Thach Ha Women Union

Thach Ha Women Union

HLHPN huyn Thch H H Tnh THACH HA WOMEN UNION Chia s mt s hot ng ca HPN lin quan n d n m st Thch Kh A SHARING ON WU ACTIVITIES REGARDING THACK KHE IRON MINING PROJECT HPNTH - THWU Thnh lp t nm 1930 Hin c 35,000 hi vin/ 38,245 ph n t 18 tui tr ln (92%) 882 cn b t xmx- huyn (37 cn b chuyn trch) Established in 1930 Currently has 35,000 members (92% of total women from 18 years old in the district) 882 staff from the village commune district levels (37 full time staff)

Phong tro/ Nhim v trng tmkey campaign/ tasks Phong tro ph n (hc tp, lao ng, gia nh) Nng cao nhn thc v nng lc cho cn b hi vin Tham gia phn bin v gim st chnh sch H tr PN pht trin kinh t xy dng gia inh no m bnh ng tin b hnh phc Xy dng t chc Hi vng mnh Quan h i ngoi

Campaign (learning, work, family) Awareness raising and capacity building Participate in social dialogue and policy monitoring Support women in economy development Support women in building happy-progressive-equalwealthy family Organizational development Public relations development D n M st Thch kh Thach Khe mining project

D n quc gia Tr lng 544 triu tn (50% c nc, ln nht ng Nam nh hng 4000 ha (56% din tch 6 x), hn 4000 h dn s phi di di (40%) khai thc th: nh hng mi trng, giao thng, sn xut chn nui ang tm dng (hon chnh d n khai thc, d n k thut, khu ti nh c, nh u t) National project A volume of 544 million tons Impact to 4000 hectares of land

(56% of 6 communes), more than 4000 HHs have to resettle (40%) piloted exploration: impacted on environment, transportation, agricultural production and husbandry Temporarily stop now (2011 to complete the exploration project, technical perspective, resettle areas and investors) Dn chn xe khng cho i qua x People put a barie to stop the structors Hot ng ca HPN WU activities K chng trnh Phi hp vi MTTQ- T cc cp v tuyn truyn, gim st,

phn bin, kin ngh CS lin quan n i sng dn sinh n 2015 Quy trnh lm: Hp dn trao i thng tin v phn tch, khuyn ngh i thoi chnh sch (mi lnh o tnh v ban QLDA) Gim st vic thc hin khuyn ngh Thc hin: 67 cuc hp dn xm: ch trng khai thc, CS v n b, h tr phng gii mt bng v ti nh c, o to ngh 6 cuc 6 x gim st quy hoch ti nh c ca d n 1 cuc Hp vi dn v cn b 6 x phn tch 3 mng nh hng ca d n: nhu cu o to ngh, mi trng, ti nh c 4 cuc Hi tho i thoi chnh sch cp huyn Agreement with the Fatherland front and other mass organization to ally in

people livelihood related policy awareness raising, monitoring, dialogue and recommendation up to 2015 How to do: Meetings with people to exchange information, analysis and comment on policies Policy dialogues (inviting provincial leaders and mining project management board) Monitoring recommendations implementation Realized 67 people meetings at village level 6 commune meetings to dialogue with investors 1 meeting with people representatives from 6 communes to analyse on mining project impacts (employment, environment, resettlement) 4 district policy dialogues Hot ng ca HPN WU activities

Kt qu - result Cng khai hn Xem xt li quy hoch ti nh c theo kin dn Bn d n: chn bi thi, ti nc ng hng ngy, sa ng,cu b h Nh nc khi tm dng d n: cho bn qung khai thc u t dn sinh (ng, thy li, in, n b v h tr sn xut) Dn c tip tc sn xut trn t thu hi cha s dng More transparency

Reviewed the resettle plans based on people comments Investor: some methods to compensate environment damage government Kh khn hin nay - challenges Vic lm cho dn mt Employment for t, c bit l ph people loosing lands, n t 35 tui tr ln esp. women from 35 years old Dn bin mt ngh do Fishmen are loosing bin gn b b nhim their livelihood due to sea polution Nc ngm tt nh hng ti sn xut v Underground water sinh hot ca dn becomes lower

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