TAC & Board of Directors Update

TAC & Board of Directors Update

MAY 24, 2018 RMS UPDATE TO TAC Rebecca Zerwas RMS MEETINGS 4.3.18 & 5.8.18 TAC Structural Review Discussion re: COPS and RMS continues RMS voted to endorse RMGRR151, Updates to the Retail Market Guide for TAC Subcommittee Restructuring, as amended by ERCOT comments and RMS discussion (no impact) RMS voted to endorse changes to the RMS Procedures, which sought to codify the changes to the scope of the subcommittee following the restructure and streamline the document PWG carryover - Possible Changes to Annual Validation Process conversation moving under RMS Posted Voting Items (no action needed)

NPRR850, Market Suspension and Restart Remains tabled, discussion on when RMS will bring back up in regards to concerns with other subcommittees NPRR853, Availability of ERCOT Estimated Interval Meter Data RMS unanimously voted to request PRS reject NPRR853 with the understanding that a subsequent NPRR will be filed looking at alternative 2 solutions to create lower cost impacts to the market WORKING GROUP UPDATES RMTTF Refreshed MarkeTrak training available, TX SET training will launch in September Houston in-person training dates announced for September 25th (Retail 101) & 26th (TX SET NEW***) TDTMS

(presentation - May) (presentation - April) NPRR778 lessons learned: looking at impacts in reductions of MarkeTrak cancel with approval subtype and IAS; reviewed RMTE User Guide for possible enhancements to the current environment and worked on draft SCR for Additional Alignment with NPRR778 TDTMS Scope Update (Vote) TX SET (presentation - May) (presentation - April) (presentation - May) (presentation - April) Discussion on Market Interface Service Provider (MISP) Outage and lessons learned Reviewed additional changes made to TX SET webpage, Texas SET Scope Update (Vote) Drafted RMGRR Additional Alignment with NPRR778 , see RMGRR152 (RMS endorsed amended language - IA pending) Reviewed and removed all references of Sharyland Utilities (SU) RMG, see RMGRR153 (RMS endorsed language - IA pending) Texas Market Test Plan updates regarding payment changes (Vote table till June) ***Note, AMWG has been moved to inactive and the monthly SMT reporting is available on the RMS meeting page pending a final Commission decision in D-47472 3 ERCOT UPDATES & OTHER ITEMS OF

INTEREST Mechanism for sale of a REP Portfolio Updates to the Texas Renewable Energy Trading Program Presentation (available here) outlines ERCOT analysis on results of 2017 survey Summer 2018 Preparations Presentation (available here) on pending changes to the REC trading program page and retirement platform Web changes seek to capture language removed from COPMG Retail Demand Response and 4CP Response

RMS followed up on CWG/MCWG conversation regarding a proposal that would allow a REP that is failing to voluntarily enter a process where its book can be offered for bid to other REPs (as opposed to the current POLR drop process) Proposal would necessitate protocol and PUCT substantive rule changes Presentations are available here and here RMS requested clarity from ERCOT legal regarding the possibility of adding M&A contact to REP info discussion continues at RMS and CWG ERCOT provided updates on last months discussions, including additional information on May 17 th communications meeting Updates provided on POLR drill and potential changes to POLR timelines that ERCOT may file Other Business Update on pending new Oncor AMS deployment update for former Sharyland service areas Discussion on pending RMGRR to remove references to Lite-Up Texas program Removed CNPs Process for applying Charges for Multiple Unmetered Services on the 810_02 TX SET from open action items CenterPoint will provide test transactions to REPs upon request 4 HOT TOPICS TAC Assignment IDR Meter Reads IDR meter data availability issues have moved from COPS to RMS Presentations from May RMS made by ERCOT (available here) outlining four options it has identified and Oncor (available here) outlining a near term solution with gray box, future language

Following a discussion on proposed language, Oncor filed NPRR877, Use of Actual Interval Data for IDR ESI IDs for Initial Settlement, capturing suggested edits from RMS possible vote at June RMS RMS will request a workshop to look at merits of more long-term solutions as outlined by ERCOT requests weigh in from WMS on discussion given potential settlement impacts Market Interface Service Provider (MISP) Outage A market interface service provider or MISP (defined in OBD, Texas Market Test Plan) experienced an extended unplanned outage in late March/early April Discussions being held at RMS, TDTMS, and TX SET on how third party relationships are defined, role in market, communications during events capturing lessons learned ERCOT also continues to discuss the complexity of these issues with cyber, operations, and legal internally Request: TAC guidance on next steps, MISP workshop * Next RMS meeting scheduled for June 5th * 5 QUESTIONS? 6

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