Synod of the Trinity

Synod of the Trinity

Supporting For over 300 years, the Synod of the Trinity has been a nurturing source of support and resources for its presbyteries as they seek to be faithful to Christs commission in their support of vital, mission-oriented congregations. We work hand-in-hand with the ministry and mission of our presbyteries as they seek to support the witness of congregations, to the end that the church throughout its region becomes a community of faith, hope, love and witness. The Synod supports presbytery leadership by offering training, networking and continuing education opportunities such as: Executive Presbyter Forums, COM/CPM Training, PJC Training, cost-sharing for education for firstIn addition, the Synod analysis. time presbytery executives and access to demographic ministry participates in objectives relating to the larger mission strategies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly. Synod Assembly Synod office, Camp Hill, PA 2 Supporting The Synod of the Trinity region covers all of Pennsylvania, all of West Virginia except for the eastern panhandle, and the counties of eastern Ohio (with West Virginias northern panhandle) generally known as the Upper Ohio Valley. Local proximity issues have also resulted in congregations in New York and Maryland being included in the synods numbers. Our current 16 presbyteries make up the Synod of the Trinity, and

these mid council offices serve 1,061 churches and 144,408 Presbyterians, making the Synod of the Trinity not only the oldest but also one of the largest in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). 3 Our calling Synods primary end: As part of the body of Christ, the Synod, through the responsible use of shared resources, supports and challenges member presbyteries to be vital, innovative and faithful in their collaborative and distinctive callings. Secondary ends: Denotes an end that has been emphasized for the work of the Synod by the Governing Commission. Connecting presbytery leadership for coordination, spiritual support and sharing best practices.

Encouraging innovation in, between and among presbyteries through the use of human, programmatic and financial resources. Providing services of education and nurture for member presbyteries. Extending partnership of member presbyteries in joint and shared mission and ministry. Nurturing relationships within the larger church for the purpose of greater witness. Fostering conversation and action for the promotion of social righteousness. Governing Commission elected at Synod Assembly Meeting Leading The Synod Assembly is comprised of 32 commissioners representing all 16 presbyteries plus six racial ethnic at-large commissioners. The Governing Commission acts on behalf of the Synod Assembly throughout the year. It includes the Synod moderator and vice moderator, eight elected commissioners, five ex-officio (four Synod staff members plus the previous moderator) and two advisory executive presbyters. 4 Making a difference Each year, the Synod of the Trinity awards hundreds of thousands of dollars to presbyteries and churches. Moneys are generally distributed in the following ways: Peacemaking Grants

If you are interested in addressing the issues and making a difference in the areas of hate speech and behavior, racism, rise of incivility in our culture, gun violence, and refugee and immigration issues, this grant will assist you in your ambition. Mission Travel Grants Short-term mission trip travel represents a special kind of experience, and the Synod of the Trinity wants to help congregations and individuals put faith into action through this grant. First PC of Charleston, WV, in Peru ttsburgh and Beaver-Butler Presbyteries in Malawi, Africa 5 Making a difference Innovation Grants Through these one-time grants, congregations, presbyteries and faithbased organizations are encouraged to dream and explore innovative and new possibilities for ministry and mission. Innovation Grants for New Worshiping Communities In partnership with the Presbyterian Mission Agency, this one-time grant will assist with a portion of the matching funds necessary for Investment and Growth Grants for New Worshiping Communities. Innovation Grants for Congregationally Connected Campus Ministry

Congregations can play a vital role in the life of a nearby college campus by providing meals, worship and a safe space. This one-time grant will assist a congregation seeking to develop a new, ongoing campus connection. Studio at Beacon Krislund Camps Traveling Day Camps 6 Making a difference Partnership Grants Is your group passionate about a common interest or concern? Is your team interested in connecting with another group to live out that call in ongoing ways? If so, this grant is for you. Student Study Grants Education and vocation discernment are key Association of Presbyterian Church Educators Presbyterian values. This opportunity, which is available for both undergraduates and graduates, supports opportunities where both may take place.

