Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

Teamwork, Motivation, and Leadership

Chapter 11 MOTIVATION, LEADERSHIP, AND TEAMS 1 The price of greatness is responsibility. Sir Winston Churchill 2 OBJECTIVES

Describe what motivates team players Identify the characteristics of effective leadership Identify leadership styles Describe ways to develop leadership skills Define a team and its function Identify the characteristics of team players Describe the elements of successful presentations and meetings 3

MOTIVATION Motivation: an internal drive that causes people to behave in a certain way to meet a need Motivation comes from within There are several factors that contribute to motivation (not just monetary) 4 TALK IT OUT

What motivates you at work or at school? 5 MOTIVATION Maslow in the Workplace Self-actualizationExpand Skills EsteemRecognition/Respect SocialInformal Groups SafetyJob Security/Environment PhysiologicalBasic Wages Figure 11-1 6

MOTIVATION McClellands Theory of Needs Achievement Power Affiliation Victor Vrooms Expectancy Theory Behavior based on outcome

7 MOTIVATION Only you can motivate you Others can only provide a motivating environment When having an nonproductive day Use

self-talk and your goals to get back on track 8 LEADERSHIP Leadership: the process of one person guiding (influencing) one or more individuals toward a specific goal We are all leaders Leaders are not just managers and

supervisors Not all bosses are leaders 9 LEADERSHIP Primary leadership styles: Autocratic leaders: authoritarian, they make decisions on their own Democratic leaders: make decisions based upon input from others Laissez-faire leaders: allow team members to make their own decisions without input from the leader 10

TALK IT OUT If the room was on fire, how would each type of leader direct his or her employees? 11 LEADERSHIP Effective leaders display characteristics that make them stand out Work well with others

Trustworthy Ethical Focused Visionaries Excellent communication 12 BECOMING A LEADER Be prepared to lead

Learn new skills Join committees Train Attend workshops Volunteer to serve on a team Get involved in community activities 13 TEAMS AND PERFORMANCE

Synergy- two or more individuals working together toward a specific effort Teams-a group of people linked to a common purpose In a team setting, members share accountability and responsibility 14 TEAMS AND PERFORMANCE Types of Teams Formal: developed within the formal organizational structure

Functional (within a department) Cross-functional (different departments) Informal: individuals who get together outside the formal structure Virtual teams: function through electronic means 15 TEAMS AND PERFORMANCE Stages of Team Development FORMING


Forming stage: getting to know and form initial opinions about team members Storming stage: some team members begin to have conflict with each other Norming stage: team members accept each other and overcome the conflict Performing stage: team works on task Adjourning stage: team completes task and brings closure to the project 17 CHARACTERISTICS OF A TEAM MEMBER

Know team goals and objectives Every activity should contribute to team goals and objectives Team member characteristics: Trustworthy Performer Efficient Communicator

18 CHARACTERISTICS OF A TEAM MEMBER Brainstorming: a problem-solving method that involves identifying alternatives that allow members to freely add ideas while other members withhold comments on the alternatives 19 CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD TEAM MEMBER - Teams & Conflict

Do not make assumptions If you disagree with the team, voice your opinion and state why If the team decides to go in a direction other than what you wanted, respect and support the teams decision 20 CHARACTERISTICS OF A TEAM MEMBER - The Problem Member

Trust as a foundation Do not dump work on others Work around a lazy team member Team will eventually dismiss a poor performer Address performance issues in a respectful and diplomatic manner 21 MEETINGS A meeting is a common form of team interaction and workplace

communication Types of meetings: Informational Discussion driven Decisional Combination Formal or informal 22

MEETINGS Meeting agenda: an outline of major topics and activities that are scheduled to be addressed during a meeting Normally distributed to all attendees prior to the meeting Read agenda prior to meeting

Notify person in charge of meeting if you would like item placed on agenda If you are presenting, plan ahead and prepare handouts for each attendee if necessary 23 MEETINGS Face-to-face meetings

Most common Arrive early Do not sit at head of table unless invited Meeting Chair: individual in charge of meeting Roberts Rules of Order: a guide to running meetings (also called Parliamentary Procedure) 24 TEAM PRESENATIONS Steps to successful team presentations:

Agree on the presentation goal Create a presentation outline Discuss and agree upon verbal, visual, and support content Each member needs to take responsibility and be accountable to each other Each member must communicate, share duties, and behave in a respectful and professional manner


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