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TEACHING POETRY OBJECTIVES To enjoy the rhyme & rhythm To recite with stress & intonation To understand the gist of the poem

To appreciate mood of the poem TEACHING METHODOLOGY USED Participatory Interactive Constructivism PRE READING TASK A picture of noose is shown Pre reading questions 1.What do you see in the picture?

2.What are you reminded of? 3.Who does the hanging? 4.How is he accepted in the society? 5.At home? THE HANGMAN AT HOME by Carl Sandburg WHAT does the hangman think about When he goes home at night from work? When he sits down with his wife and Children for a cup of coffee and a Plate of ham and eggs, do they ask

Him if it was a good days work And everything went well or do they Stay off some topics and talk about The weather, base ball, politics And the comic strips in the papers And the movies? Do they look at his Hands when he reaches for the coffee Or the ham and eggs? If the little Ones say, Daddy, play horse, heres A ropedoes he answer like a joke: I seen enough rope for today? Or does his face light up like a

Bonfire of joy and does he say: Its a good and dandy world we live In. And if a white face moon looks In through a window where a baby girl Sleeps and the moon gleams mix with Baby ears and baby hairthe hangman How does he act then? It must be easy For him. Anything is easy for a hangman, I guess. Evaluation Discussion on the mood of the poem

Recapitulation Through short questions and discussions FURTHER ACTIVITIES Leading to debate [Speaking] Capital punishment is a barbarous form of punishment Jot down points on black board

ASSIGNMENT Using the points on the blackboard write an article on the topic: Capital punishment should be abolished When do the audience listen and enjoy

what we read aloud to them? when they understand what we are reading. But, Understanding is not just recognizing the words. We must also understand what the poet meant to say / express. Reading aloud expressively also means being able to produce the sounds correctly and clearly. SUGGESTIONS FOR BETTER READING ALOUD :

Know the through meaning before you start reading Read slowly & clearly enough so that everyone can hear you Breathe as naturally - enough Do not rush. Hold your book correctly. Not too far away / down below. Be relaxed as you read. Enjoy your reading. Look up occasionally. If there are amusing parts wait for the laughter to subside before you start again.

CHORAL READING The students read as one person. helps children interpret and share poetry is rewarding Is creative and enjoyable helps them learn to plan and work together. Shy ones tend to lose their shyness They speak out in the safety of the group. learn the importance of co-operation they derive much fun TYPES OF CHORAL READING :

1. Refrain : is natural for a poem that contains a refrain. Usually the whole group says the refrain one person speaks the other lines Or the group can speak the lines, one or two people the refrain.

2. Line-a-child a number of lines are read in solo manner each by a different child. Chosen parts of the poem are spoken by the group in unison. works well with poems with 3 or more characters. 3. Antiphonal brings light and heavy voices into play against each other. dramatizes a poem that contains

o dialogues o questions and answers o other elements giving contrasts. 4. Unison the most difficult type requires students to stay together for a longer period of time. tries to blend all kinds of voices in a suitable rhythm, volume & tone. best for poems with little change of moods and no dialogue.

best for a class that has little experience in choral reading. Scythe song All : Mowers, weary and brown and blithe, What is the song methinks ye know. Endless over-work that the Scythe Sings to the blades of grass below? Scythes that swings in the grass and clover,

Something, still, they say as they pass; What is the work that, over and over, Sings the Scythe to the flowers and grass? Girls Boys Girls : : :

Hush, ah hush, the Scythes are saying Hush, and heed not, and fall asleep! Hush, Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys :

: : : : They say to the grasses swaying, Hush, They sing to the clover deep! Hushtis the lullaby Time is singing- Girls :

Hush, and heed not, for all things pass, Hush, ah hush! Boys : and the scythes are swinging All :

Over the clove, over the grass! Some websites for downloading recitations http://www.poetryoutloud.org/poem/174303 http://www.songofamerica.net/cgi-bin/iowa/hom e/index.html http://www.amazon.com/n-frolic-indian-englishchildren-special/dp http://www.hellopoems.com

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