Symbols, Sacraments, and Paschal Mystery

Symbols, Sacraments, and Paschal Mystery

Symbols, Sacraments, and Paschal Mystery This chapter explores how natural and human signs can take on religious meaning within the context of worship and our relationship with God. This chapter provides a background for understanding how the sacraments are symbols of the Paschal mystery and further develops an understanding of the role of the Holy Trinity in Liturgy and Sacraments.

Signs and Symbols Signs most of them have only one meaning. Symbols always mean more than one thing. Ex. The color red symbolizes fire, love, anger, blood, and so on. A sign becomes a symbol when more than one meaning is associated with it. Natural Signs Communication between humans is characterized by signs and symbols, by language, gestures, and actions.

Signs and symbols in the natural world can reveal to us the existence of God. These have become part of our way of communicating with God. Church: Symbolic actions that express a relationship with God. People of all cultures communicating with God in their native language. Using gestures as kneeling, sitting, and standing. People speaking, singing

Signs of the Covenant One of the ways God established his covenant with the people of Israel was through signs and symbolic actions with religious meaning. Consecration of priests, prophets, and kings with anointing of oil and laying on of hands; sacrifices; and, above all, the Passover. Read page 33and underline.

Remembering the Covenant The liturgy celebrates the Paschal Mystery of Christ , His Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. Our liturgical signs and symbols help us remember Gods presence and covenant with us. Anamnesis: means to remember This prayer involves recalling Gods saving action as heard in the Word and prayers of the liturgy.

Epiclesis: means to summon, or to invoke. In the Eucharist the priest calls upon the Father to send the Holy Spirit so that the bread and wine may become the Body and Blood of Christ. The Sacraments

Sacrament: Outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. The Sacraments both instruct the faithful by words and actions and also nourish, strengthen, and express faith for everyone taking part in the celebration. For this reason they are called: 1. Sacraments of Christ 2. Sacraments of the Church Sacraments of Faith

Sacraments of Salvation Sacraments of Eternal life Sacraments of Christ By the words and actions of Jesus. They are rooted through His public ministry and draw their saving power from the Paschal Mystery of His Death and Resurrection. Sacrament of the Church The apostles continued this tradition and laid the foundation for the ordained ministry of the bishop, priest, or deacon who celebrate the sacraments today, in the place of Jesus himself.

The three Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders leave a sacramental character or seal that remains with those who receive them for the rest of their life. They are never to be repeated. Sacraments of Faith Two ancient Latin sayings summarize what we mean by the description Sacraments of Faith. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi means the Church believes as she prays.

Ex Opere Operato means by the very fact of the action being performed. Catechesis Greek word, means to echo. The process of instruction and preparation for the sacraments in which a person is made ready to echo Gods Word in their own life. Sacraments of Eternal Life In the celebration of the Sacraments we, believe the Church already receives the guarantee of her inheritance and even now shares in everlasting life.

The Role of the Trinity in the Liturgy and the Sacraments God the Father of all Creation: God the Father is recognized as the source and end of all blessings. It is through the Word of God that we receive the blessings and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Son of God, Jesus Christ: Jesus is really and sacramentally present in the liturgy. He is present in the priest, in the proclamation of the Word, in the gathered assembly that makes up the Body of Christ, and in the Eucharist.

Each liturgy relives the Paschal Mystery in Jesus, making Christ present and alive to believers of every age. The Holy Spirit: Its presence and activity is vital in every liturgical and sacramental celebration. It. * prepares the Church to encounter Jesus. * recalls and makes Christ present to the faith of the assembly. * unites the Church to the life and mission of Christ.

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