Subregions of the U.S.

Subregions of the U.S.

Subregions of the U.S. The United States Northeast New England & Mid-Atlantic states 5% of land area but 20% of US population Rustbelt=declining & abandoned traditional industries

Primary economic activity: services Cultural and financial center of the country BosWash megalopolis=500 mi. of heavily urbanized areas of Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, & Washington D.C. Midwest 20% of land & 25% of population Fertile soil, adequate rainfall, & favorable climatebreadbasket of nation Central location & excellent waterwaystrade, transportation, & distribution center

Industries leaving for warmer climates (similar to rustbelt) South 25% of land/35% of population quite diverse culturally Sunbelt Warm climate hindered devt but a/c in the 1950s & abundant energy reourcesboosted

industrialization mid/late 20th century West 50% of land area but only 20% of pop. Most rapidly growing Because of

regions desert, semarid, & highland climates, it is region aided most by irrigation and a/c. Tourism, film making, computer production Subregions of Canada

Atlantic Provinces PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland Rugged terrain, severe weatheronly 8% of pop. Pop. concentrated in coastal cities Primary economic activities- fishing &

logging Worlds richest fishing area Core Provinces Quebec & Ontario 60% of pop.=Canadas heartland Ottawa, Ontario=federal

capital Center of economic activity Toronto, on Lake Ontario, is banking and financial hub & most populous city Quebec=center of French-Canadian Culture

Prairie Provinces Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta location on Great Plains Canadas breadbasket Primary economic activity is agriculture grain & cattle

Biggest Asian Influence The Pacific Province- British Columbia & the Territories British Columbia: located in Rocky Mtns pop. centered in SW Vancouver is Canadas largest trading port The Territories

41% of land but harsh climateleast populated Nunavut, made a separate territory in 1999 to settle land claims of Inuit, is home to most of Canadas Inuit pop.

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