Career Path and Passions So many decisions along the way Susan H. Rodger Professor of the Practice Duke University Nov. 13, 2015 IBM

Research Triangle Park, NC 1 A long time ago, back in 1979. 2

B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics My first semester, my first course in programming - PL/I 3

Decisions? Industry? Grad School? Systems Programmer NCSU, University Systems Control Center

Undergraduate Research Cleanup data from buoys in the water Last minute decision IBM Summer job Go to Grad School

4 MS. 1985, P.h.D 1989 in trouble with email New Data Structure

Dynamic contour search tree 5 Assistant Professor Continued research in algorithms

CAREER CHANGE. Got more interested in education 6 Started developing education tools

Changed area to Visualization Tools and CS Education Tool NPDA - to experiment with

pushdown automata CS Concepts Coming Alive- Back in 1989 What data structure is this?

YARN, in the shape of a binary tree

Subtrees made with molecule kit What is it?

2D-range tree Search in x-y plane Main tree organized by x-values Subtree organized by y values

1994 Moved to Duke University Professor of the Practice Position focuses on Education in the Discipline

First Passion Designing Educational Software 12 Formal Languages and Automata Theory

Traditionally taught Pencil and paper exercises No immediate feedback More mathematical than most CS courses Less hands-on than most CS courses Appears to be no programming? Unlike most

other CS courses Overview of JFLAP Java Formal Languages and Automata Package Instructional tool to learn concepts of

Formal Languages and Automata Theory Topics: Regular Languages Context-Free Languages Recursively Enumerable Languages Lsystems

With JFLAP your creations come to life! Thanks to Students - Worked on JFLAP and Automata Theory Tools Over 20 years!

NPDA - 1990, C++, Dan Caugherty FLAP - 1991, C++, Mark LoSacco, Greg Badros JFLAP - 1996-1999, Java version Eric Gramond, Ted Hung, Magda and Octavian Procopiuc Pt, JeLLRap, Lsys Anna Bilska, Jason Salemme, Lenore Ramm, Alex Karweit, Robyn

Geer JFLAP 4.0 2003, Thomas Finley, Ryan Cavalcante JFLAP 6.0 2005-2008 Stephen Reading, Bart Bressler, Jinghui Lim, Chris Morgan, Jason Lee JFLAP 7.0 - 2009 Henry Qin, Jonathan Su JFLAP 8.0Beta 2011-14 Julian Genkins, Ian McMahon, Peggy Li,

Lawrence Lin, John Godbey JFLAP - L-Systems L-Systems may be used to model biological systems and create

fractals. Similar to Chomsky grammars, except all variables are replaced in each derivation step, not just one!

Commonly, strings from successive derivations are interpreted as strings of render commands and are displayed graphically.

Add second T rule L-Systems

The same stochastic L-system, rendered 3 different times all at the 9th derivation. Second Passion Integrating Computing in to K-12

39 Adventures in Alice Programming www.cs.duke.edu/csed/alice/aliceInSchools 2-week Teacher workshops Over 200 teachers, middle school, high

school, some elementary First week Teach Alice, Practice Second week - Develop Lesson Plans All disciplines: math, science, history, language arts, foreign language, art, music, business

Summers 2008-2015, funding for lodging Main Sites: Duke University, Durham, NC Charleston/Columbia, SC San Jose, CA

THANKS IBM and NSF Curriculum Materials www.cs.duke.edu/csed/alice/aliceInSchools

Over 90 tutorials available for free

Beginner, advanced, challenges, projects Paper handouts and video Over 200 Teacher lesson plans Organized by discipline and grade level Example: Objects are visible

Getting Started Tutorial teaches Placing objects Moving objects Setting up Camera tripods and moving between views Using built in methods and

writing your own Dragon flapWings Gluing objects together Adding sound, 2D pictures to enhance world

Topical Tutorials CS Topics Who is taller? Making decisions conditional Making a fancier chicken

Inheritance How to get all ninjas to kick at the same time List How to visit all your friends

Making methods flexible - parameter 43 Animation Tutorials

Camera Lighting Adding images and sound Invisible objects Changing scenes Putting real people in Alice

44 Third Passion Promoting Women in Computing 45

How Visible are Notable Women in Computer Science? Pondered this question in early 2012 Looked at Wikipedia The internet encyclopedia

Who writes those pages? Why did some notables have pages and others not? Turing Award Winners Only two women at that time

Fran Allen

School teacher got a job at IBM Compilers and Optimization Technology IBM Fellow First Women Turing Award (2006) First Woman

The Turing Award was announced on Feb. 21, 2007 Her Wikipedia page was created on Feb. 6, 2007 On Feb 21, 2007 the Turing Award was added to

her Wikipedia page. Here is that first page for Fran Allen Three days later

Turing Award Announced and added to her page In the next three days Over 30 edits, added awards, boards What about other Notable Women in

Computer Science? ACM Fellows Few women 1994 first year over 130 Fellows 9-12 were women? Less than 10%

About 20-50 Fellows per year 2014 47 fellows, 6-8 women Noticed few of Women had Wikipedia pages Investigate New CRA-W Project Write Wikipedia pages for Notable women in

Computing How hard is it to write a Wikipedia page? Lots of rules you have to follow Another area with few women 2013 study 16% of Wikipedia writers are female

Wrote a Guide on How to Write Wikipedia Biography www.cs.duke.edu/csed/wikipedia To Share These Achievements. August 2014, with Katy Dickinson and Jessica

Dickinson Goodman. Created Notable Women in Computing cards Vicki Hanson Had no Wikipedia page, now does

Encourage you to Explore your passions Maybe that will involve computer science and X? Reach for the stars Think about an advanced degree

More control over what you work on Be bold Consider changing career focus 58

Thank you Questions?

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