership Partners Norther Lights College Industry Partner

Funding Partner NEASEP- Northeast Aboriginal Skills & Employment Program Northern Lights College Partners Peace River Coal West Moberly

First Nations Saulteau First Nation Industry First Nations College Funding agency Program Components Mining Fundamentals 3.49% 35.93% 44.35%

2.87% 4.93% 8.42% Recruiting Process Face to Face Instruction Computer Based Training Simulator Training Group Meetings & Celebrations Work Experience Computer Based Haul Truck Theory: . Introduces important concepts such as

engine over-speed, tire wear, efficient loading and dumping, walk around inspection, mine site safety Incorporates video, animation, and audio New trainees ask the right questions Role of the Simulator Supports learning of haul truck theory Instructional wrapper guides students through tasks Introduces key principles of haul truck operating tasks -pre-trip -navigating

-receiving a load -dumping a load Provides evaluation and tips for improvement Structured Approach to haul truck training Operator Training Simulator training supports theory Ride-alongs complement Simulator & Theory Theory, Simulator & Ride-alongs support

practical learning, behind the wheel. Computer Based Theory; 11.76% Simulator Training; 8.82% Work Experience; 79.41% Cost Effective to Industry When a funding partner is used, new hires gain many hours of safety training and haul truck theory and introductory skills training at no cost Presents a risk-free operating environment- safe introduction to haul truck operation, more time in the classroom before going onto the work site Reduces wear and damage to equipment and

resulting down time Why use college-based training? Added value Students feel well supported throughout the program and demonstrate a higher level of commitment to the employer Higher rate of retention than regular new hires 36 of 41 who went on to employment are still working- 87% Quicker advances to signing off and training on other equipment More reasons to use college-based training Cost-effective

Lower attrition rates than regular hires Higher commitment to the employer Quicker advance to sign off Standardized entry-level training program First Cohort- July 2010 Continuing Success Graduates are Excellent drivers- often in the training role Mentoring new participants during the training program On mine rescue team, and in competitions

Demonstrating aptitudes in many areas of mining Inviting friends and family members to apply for the program First Graduates & Partners September 2010 Mining Fundamentals Training could become your success story Northern Lights College More than haul truck training Programs supporting the Mining Industry Trades and Apprenticeships Automotive Service

Technician APP & Fdn Carpentry APP Commercial Transport Technician APP Electrician APP & Fdn Heavy Duty Equipment Technician APP Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Technician Fdn Millwright APP & Fdn Plumbing APP & Fdn Welding APP Levels 1-4 and Certificates Level A, B, & C

Programs supporting the Mining Industry Applied Business Technology Three streams: Administrative Assistant Financial Assistant Office Assistant Individual computer courses: Excel Word Office AutoCAD

Programs supporting the Mining Industry Workforce Training Crane Training Hoisting and Rigging Management Skills Driver Training Trades upgrading

Computer Software Safety Training ATV/UTV Fall Protection Confined Space Rescue Snowmobile/Avalanche First Aid WHMIS/TDG And many more Your local training provider Contact us for more information Our Mission

Northern Lights College provides the educational means for the continued growth and prosperity of our students, and the communities and businesses across northern British Columbia. Kristina van de Walle- Dean Business, International and Contract Training (250) 784-7529 Rene Tremblay- Dean of Trades and Apprenticeships 1-866-463-6652

Donna Merry Campus Administrator (250)242-8227

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