Study Abroad at PSOB

Study Abroad at PSOB

Study Abroad while at PSOB Undergraduate Outbound Introduction Professor Stan Kamzol Welcome to the exciting world of Study Abroad Every day is a NEW DAY ! Every decision you make shapes WHO you are, WHAT you can do, and WHY you are special The WORLD is your oyster.. 8

OPPORTUNITY TO: Gain credits Experience Grow . other cultures Sheridans Program A contemporary opportunity to build a NEW YOU In addition to all the extra-curricular activities, your course development and

inspired learning YOU CAN Take the opportunity to: Study in Europe for a semester for summer school You can experience a NEW WORLD You can build a NEW YOU Europe and our recent Partners *TuD Dublin Ireland *ULimerick Ireland

Saxion University Netherlands Northwestern University Switzerland *LaSalle - Ramon Llull University Spain Excerpts from Recent Testimonials I attended a 2-week course at FHNW in Basel... Not only did I earn a credit.. the . course was also a great cultural experience, students came from all over the world .. China, Thailand, the UK, Poland etc. Misha - Summer 2016 FHNW, Switzerland "I wanted to study abroad because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My time at FHNW has changed my life forever. Living and experiencing life in Switzerland is one of the best takeaways... Sheridan was there to guide me along the process. FHNW has fantastic events for their international students." Amanda Spring 2017 FHNW, Switzerland

To say that my time abroad was amazing would be an understatement. It was completely life-changing... I had the opportunity to learn.. with other students from a wide range of countries. I will cherish the memories and friends I made forever. Thank you, Sheridan, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. Davina Spring 2018 HAN, The Netherlands My first encounter of the idea of studying abroad was at PSOBs Information Session This idea of studying abroad became something I looked forward to.. Becoming life long friends with different people, experiencing travels with these people will forever be apart of my life. Nadia - Spring 2018 HAN, The Netherlands Sheridans Partners in EUROPE 2020+ THE PORTAL .. A link to start the process http://

d-opportunities / Switzerland.. NORTHWESTERN University of Applied Arts in Switzerland, first a little about the country .. Initial INBOUND/OUTBOUND Fall 2016; 2 dozen students have come to Sheridan or gone to FHNW Located in Olten/Basel just 100km from Zurich and very near France & Germany in the center of EUROPE (English delivery International Business Studies) The Netherlands . SAXION UNIVERSITY of Applied Sciences, located 2 hrs by train from Amsterdam, first a little about the country. Initial INBOUND/OUTBOUND Fall 2020 Located to the east of Amsterdam near the border with Germany (English delivery at the International Business School) Spain . LaSalle-Ramon Llull University, first Initial INBOUND/OUTBOUND Fall 2021 Located on the Mediterranean coast in Barcelona (English delivery at the LaSalle business school) Ireland .

UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK, first a little about the country Initial INBOUND/OUTBOUND Fall 2021 Located on the west coast in Limerick City just 200km from Dublin close to Cork and Shannon airports (English delivery at the Kemmy Business School) Our Experiences to Date:

Over two dozen Sheridan Bachelors students have studied abroad for a semester A similar number of Partner school students have studied at Sheridan Each experience has been rewarding, inspirational, defining .. Returning students as Ambassadors You have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and to continue our growing Study Abroad Experience The Questions and Reflections:

How does it fit ? BUT what about credits, monies, culture shock . ? WHO can help answer my questions ? How can I be a part of this ? Expenses (very approx.): Switzerland/Netherlands/Spain/Ireland (Full Semester)- Residence /Food / Local transport / Misc.: $1200-1500 /mth

MONTHLY TOTAL : approx. CDN $1700- 1800 (incl. travel) OVERALL x 5 months = CDN$ 9000 Additional: Air travel Canada to/from Europe: CDN $1000 CDN $ 8,000 10,000 Total Semester ( + Sheridan tuition) GRANTS AND BURSARIES AVAILABLE could reduce costs by CDN $ 2,000 3,000 !! Summer School (2-3 weeks)-

Program Residence /Food / Misc.: Program TOTAL :1500 2000 Euro (~ CDN $3000) Additional: Air travel Canada to/from Europe: CDN $1000 CDN $ 4,000 4,500 (+ 1 course Sheridan tuition) Key Questions always: Tuition is paid at Sheridan for the number of courses that you have on your agreed Learning Agreement (3-5) Student / Entry Visas vary by country and need to be confirmed and are dependent upon your own nationality

Insurance - typically covered by Sheridan Student Insurance Courses confirmed by PSOB and arranged by HOST Financing: OSAP eligible; Bursaries available for application**** Application process driven by Partner International Office You can keep in contact throughout with Sheridans PSOB and International Offices your link to home Successful credits are transferred as Advanced Standing @

Options are availableremember part of the consideration is alignment. Study abroad for a TERM Work with Academic Advisor, You remain a student of PSOB Study abroad for SUMMER SCHOOL Find a SUMMER SCHOOL program that interests you (HAN, FHNW) Confirm that it fits an elective: HAN = Breadth Elective - Global Culture 1000; FHNW = Business Elective Creativity/Innovation BUSM 49001D Alignment Fall

Semester Abroad (late August late January) Spring Semester Abroad (late February late June) At Sheridan Winter Semester starts early January . Therefore. Options: Sheridan Fall @ Sheridan; Spring @ HOST OR Fall @ HOST; Summer at The Process going forward Think about the opportunity: Consider your own situation Consider your interest, your ability to participate / to finance

Research the options (look at info about study abroad experiences, talk to students, look at travel books / websites (Lonely Planet etc.), visit, visit Apply as per the Portal, Follow the application process APPLICATION DEADLINE end February for Fall 2020; End Sept for Winter/Spring 2021 APPROVALS within 1 month of Application; LAs within 2 months of Approval Experience a NEW WORLD, a NEW YOU

What is the process? Investigate your own situation, are you interested? Do you have room in your credits? Can you plan for a departure < year+? If you are keen to go within the next 3 semesters contact me and fill out an application for participation Once accepted in the program, you will meet with the Academic Advisor to fill out a Learning Agreement for the period of study (this will be signed off / form the base of your Study Abroad period) You will be announced to the Partner institution 3-4 months prior to your period of study AND you will begin preparations at Sheridan (with International, Student Financial Services etc.)

You will begin your preparations for departure !! Ask me [email protected] ca

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