Team: Alexandra Bucurescu Catalina Tabara Nicoleta Fotea ...

Team: Alexandra Bucurescu Catalina Tabara Nicoleta Fotea ...

National College of Computer Science Tudor Vianu, Bucharest, Romania Project manager: Monica Gradinescu E-mail: [email protected] GREEN DREAM Mission statement Nowadays, people tend to use different sorts of drugs that solve a specific medical issue causing complications and trauma in other vital organs. Some adverse reactions determinated by medicine are less severe and reversible. However, it can appear serious problems, leading to handicap and some even to death, so as a result today doctors speak of an entire pathology generated by drugs called "iatrogenic pathology. To counterbalance this alarming fact, our company offers a healthy, efficient and non-violent solution based on the algaes properties incompletely explored. Thus, biologists recognize algaes beneficial effect in a wide range of diseases that man faces, maladies for which there is a specific treatment ... OR NOT! Let nature be GREEN DREAM 1 Challenge There are many companies around the world offering drugs that try to deal with medical diseases, but they dont fully solve the problem because the substances interfere with the functionality of other organs. Our company proposes a new concept of drugs prepared by mixing essential substances extracted from algae. The remaining algae will be used for obtaining biofuels. Many countries that have a direct link to the ocean usually have serious inconveniences created by the amount of algae formed very close to the shore and sometimes at high deepness. In our desire to protect the ocean, we collect the needless algae and then, using simple techniques, chemists extract those important substances for drugs and biofuels. Collecting seaweed from the beaches is an impetus for the development of seaside tourism with its aesthetic and protection function, because the decomposition of algae is responsible for the Hydrogen sulphide, which is a toxic substance that already caused the death of a person in Europe. Not taking into account that the algae on the beaches form slime, a culture medium for various bacteria. The use of a small portion of algae collected to obtain biofuels, chemically the same as petroleum, but not harmful for the planet after the combustion, is another sub-branch of our company. The advantages of biofuel derived from algae are: it does not require agricultural land to be produced and it can be used both for cars and aircrafts (the palm oil used as biofuel proved to be deleterious because many lands were destroyed and ecosystems had serious problems!). During combustion, biofuels emit the carbon dioxide absorbed by plants during their growth, making the whole process to be neutral in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide with the note that other types of fuels (coal, oil, gas natural) dramatically increase the accumulation of harmful gases. Our database centralizes the information regarding scientists, substances, methods of extraction and processing, companies responsible for transport, clients, sponsors, distribution, all in accordance with the ecological rules that prevent the modification of the oceans environment. Centre Let nature be GREEN DREAM

2 Interviews Laura Gaman Marian I. University Biochemistry Professor at University of Medicine and Pharmacology Carol Davila, Bucharest Phone: +40 720 049 267 Oceanographer at the National Institute of Oceanography, Constanta Phone: +40 729 040 100 Ms. Laura Gaman explained us the algaes properties and the benefits some substances contained in these plants may have on the human body. She seemed very glad to find out that one company thought at the idea of implementing a conceptual model that produces medication based on natural ingredients taken directly from the sea. The professor also thinks that the plants located at the bottom of the ocean are incompletely studied and as a consequence many chemical substances are not yet used in the pharmacological area. We received information about the ocean organisms, especially about the algaes role in the ocean ecosystem that helped us to outline conditions and a conceptual model that respects all the rules of the ocean. Let nature be GREEN DREAM 3 Company structure Our company deals with extraction, site inspection, purification, processing of seaweed and their transport from the centres to the laboratory, through a partnership with a company in the industry. Our multinational company has branches all around the world in many countries that have direct connections to the ocean. Using special equipment and specialists, our teams extract the algae without affecting the natural environment of the ocean. Next, a selection step divides the organisms according to their toxicity because the scientists will use only those categories that do not represent a danger for the human organism. This process takes place in centres. Once that the products arrive to different laboratories, the chemists and biologists draw out the beneficent substances and prepare medication for different types of diseases or biofuels.

