Taxonomy - Yola

Taxonomy - Yola

Taxonomy And Classification Ms. Politano Zoology Taxonomy is the science of grouping and naming organisms.

Classification the grouping of information or objects based on similarities. Aristotle Plant or animal? If an animal, does it

Fly Swim Crawl Simple classifications Used common names Ghost Cat, Devil Cat, Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion, Florida

Panther Carl Linnaeus Described organisms with two word names, instead of polynomials as first developed by Aristotle. Developed

binomial nomenclature First word = genus name Second word = species name Binomial Nomenclature The genus name is written first (always Capitalized). The species name is written second (never capitalized).

Example: Felis concolor or F. concolor Which is the genus? The species? All organisms classified in a hierarchy Kingdom (broadest) Phylum

Class Order Family Genus Species (most specific) Species vs. Genus Species

A group of similar organisms that produce fertile offspring. Genus - A group of similar species. The most closely related. Why is taxonomy useful? Helps

prevent confusion among scientists Helps to show how organisms are related Can be used to reconstruct phylogenies

evolutionary histories of an organism or group Dichotomous Key A series of descriptions arranged in pairs that leads you to the identification of an unknown organism.

Activity: Identify an unknown animal You will be created YOUR own dichotomous key to help identify some unknown creatures. Remember

they should contain simple yes or no questions and need to be on observable characteristcs.

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