SWEN Program Presentation

Master of Software Engineering Program 36 Hour Program 7 Core coures, 4 electives, 1 Capstone project Degree offered via internet classes M.S. Software Engineering page 1 Entrance Requirements. Entrance Requirements Undergraduate degree in CS, CENG, or related. GPA >= 3.0 GRE score of 1,000 (verbal + quantitative) Verbal GRE > 400, quantitative GRE > 500 Foundation courses: Data Structures If verbal gre <400 Writ 3037 and Writ 3135 If quantitative gre < 500, Discrete Math and Prob&Stat

M.S. Software Engineering page 2 The Software Engineering Curriculum 36 semester hours (11 courses + 1 project) 33 hours of course work, 3 hours (capstone project) 7 core courses (all offered via web) Software Process Software Architecture Requirements Engineering Software Construction Software Project Management Testing, Val, & Ver Software Engineering

Some Electives (need 4 electives) Risk Management, Personal Software Process, Software Metrics, Database Management, Management of Technology, Managing Technical and Professional People. M.S. Software Engineering page 3 Courses SWEN 5130 Requirements Engineering SWEN 4433 Software Engineering Tools SWEN 4435 SWEN 5230: SWEN 5232: SWEN 5233: SWEN 5234: SWEN 5432: SWEN 5430: SWEN 5431: CSCI 5333: SENG 5330 MGMT 5634

MGMT 5638 Managing Technical and Professional People Can take as electives any graduate CS, CIS, SENG, CENG courses at UHCL. M.S. Software Engineering Personal Software Process Software Project Management Software Construction Software Architecture Software Engineering Processes Software Engineering Software Metrics

Validation and Verification Database Management Systems Risk Management Management of Technology page 4 For more Information Program Information S. Andrews White, Ph.D. Software Engineering Program Chair email: [email protected] phone: 281-283-3867 fax: 281-283-3869 Web: http://sce.uhcl.edu/whites snail mail: 2700 Bay Area Blvd Houston, TX. 77058 Other Swen Web site: http://sce.uhcl.edu/swen Academic Advisors Barbara Coleman, Ph: 281-2833700 Enrollment and Admission information on the Web http://www.uhcl.edu/ M.S. Software Engineering page 5

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