Brotherhood Insurance Partnership Profits generated by Brotherhood Insurance are given back to the Synod and then shared with those entities that participate in the program. In a recent year, nearly $84,000 was distributed back to our churches, camps and presbyteries. West Virginia University 7 Making a difference Self-Development of People A ministry that affirms Gods concern for humankind. United in faith and action through sharing, confronting and enabling, SDOP includes Presbyterians and ecumenical partners dissatisfied with poverty and oppression. The committee has handed out over $600,000 to worthy organizations in the last 10 years and as much as $75,000 in a given year. Small Church Leadership Development Funds are provided to our presbyteries to distribute to their smaller congregations (membership of 151 or less) for the training of clergy and lay leadership. Recently, the Synod distributed $32,000 to its presbyteries

for this purpose. Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence West Virginias Small Church Conference 8 Being more Reaching out to the world is at the core of the gospel and is a significant commitment of the Synods presbyteries and congregations, which have relationships and partnerships all over of the world. As just one example, a Synod grant helped support a six-month stay of a pastor in Rwanda who strengthened the bond between church and presbytery. Grants have assisted mission travel for many groups within the Synod that have been called to build partnerships with Christians in Africa, Central America and the Middle East, as well as in the United States. Presbytery of Carlisle in Honduras Lehigh Presbytery in Point Pleasant, N.J. Presbytery of Kiskiminetas in Rwanda, Africa 9 Coming together The Synod of the Trinity, its presbyteries and churches are committed to

being involved in conversations that bring to light civil and social issues that plague our world today. We pray that raising awareness with a push toward action will make a difference for Christ in our local communities and beyond. At Synod Assembly meetings, prayer and conversations center around racial and social issues that are plaguing our nation. A congregation within our bounds created a remembrance to the lives lost during one of the worlds most deadliest acts of war the bombing of two Japanese cities that resulted in the deaths of 120,000 people. We as a region continue to gather, talk and look to the future for ways that lead to action and living in faith. Walk for Peace & Unity by Williamsport Presbyterian Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance Market Square PC in Harrisburg, PA 10 Nurturing There are 10 camp and conference centers within the Synods region. They have direct partnerships with specific presbyteries and receive regular financial support from Synod grants. Beaver Creek Presbyterian Church Camp Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery Bluestone Camp and Retreat West Virginia Presbytery

Camp Donegal Donegal Presbytery Camp Lackawanna Lackawanna Presbytery Camp Lambec Crestfield Camp & Conference Center Beaver-Butler, Lake Erie, Kiskiminetas, Shenango Presbyteries Camp Presmont Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery Crestfield Camp & Conference Center Pittsburgh Presbytery Kirkwood Camp & Retreat Center Lehigh, Philadelphia Presbyteries

Krislund Camp & Conference Center Krislund Camp & Conference Center Carlisle, Huntingdon, Northumberland Presbyteries Pine Springs Camp Redstone, Washington Presbyteries 11 Educating Six colleges and universities in the Synod of the Trinity region have Presbyterian affiliations and receive financial support from the Synod. While some of the Synods monies are placed in scholarship funds, the institutions can choose exactly how the money is used. Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, PA

Grove City College, Grove City, PA Arcadia University, Glenside, PA 12 Educating Synod funds are also given to several other colleges and universities within our bounds to support Campus Ministries. In some cases, the funds go toward the salaries of the college chaplains and help cover programming costs. Bloomsburg University Penn College Protestant Campus Ministry California University of PA United Campus Ministry Campus Ministry at Penn State Behrend

Penn State Behrend Protestant Campus Ministry Penn State Eberly/Fayette Protestant Campus Ministry Protestant Campus Ministry Lock Haven University Mansfield University Penn State University Westminster Presbyterian Protestant Campus Ministry Fellowship Millersville University Shippensburg University United Campus Ministry United Campus Ministry In West Virginia, the Westminster Foundation supports several universities in the state. The Synod provides funds to the Foundation, which in turn passes them on to those schools Campus Ministries.

United Campus Ministry Davis & Elkins College Fairmont State University Marshall University Pierpont Community and Technical College Shepherd University West Liberty University Weekend of Service at West Virginia University 13 Serving Synod of the Trinity On the web 3040 Market Street Camp Hill, PA 17011 Ph: (717) 737-0421 Twitter: @synodtrinity Rev. Susan Faye Wonderland Stated Clerk [email protected]

Transitional Executive [email protected] Frank Orzehoski Business Administrator [email protected] Rev. Dr. Wayne A. Yost Gwenn Egresitz Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper [email protected] Mike Givler Communications Coordinator [email protected] 14

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