Our company offers two sorts of products: Biofuels Just as vehicle technologies are evolving, so are fuel technologies. The key measure of performance for fuel technology should be grams of CO2 emitted per kiloJoule of energy released. Medication Medicine produced from algae can contribute to a beneficial and meaningful treatment for diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and influenza, where ordinary drugs can only improve the situation. Also, positive effects in terms of drugs based on algae were registered in the function of the mental and immune systems, endocrine system, blood physiology, eliminating cancer cells or viral infected cells (in the early stages of the disease), circulation, stimulation of stem cell development, blood pressure adjustment. Algae is also a valuable aid in many illnesses and pareses, multiple sclerosis, senile osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, myeloma, lymphoid leukemia, anxiety neuroses, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, severe anemia and Parkinson's. Our researchers have designed a product based on marine algae, with powerful effects against cancer without toxic effects on the body. Thus, only one dose of three milligrams, the size of a grain of rice, is able to eliminate a large number of cancer cells by limiting the development of blood vessels that feed tumors. GREEN DREAM 4 Let nature be Principles The company has accredited professional employees. In order to prevent damages in the oceans system each extraction is carefully overseen by several ecologists and specialists in oceanography. Before and after this process an inspection is coordinated at the same latitude and longitude to evaluate and stave off the possible bad effects. Our ecologists respect the rules proposed by the OCEANS, GREAT LAKES and COASTS OFFICE a division of the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and frequently use the information brought forth by the maps and virtual slide shows of 3D ocean life. We set our sights on creating an efficient and comprehensive database for the algaes company because the need to register, present, maintain and develop the projects in one central location furnishes many advantages not only for the managers, but also for the other people working in the company (oceanographers, ecologists, chemists, biologists and partners). The given diagram explains the importance of our companys activity: the algae is being used in medicine production but also in the biofuel industry. Thus, the biofuel combustion eliminates the necessary quantity of CO2 for the algaes growth and so it is created a cycle, that proves the projects efficiency.

Let nature be GREEN DREAM 5 The extraction process One of the most important steps followed by our company is the extraction level, through which the oceanographers in collaboration with biologists take out the autotrophic organisms. The ocean is very important in maintaining the biodiversity as long as it covers more than 70% of the earths surface and contains 99% of the living species on earth! Without this space for organisms to survive, there would be five fewer phyla of animals on the earth. Perhaps this is the most important reason to protect the oceans to preserve the biodiversity of the Earth. Therefore in accordance with the principle of protecting the ocean, our employees use only non-destructive methods and extract only a certain quantity calculated by several formulas. Taking into consideration that the algaes rate of multiplication is ideal in the given conditions: alkalinity greater than 1.6, a salinity of 10 - 35, and a dissolved oxygen concentration greater than 3 mg per litre, but less than saturation, it will be calculated the multiplication rate in the area in which the extraction process is done. Next, it is admitted that each extraction wont take out more than 1*10^6 cells/ml. It is also important the pH level of the water that must be between 7 and 9 in order to provide an optimum growth rate. Let nature be GREEN DREAM 6 Transportation During the transport, the algae are preserved in refrigerators that maintain the optimal conditions for the safety of the products, including temperature, humidity, salinity and other parameters. The algae are collected from the extraction points located in an ocean or a sea and are transported to the centre found at a very short distance. As a consequence, the extraction points and centres coincide on the map. In centres, algae are purified until the microorganisms contain only the necessary substances to the following processes in order to avoid a redundant transport to the laboratory. If there are both an operating centre and a laboratory in the same country, it is preferable to do the transport to the laboratory located in the same country. An exception is constituted by a centre in Russia because of the large distance between that centre and the laboratory in this country, which would be inconvenient and inefficient. Considering the fact that near each laboratory there is a warehouse for the products obtained, the company tries, as much as possible, to build the laboratory in a major city, at a road junction or even in the capital of that country, to facilitate the selling process for our clients. In the case of the laboratory in South Africa, it is in the same town as the centre, but these do not coexist. Legend: centre Our company also establishes partnership with specialized agencies that assure the algaes transportation to the laboratories in safe conditions and taking cognizance of ecofriendly measures. The biofuel is the way in which the company pays for

