Studio Ghibli - Cleveland State University

Studio Ghibli - Cleveland State University

LI E B M HI N I GUE IOU N I Q D U S STA P A N J A S T U D IO JAPANESE ANIME IN GENERAL Anime to Americans means Japanese animation, with certain stylistics noted; anime to Japanese means any type of worldwide animation

Anime bears a close relationship to Japanese manga, i.e., comic books which, by the way, embrace all genres and are not just for children! Anime is viewed in Japan as a part of their art heritage, drawing on Japanese art forms over many centuries Japanese anime artists are held in high regard; some are quite famous in Japan Common thematic motifs are post-apocalyptic worlds, robots that blur the distinction between human and machine, and the great heroes and epic tales from Japanese history The drawing style tends to emphasize certain body featurese.g., large eyes, slender builds Studio Ghibli is unique among anime studiosa kinder, gentler approach STUDIO GHIBLI

Founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Toshio Suzuki, and Yasuyoshi Tokuma, with funding from the publishing company by Tokuma Shoten. Co-principals Miyazaki and Takahata already had wellestablished careers in film and television animation Ghibli is Italian for the sirocco, Mediterranean wind; it was also the nickname of an Italian WWII fighter plane that Miyazaki admired NOTE that airplanes, and flying in general, have been a motif of Ghibli films, notably Miyazakis films The studio still relies primarily on hand-drawn animation, but began to incorporate some computer-generated elements with Princess Mononoke (1997) The studio itself is quite smalla boutique studio The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, which opened in 2001, is a popular tourist destination HAYAO MIYAZAKI

Born in 1941, Tokyo; obviously, he grew up in a troubled post-war Japan He attended Gakushuin University, graduating with degrees in political science and economics; but he pursued manga art starting in high school Worked for a number of studios, including Toei Animation, before founding Ghibli He is the most famous and beloved animator in Japan When compared to Walt Disney, he objects, indicating that Disney was a (big) businessman, whereas he is a (humble) artist Indeed, Miyazaki is intimately involved in all his films writing, directing, drawingthey are all his personal vision He has announced his retirement several times, but always comes back to work

Perhaps Miyazakis most iconic imagefrom My Neighbor Totoro MOTIFS OF HAYAO MIYAZAKI Flying airplanes, witched, human, castles, you name it Female protagonists When asked why nearly all his films feature core, often powerful female protagonists, Miyazaki has said its because this is not the normit would not be very interesting to have adult male protagonists, because that has been done so often. Miyazaki is an intuitive feminist. The delicate balance between nature and technology The environmentalist message of Princess Mononoke In Spirited Away, even the spirit world has complex machinery Howls Moving Castle creates a mechanical world that transcends the real Magical Unrealism?? Fantasy is used broadly, but metaphorically, with real-world implications Kikis Delivery Service a witch in a realist European city Spirited Away just beyond the edge of a realistic family outing lies an alternate reality filled with monsters and spirits ISAO TAKAHATA

Born in 1935; had some memories of WWII, which would color his works He graduates from the University of Tokyo with a degree in French literature Inspired by French animation, he sought employment as a director of anime, and landed at Toei Animation He is not an artist, unusual among anime directors Influenced by Italian Neorealism and French New Wave, his films are not based in fantasy, but rather are set in realistic environments (exceptionPom Poko) I am so glad I can make so many people happy. ISAO TAKAHATA Grave of the Fireflies The saddest movie Dr. N. has ever seen.

STUDIO GHIBLI The studio has released 17 feature anime films since 1985: Film Release date Feature films Castle in the Sky August 2, 1986 Grave of the Firefl April 16, 1988 ies My Neighbor Toto ro Kiki's Delivery Ser July 29, 1989 vice Only Yesterday July 20, 1991 Porco Rosso July 28, 1992 Director Pom Poko Isao Takahata July 16, 1994 Screenwriter(s) Producer(s) Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata

Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata Toru Hara July July July July 15, 12, 17, 27, 1995 1997 1999 2001 The Cat Returns July 19, 2002 November 20, Howl's Moving Ca 2004 stle Joe Hisaishi Michio Mamiya

Joe Hisaishi Toshio Suzuki Whisper of the He art Princess Mononok e My Neighbors the Yamadas Spirited Away Music Yoshifumi Kond Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki Hiroyuki Morita Reiko Yoshida Katz Hoshi Joe Hisaishi Kry, Manto Watanabe, Yko Ino, Masaru Got, Ryjir Furusawa Yuji Nomi Joe Hisaishi Akiko Yano Joe Hisaishi

Toshio Suzuki and Nozomu Yuji Nomi Takahashi Hayao Miyazaki Joe Hisaishi Gor Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa Tales from Earths ea Ponyo Arrietty From Up on Popp y Hill Television films July 29, 2006 Gor Miyazaki July 19, 2008 July 17, 2010 July 16, 2011 Hayao Miyazaki Hiromasa Yoneba Hayao Miyazaki yashi and Keiko Niwa

Gor Miyazaki Ocean Waves May 5, 1993 Tomomi Mochizuk Kaori Nakamura i Nozomu Takahashi Shigeru Nagata Hayao Miyazaki Toshio Suzuki Joe Hisaishi Isao Takahata and Seiichiro Ujiie Riko Sakaguchi Joe Hisaishi In production The Wind Is Risin 2013 (Summer) g [11] The Tale of Prince 2013 (Fall)

ss Kaguya[11] Isao Takahata Toshio Suzuki Tamiya Terashima Joe Hisaishi Ccile Corbel Satoshi Takebe MORE ON MIYAZAKI: Click for an interview with Hayao Miyazaki for BBC television Also see: Spirited Away DVD extra on making of...includes behind-the-scenes footage of Miyazaki at work animating,, cooking, ADRing, Foley, and music recording END

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