TerraNova 3rd Edition Pre-test Workshop - archchicago.org

TerraNova 3rd Edition Pre-test Workshop - archchicago.org

TERRANOVA 3RD EDITION PRE-TEST WORKSHOP PRESENTED BY: DR. MARY KEARNEY This PowerPoint, Test Coordinators Manual, and other TerraNova resources can be found on the OCS portal (http://ocs.archchicago.org) TERRANOVA QUICK GLANCE TerraNova, Third Edition Multiple Assessments measures important higher-order thinking skills as well as basic and applied skills. These assessments generate normreferenced achievement scores, criterion-referenced objective mastery scores, and performance-level information. Features: Includes reading, language, mathematics, science, and social studies tests The only standardized achievement test to combine selected-response items with constructed-response items that ask students to produce their own responses Subject Areas and Grades Reading (Grades 112) Math (Grades 112)

Language (Grades 312) Science (Grades 112) Social Studies (Grades 112) Assessment Type Standardized Norm-Referenced Achievement Test (2007 Norms) Delivery Formats Paper and pencil Test Item Types Constructed-Response Selected-Response BEFORE ADMINISTERING THE EXAM Communicate test schedule to your school community by February 28 th. (Overview of Testing Schedule on Next Slide) Attach bar-code labels to the answer booklets (PowerSchool Users). Conduct training workshop. Prepare for testing: Gather materials Review materials: student information ( pgs. 12-16 TCM). Identify a secure storage area for exams. Store test boxes for shipping and storage. STUDENT INFORMATION TCM Pg. 12

Select schools with Power School have been given barcodes. Place barcode in labeled space. Discard unused barcodes. If pre-coded barcode is inaccurate, manually bubble in all of a students information. Smith, Alex Barcodes Smith, Alex STUDENT DEMOGRAPHIC INFO Where ? Barcode or Bubble Bubble: Inside front cover of the test book. What ? Students name Teachers name Student birth date

Students gender Students grade Codes Program Ethnicity/Race Home Language SPECIAL CODING Archdiocesan Codes K = Chicago Title 1 1= yes L= Caritas Scholarship 1 = yes M= Access Scholarship 1= yes O= 3 or > years AoC school 1 = yes Programs Do NOT fill in any bubbles in this area if student is taking TerraNova under standard conditions. IEP 504 LEP/ELL Do NOT bubble

IEP+504. Week 1: Test Monday Tuesday Wednesd ay* Subtest InView Principals Choice: Reading or Math Science Thursday Friday Principals Social Choice: Studies & Reading Language or Math

* Ash Wednesday Week 2: Administer any make-up exams or continue testing for students who receive accommodations. TESTING SCHEDULE HOW DO YOU ADMINISTER THE EXAM? DURING : ADMINISTRATION Establish a process for the daily distribution and collection of test materials. Establish a system to actively monitor test administration. Establish a system to provide relief to teachers during testing. Post the relief schedule. Remind teachers to review answer documents daily. ( TCM pg. 10) Schedule Test Pick-Up. (http://programs.ctb.com/archchicago) AFTER ADMINISTERING THE EXAM Complete and check Group Information Sheets (Teachers). Complete School Group List ( Test Coordinator/Principal). Prepare documents for shipping ( TCM: pgs. 21-22). Collect re-usable test items: Inventory ( Appendix B) Store in a secure location.

REVIEW APPENDICES Appendix A: Birth Date Error Notice Appendix B: Inventory Appendix C: Test Security, Administration, and Test Results No copying of test materials Irregularities: report immediately to Dr. Pena ( [email protected]) Motivation for testing Administration of test: fidelity to test directions Test results. SCOPE AND SEQUENCE Reading Objective Level

Oral Comprehension 11 Science Inquiry 11-21/22 Basic Understanding 11-21/22 Physical Science 11-21/22 Analyze Text 11-21/22 Life Science 11-21/22 Evaluate and Extend Meaning 11-21/22 Earth and Space Science 11-21/22

Science and Technology 11-21/22 Personal and Social Perspectives in Science 13-21/22 History and Nature of Science 19-21/22 Geographic Perspectives 11-21/22 Historical and Cultural Perspectives 11-21/22 Civics & Government Perspectives 11-21/22 Economic Perspectives 11-21/22 Reading and Writing Strategies Introduction to Print Language

Mathemati cs 11-21/22 Objective Science 11-12 Sentence Structure 13-21/22 Writing Strategies 13-21/22 Editing Skills 13-21/22 Number and Number Relations 11-21/22 Computation and Numerical Estimation 11-21/22

Operation Concepts 11-21/22 Measurement 11-21/22 Geometry and Spatial Sense 11-21/22 Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability 11-21/22 Patterns, Functions, Algebra 11-21/22 Problem Solving and Reasoning 11-21/22 Communication* 11-21/22 Social Studies Level

Now that Objectives have been identified, where can I find the subskills for each Objective? ACTIVITY Get into small groups and locate in the Teachers Guide where the subskills for each objective are found. Share: In past years, additional information in the Teachers Guide has been useful to teachers in your school. Schedule of Important Dates for Spring 2014 Testing January 6 Test materials received at individual school building. Report shortage to CTB at 800.538-9547 option 1. February 5 Pre-test workshop 1:00 - 2:30 pm at Quigley Pastoral Center (registration not required) February 20 Pre-test workshop 9:30-11:00 am at Quigley Pastoral Center (registration not required)

February 21 Last day to order additional test materials from CTB (800-428-2669) February 25 28 Schools may administer Practice Tests (optional) March 3 14 Conduct scheduled testing for TerraNova, Third Edition and InView. March 10 12 Schools schedule online pickup of answer documents: http://programs.ctb.com/archdiochicago. March 14 Last day to assemble and package all answer documents for shipment to CTB. March 10 - 17 Answer documents to be picked up between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. for shipment to the CTB Scoring Center. April 4 - 14 Test reports to be delivered to schools. Report any discrepancies to CTB(800-428-2669)

May 6 - 7 Post-test data analysis workshops to be held (TBD locations/times) Academic Team: TerraNova Support Mary Kearney CTB SUPPORT Brian Bell Evaluation Consultant Phone: (630) 305-0613 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Jorge Pena [email protected] Christopher Haruska [email protected]

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