the services offered by the "Rental Company, taking into account that the transport will be done using this kind of fuel that will significantly reduce pollution, as part of our company policy to promote an eco-style. The rules we follow in order to choose our partners are the level of professionalism and the safety of the products, because we need to keep the algaes properties and substances. The mean of transport remains the choice of the company employed by our company GREEN DREAM Let nature be 7 Constraints and assumptions A "Researcher" can be biologist or chemist, while an Inspector" may be environmentalist or oceanographer, and the category "Other" is responsible for maintenance and overseeing the centres and laboratories. Regarding the subtypes for employees, the "Manager supervises the people working both in centres or laboratories. It is also responsible for sending the newsletters that contain offers and advertisements for one given company. "Advertisement" is a binding entity that encompasses all the valid offers. A newsletter should be sent to a single company because it is personalized in accordance with the clients requirements. It is not mandatory for each company stored in the database to receive newsletters as long as they do not want this to take place. The consignment is based on criteria such as higher or lower interest of companies for our products and it will be solved procedurally. The entity "Partner" has two subtypes: "Individual" - represented by an individual customer and "Company" which may represent a client or a sponsor of our company (in both cases the same data will be stored). The product that will be sold is either medicine or biofuel. Prospectus is an entity that contains attributes referring to a medicine. Each medicine sold must have a prospectus. Presentation form can have only three values: pills, intravenous or syrup. Keepment condition represents the temperatures limits between the product must be stored. The photosynthetic pigment will have only one value. In the situation the algae contains more pigments,

we will save only the predominant pigment in our The inspection will be done on a weekly basis at the same latitude and longitude as the extraction process and the ecologists or the oceanographers will explore the oceans state on a larger surface monthly. Each client must be in contact with one of the managers to buy the products of our company, but they will take the goods from the warehouse, located in the laboratory while the transport will be provided by another company The classification of substances in substances used for biofuel and substances used for medicine will be done programmatically in accordance with the attributes values. We store information in our database about seas and oceans even if, in some cases, there is no extraction point located there for possible future expansion of business . Air pollution parametre is an entity that best describes our biofuels interaction with the air and the consequences it has on it after combustion. Water pollution parametre consists of a report that records physical or chemical or biological characteristics of the site where the extraction is made. Each inspection generates a report. The buildings kept in the data base are centres, laboratories and warehouses. Usually the centres are located in the neighborhoods of the exploration points. 8 Final ERD 9 ERD explanations Gratification is the entity that gives information about the sum of money received by the employee at the date specified in the Bonus and for the reason also mentioned in the same entity, as a reward for the extraordinary labor. We have decided to use a subtype ERD implementation as those three categories of report had no common attributes. The attribute toxicity for Algae represents a degree of toxicity. The entity Provider refers to the company

from which our company buys tools and gadgets needed for the purification or extraction methods, but also the products necessary to the buildings maintenance. The attribute type from the entity Extraction point can have one of the following three values that reciprocally exclude: seashore, sea or ocean. Inspection is an intersection entity and represents the regularly inspection done by an oceanographer and environmentalist at the extraction point to ensure that the work of our company does not put any external pressure on the environment. We have the following measurement units: Depth: metre Temperature: Celsius degree Humidity: per cent Pressure: atmosphere Liquids: litre Energy: kiloJoule Evaporation degree: per cent Quantity of algae: kilogram Quantity of medicines: gram Let nature be GREEN DREAM 10 ERD explanations Key type OCEANS Optionalit y Column name PK # Ocean_id * Name * Climate * *

Salinity Evaporation degree Minimum temperature Maximum temperature * Turbulence * Microorganism * * ALGAE Key type Optionality PK # Algae_id * Name * Group * Subgroup * Type of cell wall * * Flagella Photosynthetic pigment

* Toxicity * Number of cells * Living form * Reproductive cycle * Food storage EXTRACTION POINTS Optionalit y Key type PK,FK # FK Column name Id_Extraction_point * Id_ocn * Location * Area * Type * Zone status

