Teaching and Learning Framework

Teaching and Learning Framework

TEAM BCPS OFFICE OF DIGITAL LEARNING Back to School Meeting September 4, 2014 Follow us on Twitter @BCPSODL Ryan Imbriale Executive Director Department of Innovative Learning Lloyd Brown Executive Director

Department of Information Technology TEAM BCPS WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS 2 Portal.microsoftonline.com Online access to One Drive. Use BCPS credentials to log in. Full sync coming in Fall.


Imaging of HP devices..Coming Soon! Work Orders: Thanks for your patience! Daly Support and Extended Help Desk x4672 Email Tickets 7:30 5:00 (BCPS) 5:00 10:00 (Daly) Print Management Services Adobe Creative Cloud License TEAM BCPS

NEWS FROM TSS TEAM BCPS Southwest Northwest Central Northeast Southeast Dave L angis Dave Soter

F red Balmages T odd L oht Derrick Pittman Bedford Campfi eld Cedarmere Chatsworth Church Lane Deer Park F ort Garrison F ranklin Glyndon Hernwood M ilbrook New Town

Owings M ills Randallstown Reisterstown Scotts Branch Summit Park T imber Grove Wellwood Winand Woodholme Carroll M anor Cromwell Valley F ifth District Halstead Academy Hampton J acksonville Lutherville Lab Oakleigh Padonia

Pinewood Pleasant Plains Pot Spring Prettyboy Riderwood Rodgers F orge Seventh District Sparks Stonleigh T imonium Villa Cresta Warren West Towson M ays Chapel Arbutus Bridge Center Catonsville Lansdowne

Southwest Academy Meadowood Center Woodlawn Windsor M ill Deer Park M agnet F ranklin Old Court Pikesville Sudbrook Cockeysville Dumbarton Hereford Loch Raven Academy Ridgely Catonville Catonsville Alternative

Lansdowne Western Technical Woodlawn F ranklin M illford M ill Academy New Town Owings M ills Pikesville Randallstown Carver Center Dulaney Hereford Loch Raven T owson TEAM BCPS

Elementary Schools Arbutus Baltimore Highlands Catonsville Chadwick Dogwood Edmonson Heights F eatherbed Lane Halethorpe Hebbville I magine Discovery J ohnnycake Lansdowne Powhatan Relay Riverview Westchester Westowne Winfi

eld Woodbridge Woodmoor Carney Chapel Hill Elmwood Essex F ullerton Glenmar Gunpowder Harford Hills J oppa View Kingsville M artin Boulevard M cCormick M iddlesex Orems Perry Hall

Pine Grove Red House Run Seven Oaks Shady Springs Victory Villa Vincent F arm Battle Grove Bear Creek Berkshire Charlesmont Chase Chesapeake T errace Colgate Deep Creek Dundalk Eastwood Center Edgemere Grange

Hawthorne L ogan M ars Estates M iddleborough Norwood Oliver Beach Sandalwood Sandy Plains Seneca Sussex Crossroads Golden Ring M iddle River Parkville Perry Hall Pine Grove Stemmers Run

Deep Creek Dundalk Gen. J ohn Stricker Holabird Sparrows Point Eastern T echnical Kenwood Overlea Parkville Perry Hall Rosedale Center Chesapeake Dundalk Patapsco Sollers Point Technical Sparrows Point

Middle Schools High Schools Maiden Choice RI CA Special Schools Ridge/ Ruxton White Oak Eastern F amily Reso Ba urc ttle e M onument MAP Testing

Michele Wagner DoIT TEAM BCPS BCPS ONE UPDATE 15347 New myBCPS accounts 19750+ existing accounts from other apps 414 are now BCPS One parents

20847 Parent-to-Student Associations Since Wed. 8/27 Lowest volume day 655 new parents Highest volume day 4266 new parents TEAM BCPS PARENT STATISTICS WEEK 1 Volume 600+ an hour Added resources to our servers Changed sender of system e-mails to monitor for

spam notices. Code Errors 4 releases since 8/27, another targeted for tonight Connectivity outage on internet DNS server between us and Engrade failed for one hour E-mail Service Providers Rejecting our mail

AOL and Yahoo seem to be the most common TEAM BCPS MOST APPARENT BCPS ISSUES Not reading yellow sheet or trying to set up accounts before getting them. Not receiving activation code Delivering to full mailboxes

Parents entering incorrect e-mail Parents with whitelists Mistyping verification code or DOB Out of all 20,000 activations only 9 have been actual data issues Using verification code for account activation code Trying to log in to BCPS One through school web site Login link. Teachers sending home internal and external password but not explaining which the student should use at home.


