Table of Contents -

Table of Contents -

Medical Assistance Certification Periods Minnesota Financial Workers & Case Aides Association Conference September 28-30, 2011 DHS Health Care Training Presenter: Ge Her Note: Unresolved questions asked during the presentations are being reviewed and

will be posted soon. Table of Contents What is a Certification Period How a Certification Period is Created When to Interrupt a Certification Period When Not to Interrupt a Certification Period Adding a New Household Member Overlapping Certification Periods

Spenddowns and Changes to Certification Periods 2 Definition of a Certification Period Two meanings: A certification period is the period of

time a client can be active before the next renewal is due. For income purposes, the certification period, sometimes referred to as a budget period, is the time period in which income is calculated to determine income eligibility, as well as the premium or spenddown amount. 3

Initial Certification Period Retro = Actual Income J a n F e b

M a r A p r M a

y J u n Anticipated Income 4

How a Certification Period is Created MAXIS sets up the initial certification period when: A new case is created and health care is requested. A closed case is put into PND2 status through APPL.

Health care is requested through STAT/ HCRE on an active case. 5 STAT/HCRE Note: All case names and numbers used in this presentation are fictional and were created for learning purposes only. 6


When to Interrupt a Certification Period A previously scheduled cash, or Food Support (FS), annual recertification, six-month report or MA renewal

is due during a current certification period. A MCRE renewal is due during an existing MA certification for other household members. Exceptions exist for cases that have active Food Support or cash programs. Adding a household member who increases the household size. Exception: Do not interrupt the certification period when adding a newborn already included in the household size as an unborn. 9

When to Interrupt a Cert Period Continued A person who is included in the household size, but did not request MA with other household

members, now requests MA for a period before the households original certification period. A clients automatic MA eligibility ends (MSA). When a client in a single person household dies, end the current certification period on the last day of the month in which the death occurred. 10 Aligning Cert Periods

11 STAT/BUDG - Aligning 12 STAT/REVW Updated 13

STAT/BUDG Updated 14 ELIG/HC Updated 15 MinnesotaCare

Redetermination Date 16 Automated Cert Period Creation MAXIS creates a new certification period in most

instances when a certification period must be interrupted. 17 Automated Cert Period Creation Example 18

Automated Cert Period Example Continued 19 New Certification Period If a PF11 system patch is needed, see TE09.13.15 HCRW SHORTENED SPENDDOWN FIXES PHASE 1. 20

Notes for Interrupted Certification Periods When a new certification period is created, adjustments must be made to the old certification period, such as a shortened spenddown calculation. If the new certification period has a spenddown, all household members must use the same spenddown type unless an

exception is met. Update MMIS according to the MAXIS changes. 21 When Not to Interrupt a Certification Period

A person on stand-alone MA becomes eligible for automatic MA with cash assistance, or the MSA and RCA programs.

A client enters or leaves an LTCF. QMB, SLMB or QI eligibility is added to MA. MA eligibility is added to QMB, SLMB or QI. The household size decreases because a person dies or leaves a current MA household. A clients income changes. 22 When Not to Interrupt a Cert Period Continued

A person who was included in the existing household size but did not request MA is now

requesting coverage within the same income certification period. A clients eligibility changes from MA-EPD to basic MA, resulting in a lower income standard. Redetermine eligibility for the remaining months of the certification period using a monthly spenddown. People on basic MA become eligible for TMA or TYMA. People on TMA or TYMA become eligible for basic

MA. 23 Notes on When a Cert Period is Not Interrupted

On a six-month spenddown, you cannot decrease benefits as eligibility has already been approved through the six-month certification period. (HCPM24.10.10) If the six-month spenddown adjustment results in a lower spenddown amount or earlier satisfaction date, make the adjustment in MMIS and notify the client of

the changes so they can submit additional bills that may now be covered by MA. (HCPM 24.25) If the client has a monthly spenddown, you must allow for 10-day notice before taking adverse actions on the case. (HCPM 24.25) Update MMIS according to the MAXIS changes. 24 Adding a New HH MEMB

Eligibility is determined based on his/her living arrangement before entering the home. If the new member lived with other mandatory

members, deeming and HH composition rules apply from the previous HH. The new member may gain a basis of eligibility but HH size rules do not apply in the month of entry or retro months. New member must be determined under old HH factors for those months. A new HH member cannot be eligible with existing members until the first full month they have lived in the home, except for auto-newborns. 25

Adding a New HH MEMB 26 Adding a New HH Member Continued MAXIS creates a new certification period.

27 Overlapping Cert Periods New health care requests that overlap with previous certification periods with eligible or ineligible months.

28 Overlapping Cert Periods 29 Overlapping Cert Period September Application 30

FIAT Required Reason Code 05 System Override 31 Overlapping Cert Period Update month of August with new application

information. POLI/TEMP TE09.12.01 32 Which type of spenddown can be shortened? A six-month spenddown can be shortened. Monthly spenddowns are determined one month at a time so

changes take effect the next available month allowing for 10day notice. 33 Recalculating a SPDN Step 1: Update the information that interrupts the certification period in the month the change occurred.

Step 2: Once the update is made, change the footer month to the beginning of the certification period. Step 3: Use the BGTX command in STAT to request new background transactions. 34 When a SPDN Decreases Act

on a change when the client reports it but do not verify the change until the next certification period. Changes may result in earlier satisfaction dates or changes to the recipient amounts. 35

SPDN Decrease - Example 36 Spenddown Decrease Example Continued 37 SPDN Decrease - SPDN

38 SPDN Decrease Shortened Cert Period 39 STAT/BUDG Alignment

Dont forget to update STAT/REVW! 40 SPDN Decrease Shortened SPDN 41 SPDN Decrease - MMIS

42 Spenddown Increases Increase in income beyond normal projected amounts e.g. new job. A household member enters or leaves the home. Client reports income that was not anticipated when the original income

calculation was determined. The months before the change were high income months in shortened spenddown situations. 43 SPDN Increases - Example Richard

and Jane receive an unexpected lump sum payment of $4,000.00 in July. Update income in the month of the change. Recalculate spenddown. 44 SPDN Increased SPDN

Do not send notice due to increased six-month SPDN amount. 45 Other Changes Review HCPM 21.05 Certification Period Review case to see if interruption of certification period is needed. Update spenddown amounts and make updates if changes are beneficial to client.

If case is set up as monthly spenddown, allow 10-day notice if taking adverse action. 46 Questions? 47

Thank you! 48

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