* Comment Column name Key type PK PK,F K PK,F K FK EXTRACTIONS Optionality Name Climate influenced by 5 Black Sea the North Atlantic * Id_age * * Id_ece Quantity BUILDINGS Optionality Key type PK # * * * * o * OCEANS ID # *

Column name Date Id_ept Salinity Evaporation degree Average t.i.w. Average t.i.s. 22 3 6 19 Turbulence reduced on vertical direction, intense on horizontal direction Column name Id Capacity Floors number Address Storage capacity Name Split Microorganism Survey shows about 20.000 microorganisms EXTRACTIONS EXTRACTION POINTS ID 7 Longitude 28 47 W Latitude 44 12 N

Area 154 Type sea Zone's status Comment Id_ocn Romanian shore a large amount of algae on the shore 5 Date 12.09.2009 Id_ept 7 Id_age 123 Id_ece 75 Quantity 345 BUILDINGS Id Capacity 75 145 Floors number Address 4 43 Ion Barbu, Constanta , Romania Storage capacity Name BDG_Type 10 ECE

ALGAE ID Name Group Subgroup Type of cell wall Flagella 123 Acrosiphoniales Chlorophyta Ulvophyceae proteinaceous 3 Photosynthetic pigment Toxicity green 0 Number of cells Living form on marine multicellular mollusks Reproductive cycle spore, multicelluar haploid, haploid gametes,fertilization, diploid zygote, meiosis Food storage paramylon Oceans Report During one day, an inspector can make only one inspection. Each inspector generates a report. This application helps up keep track of the oceans properties in order to prevent and, eventually, combat any negative effects that our companys activity could have on the environment. A qualifier with values between 1 and 10 (10 means the state of the ocean is not affected and lower values show gradually more damages on the environment) describes the situation of a site kept in our database as extraction point, after an inspection made by an oceanographer or an ecologist. The mark from top right corner of a report represents the average of the qualifiers from a chemical, physical or biological investigation.

An inspector will collect samples from the extraction point. He will complete the form with his name, his specialization, the date when the inspection took place and its type and comments referring to any observations or encountered problems during this procedure. At the centre, the samples are analyzed and as soon as results are obtained, the form will be completed. Let nature be GREEN DREAM 12 These diagrams explain the interdependence between salinitys level and depth and the quantity of CO2 and its evolution over a period of ten years. This is the cross-sectional longitudinal profile of the Atlantic Ocean and helps up understand how algaes growth is seriously influenced by currents because each level has different characteristics in what concerns turbulence. Data Search Form Sample The given example shows the way in which the user can find information about the clients using a friendly interface easy to understand. Let nature be GREEN DREAM 13 Further development Preventing the negative effects on the environment especially in the extraction process by increasing the number and the complexity of the periodical reports and inspections in the oceans area; Improving our products by introducing new types of medication that does not create unpleasant effects; Keeping in touch with research teams all around the world in the expectancy of applying new discoveries in the concept of our products Expanding our network of centres and laboratories which will make our products much more affordable. The study conducted by a specialized campaign shows a

further development of medicine market that will evolve from small amounts synthesized in the laboratory to industrial quantities. With market growth and progression, the price of medicine based on algae will drop considerably and the large scale production will assure less aggressive treatment for patients. Let nature be GREEN DREAM 14 Conclusions Our team successfully managed to solve: acquisition of knowledge about the oceans algae and about the beneficial effects of biofuels, new scientific attempts; practice and improve the capacity of analytical analysis; practice individual capabilities in the benefit of the team; practice the capacity to organize a database diagram by introducing a large number of entities We have created a database that successfully suits the needs of the business and sustains the basis for a developed concept that takes the miracles of the ocean and transforms them to become useful for peoples health, but also taking care of earths health. References Improved Extraction of Chlorophyll a and b from Algae Using Dimethyl Sulfoxide W. Thomas Shoaf and Bruce W. Lium Limnology and Oceanography, Vol. 21, No. 6 (Nov., 1976), pp.920-930 Let nature be GREEN DREAM 15

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