Kama Dwyer, Team Leader [email protected] Heather Donatelli [email protected] Jan Kurtz [email protected] Jennifer Langenberg [email protected] Jeanne Noorisa [email protected] Cathy Overtoom [email protected] TEAM BCPS

OFFICE OF ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY LOCH RAVEN ACADEMY X2299 Addressing communication and access needs Communication devices Accessibility features Magnification Built in onscreen keyboards Speech recognition Adapted keyboards Adapted mice/trackballs software TEAM BCPS

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY Clicker 6 Classroom suite Boardmaker v6 Boardmaker studio Dragon naturally speaking kurzweil WordQ


TEAM BCPS ROLE OF THE TECHNOLOGY LIAISON https://intranet.bcps.org/offices/oit/liaison/14-15/ODL_Liaiso n_Job_Description_2014-2015.doc Docking Station Information TEAM BCPS DOCKING STATION INFORMATION Parent Access Codes Obtaining and Printing

Permissions and Printing Liaisons have been tasked with providing a training session for parents related to access to BCPS One. The website bcps.org/bcpsone has support aids for this session. Please complete the Google Form to indicate the completion of this task.

TEAM BCPS BCPS ONE PARENT TRAINING New video for Office 2013 Mail Merge http://www.schooltube.com/video/181 3cc85aabf42209ee0/ TEAM BCPS STUDENT USER NAME LABELS Portal.microsoftonline.com

Online access to One Drive. Use BCPS credentials to log in. Full sync coming in Fall. TEAM BCPS MICROSOFT 365 Through BCPS One

Class level access Working on placing access on More Resources/Tools and Utilities Page Teacher of record can share a class with you for access TEAM BCPS WIXIE ACCESS RIP in Windows 7 Folder Fitnessgram 8.6 Full Install Runs on Windows 8 (HP) Devices TEAM BCPS


BCPS App Store still in the works Some apps that are being sent Zaner Bloser Font Edmodo Dictionary Kids Story Builder QR Reader Common Core Calculator Movie Moments Fresh Paint KoDu Game Lab TEAM BCPS

WINDOWS 8 APPS ConnectEd Troubleshooting TEAM BCPS CONNECT ED TROUBLESHOOTING http://www.bcps.org/apps/erf/ TEAM BCPS LOGIN FOR INTERNS For the good of the group.


TEAM BCPS TODAYS AGENDA Sampling Of Groups Knowledge of Destiny Access To Destiny & Troubleshooting Access To Follett Software Customer Portal Getting Around In Destiny Scanner & Barcode Tag (Labels) Details Adding Item Records To Destiny Additional Help Resources Web-based ( Access From Anywhere via Internet) Three Main Modules Library Manager (All BCPS Schools w/ Libraries) Textbook Manager (Approx. 24 School Sites)

Asset Manager (All BCPS Schools) Patrons Are Sent To Destiny By STARS Use of Barcode Tags (Labels) Simplifies Data Entry Different Patrons Have Different Privileges Users Are Logged Out After Inactivity Timeout Use Outlook Credentials For Login TEAM BCPS DESTINY? Start From: http:/destiny.bcps.org Select YOUR School Site From Destiny Main Page EXIT Destiny Quest Login (With Outlook Credentials) Make Sure All Of Todays Attendees Can Login

Extra Help Is Available After Destiny Login Main (Searchable) Help Top Right Corner On-Page Help How Do I TEAM BCPS ACCESS TO DESTINY & TROUBLESHOOTING Go To: http://www.follettsoftware.com Click Blue PORTAL Button (Upper Right Corner) Login Use Follett Customer Account Instructions For Creating Account Included In Welcome Email. Uses Email Address & Password For Login.

