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Welcome Talented And Gifted Chattahoochee High School Curriculum Night 2016 What is TAG like in HS? Ms. Patti Pair TAG/ Social Studies

Gifted Department Chair Directed Studies & Interns Economics (12th) GHP coordinator Social Studies Fair Charter faculty of CHS

[email protected] Room H117 Ms. Carla Boudreaux TAG/ ELA Honors 10th Lit / AP Lang (11th) 10th Grade Seminar

[email protected] Room D115 Mr. Ben Salba TAG/ Social Studies AP World History (10th) ,AP Reader Seasoned Sophomore Seminars Model UN Sponsor [email protected] Room F111

Ms. Shoshanna Adams TAG/Social Studies AP Government (9th) Economics (12th) 10th Grade seminars Vanguard Technology

Team [email protected] Room H119 Mr. Michael Sinco TAG/Social Studies AP Psychology HIRE ME 11th seminars [email protected] Room H122

Ms. Amanda Wile TAG/Math Honors Geometry

Precalculus Internships (11th/12th) HIRE ME Seminars (11th) Testing Coordinator 1 to 1 Reach Leadership of Johns Creek [email protected] H124 Ms. Mary Winn TAG/ Science

Freshman Focus Seminars Testing Coordinator [email protected] Ms. Chelsea Henderson TAG/Math AP Calculus 10th Seminars [email protected] Room G106

Mr. Matt Sharp TAG/Science AP Biology APS Biology [email protected] Room H112 In addition to our TAG Depart

teachers, AP teachers receive additional training on Characteristics of the Gifted since most TAG students take AP Courses. 2016 Chattahoochee TAG Data

9th graders 10th graders 11th graders 12th graders Total TAG 863 164 254 217

228 FCBOE allots 1 TAG teacher per 110 TAG students in HS How do you know youre in TAG? If you have been in TAG in Elementary or Middle school , your eligibility will roll over into high school. Your middle school TAG teachers send me a list of all TAG students & hand deliver your TAG folders. If you were in TAG in elementary school, but dropped out in middle school you may reenter the program my emailing

me. Check your schedule Your class schedule should always show TAG as an 8th period class. This is only in order to give you TAG credit on your report card. There is no 8th period class. Dont worry TAG is

NOT after school. Please email me if your 8th period ever disappears How do students get TAG credit in HS? Students need to do something: Seminars (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) Directed Studies (11th 12th) Internships (11th, 12th) Advanced Curriculum (AP, MOWR/College English, GT Math) Independent Projects

TAG Seminars Advisement groups of students 9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade

Freshman Focus Seasoned Sophomores HIRE ME (prerequisite for Internship) College Apps This year we are using the Advisement timewhich will eventually be twice weekly Freshman Focus Ms. Winn Goal Statement; To orient gifted students

to high school and the gifted program and develop an understanding of their unique talents and individual traits. Seasoned Sophomore Seminar Goal Statement: The seasoned sophomore is

mature, accustomed to high school, and has character, wit, personality. This seminar proposes to help each student know more about his character strengths, learning style, and personality so that he/she can plan for a successful academic experience through high school and into college. HIRE ME- Mr. Sinco & Ms. Wile

Goal Statement: The students will decide on an internship focus (related to their career interests), i.e. medicine. The students will practice interviewing skills & compose a resume, cover letter, & construct a portfolio. The students will also learn about business ethics, professional attitudes, & attire in order to become more polished for their upcoming internship and adult life. Directed Study-Ms. Pair

(Juniors and Seniors) Room H 120 A class that occupies a period on your schedule

Daily attendance required Application into this program is required Present a curriculum of study to your advisor & develop a contract that you will follow all semester 12 gradable assignments required Focus on an area of study that interests you most Self-motivation is a MUST http://school.fultonschools.org/hs/ chattahoochee/Pages/TAG-Department.aspx

Check out Directed Studies Student Testimonials Information available on the Chattahoochee Site www.chattcougar.com Internship-Ms. Wile/Pair (11th & 12 -7th period) Room H124

Designed for students who desire to learn about a particular occupation Release early each day to work with a professional in the field you have chosen ( after 2 weeks of class) Excellent opportunity to sample careers Each internship lasts one semester Prerequisite seminar entitled HIRE ME We are always looking for

Internship Contacts Our program is growing! If you would like to find out more information about the possibility of having a TAG intern in your office (no obligation just information) Advanced Curriculum Advanced Placement (AP) AP courses allow for

possible college credit based on AP Exam score MOWR- Duel/Joint Enrollment College English Ga Tech Math TAG Department on Edmodo.com 5y65u6 @hoochtag

@MrDarpecon Follow us on Social Media Fulton County Supporters of the Gifted membership!

Fulton County Supporters of Gifted http://www.fultongifted.org/ great source of information, advocacy & support for teachers, students & families involved in gifted education. *Provides & for summer programs*

Georgia Association for Gifted Children http://www.gagc.org/ National Association for Gifted Children website http://www.nagc.org/ Any questions? [email protected]

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