Requires Follett Customer Number & School Zip To Setup. Email Me If Unsuccessful ( [email protected]) TEAM BCPS THE FOLLETT SOFTWARE CUSTOMER PORTAL TEAM BCPS FOLLETT CUSTOMER PORTAL In The Portal, Online Training Videos Are At: Professional Learning Product/Solution: Destiny

Refine Selection: Asset Manager Filter Results: To Be More Specific (But, Not Required!) Use Latest Version Available For Videos TEAM BCPS GETTING AROUND IN DESTINY Navigation Is Via: Tabs Options Sub-Tabs Do Not Use Browsers BACK BUTTON! Destiny Works Well In: (Today, Anyway!) Internet Explorer 9.X or 11.X Google Chrome Firefox

Safari Lets Have A Look At This (Desktop Share) Scanner Is A Honeywell (Metrologic) MK9540-38A32 Has A 5 Year Warranty Comes With USB Cable & Stand Can Be Ordered From CDW-G Contact Bill Rose ([email protected]) Single Units Sell For $140.00 (Delivered) Description Record Is Already In Destiny! TEAM BCPS THE HONEYWELL SCANNER Tags Are Custom Imprinted On Polyester Stock Are For Use On BCPS Technology Assets

ONLY! Other Assets In The School Can Be Tagged, But Not Yet! Will Require Different Labels! Asset Labels All Start With The Number 5 Contain a 4-Digit Site Identifier Have 14 Total Digits Use Symbology: Code 3 of 9, Mod 10 TEAM BCPS BARCODE TAGS (LABELS) - 1 Require A Clean Surface (Use Alcohol Prep Pad!) Should Be Difficult To Remove After

24 Hours Come On 1000 Label Rolls Cost $70.00 per 1,000 Labels Labels For Technology Assets Will Be Provided By BCPS Include A Tattle-Strip For Hiding. Are Sequentially Numbered On Roll TEAM BCPS BARCODE TAGS (LABELS) - 2 Two Types Of Records In Asset Manager Description Records (Created At District level) Item Records (Created At School Level) Add Item Records Using Catalog Tab. Search Catalog To Find Proper DESCRIPTION

Record Use: Look In Baltimore County Public Schools Add New ITEM Record To A Description Record. Add Multiples Of Same Item, At The Same Time! DESCRIPTION Record Must Exist Before ITEM TEAM BCPS ADDING RECORDS TO DESTINY If You Cant Locate The Proper DESCRIPTION Record: Use Record CONTAINS not Starts With Check Spelling Of Item Name

Try Using Model Name Email The District Description Specialist Donna Gruzs ([email protected]) Still Having Trouble?? Email Bill Groth ([email protected]) PLEASE Work Carefully With Item Records TEAM BCPS ADDITIONAL HELP RESOURCES As We Move Forward Department Chairs Will Have Circulation Responsibilities Please Complete The Spreadsheet That Was Included In Your Welcome

Email, And Return It To Me. I Will Add These Folks To Your System, For Circulation. Please Send This List As Soon As The Position Is Solid Send Again, Anytime Positions Change. TEAM BCPS ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBLE STAFF 9/23/14 (Tuesday) Pulaski Park II e-Classroom 9:00 11:00 a.m. 9/23/14 (Tuesday) Pulaski Park II e-Classroom 1:00 3:00 p.m. 9/23/14 (Tuesday) Pulaski Park II e-Classroom 4:30 6:30 p.m. 9/24/14 (Wednesday) Pulaski Park II e-Classroom 9:00 11:00 a.m. 9/24/14 (Wednesday) Pulaski Park II e-Classroom

3:30 5:30 p.m. 1.Log into the BCPS Online Registration System at https://www.bcps.org/apps/registration. 2.Select Catalog: Meetings - Registration. 3.Click the Catalog link in the left-hand navigation menu. 4.Use the pull-down menu to select Digital Learning and select the appropriate meeting from the list. 5.Select the session you wish to attend. 6.Register. Pulaski Park II e-Classroom: 9611 Pulaski Park Drive Suite 307 Baltimore, MD 21220 TEAM BCPS FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING Please Email Me If You Have

Questions! Bill Groth ([email protected] ) TEAM BCPS THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! For the good of the group. TEAM BCPS QUESTIONS? Liaison fbhehu https://

edmo.do/j/pg90n3 Liaison Sandbox zrtcga https:// edmo.do/j/b0d7f9 TEAM BCPS IMPORTANT EDMODO GROUPS Professional Development Opportunities Liaison

Meeting Schedule New Liaison and Alternate Meetings HSA/MSA Refresher Sessions Liaison Hangouts 49 TEAM BCPS UPCOMING EVENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS TEAM BCPS THANK YOU! TEAM BCPS DEPARTMENT OF

DIGITAL LEARNING Have a wonderful school year! Follow us on Twitter @BCPSODL

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